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43 Hot Smartphone Specs Compared.... (Including iPhone 5)

We’re seeing more and more high-end smartphones enter the market, and keeping up with all of them is nothing short of overwhelming. How will you decide which one will be your next handset? Here’s how popular beasts like the Galaxy S III stack up against upcoming options like the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920.

HTC One S Coming To Telstra, Virgin And Optus Next Month

The super-thin, properly sexy HTC One S has been on your gadget lust list since it was announced, mark your calendar, because it’s heading onto three of Australia’s major telcos in the next few weeks.

How To Root The HTC One X and One S

Rooting HTC’s One series—specifically, the One X and the One S is a multi-step process, but it’s been made easy by Hasoon2000’s All-In-One Rooting kit application. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

HTC One S Review: Sturdy, Speedy And Sharp, But With Some Shortcomings

The old HTC is dead. Long live the new HTC, with fewer products and more attention to detail. The HTC One line heralds this new day. We’ve already seen the HTC One X here in Australia, but over in the US, the first phone they’ll see is the HTC One S.

HTC's One S Can Take 10,000 Volts

Not only can it take it, but it’s part of the construction process for the phone case. As HTC’s video shows, the durable casing for the One S is achieved through giving the aluminium phone casing a serious electric jolt.

What Will Be Your Next Super Phone? 33 Hot Phone Specs Compared [Updated]

With Mobile World Congress having concluded, the smartphone market is seriously heating up. But which of the super phones coming soon will be your next handset? Here’s how these upcoming beasts compare.

HTC One S Hands-On: Really Solid, Really Fast

While the One X may be HTC’s beast of a flagship device, the One S is not far behind. It’s packing a new Snapdragon S4 processor into one of the most solidly built phones I’ve ever put my paws on.

What Will Be Your Next Super Phone? 33 Hot Phone Specs Compared [Updated]

Exciting times are afoot if you’re coming off contract soon. Australia’s first 4G phone (the Velocity 4G) arrived yesterday, alongside the Samsung Omnia W, our first second-gen Windows Phone. Then there are upcoming phones like the HTC Titan II, Sony Xperia S, Nokia Lumia 900 and the Asus Padfone. Here’s how these upcoming beasts compare.

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