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A Same-Day Delivery Startup Brought Me A Fish We Both Assumed Would Die

No one ever needs a live pet fish, 11 litres of water, a fish tank, a heater, food and various fish home accoutrements at a moment’s notice. And yet, at 11am on a Tuesday, I texted a stranger and told them I needed all of this, and yes, I needed it today. Three hours and $US200 later, my new friend arrived.

The Sneaky Trick Crappy Movie Studios Use To Rack Up On-Demand Views

Movie studios are betting you’re crazy impulsive when it comes to picking what movie you want to watch. Apparently, many movie titles are selected purely on alphabetical prioritisation, so that they’ll pop up higher on your on-demand menu. If your movie isn’t good art, you’ve got to make an art out of the business side of filmmaking.

Samsung 2013 Smart TVs: Everything Australians Need To Know

Samsung brought some of the CES-magic to Sydney last night for the launch of its 2013 TV lineup. Here’s what you can expect from the gadget giant this year, and how much you’ll be paying.

UltraViolet In Australia: Everything You Need To Know

The UltraViolet movie download service has been live in the US for almost two years now, and after all that time it’s finally coming to Australia. Here’s what you need to know.

SBS On Demand Comes To iOS

In Australia, government-funded TV services do a much better job of meeting the needs of viewers. Echoing similar moves by the ABC, SBS has released an iOS app for viewing its On Demand catch-up service.

The Future Of Apple TV Is Every TV Show On-Demand Via The Cloud

Apple has been struggling with the big bad content and cable companies of late over what it wants the future of Apple TV to be, which it sees as an a la carte streaming future. Now we’re getting details on what it’ll likely be from the WSJ: a cloud-based DVR that lets you watch any show on demand.

Amazon Opening TV And Movie Development Centre In London

We’ve known for some time that Amazon is planning to make original TV content. But now Bezos and Co have announced that Amazon is turning its back on the US, instead choosing to develop a centre in London to spearhead its move into media.

SBS Launches Video On Demand Service

SBS’ new online video service joins the ranks of ABC’s excellent iView and Seven’s slightly less sexy 7PLUS, but omits the catchy naming convention; it’s simply “On Demand”.

Foxtel Offering Despicable Me In 3D This Month

The 3D hype train keeps thundering along, but the number of content passengers riding it can still be counted on a single hand. But there’s good news for anyone looking for more 3D to watch on their new TVs, with Foxtel today announcing that the Universal animated hit Despicable Me will be available in 3D On Demand from January 27.

Motorola And Blockbuster On Demand Attempt To Save Each Other

On the list of tech companies in need of mouth-to-mouth, Blockbuster and Motorola are pretty up there. So we can’t exactly believe that their new partnership is going to turn it all around.

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