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A Look At The Tefifon, Germany's Doomed 1950s Music Player 

After World War II, people in the US started buying vinyl and record players more than ever before. But over in West Germany, another music player took off: the Tefifon.

Joyrider, Possibly the Most Expensive LED Spoke Lights in the World

Moritz Waldemeyer, London-based shiny, spangly design person, has designed what must be the most expensive pair of spoke lights evah. Auctioned off at the ICA Gala Fundraiser in London last week, the Joyrider LEDs, which put a smile on the wheels of your bike, went for almost US$4,000. Perhaps that’s because they came attached to a couple of vintage-style bikes that Waldemeyer has designed.

Ancient Gadgets Roundup

This week’s retromodo installation kicks old-skool ass, and it is not because we have found a follow up the Death Ray Machine, or found the father of the first cupholder, oh no. It is mainly because we have left the hard work up to the guys at Wired, and they really have out done themselves. They were not settling for just one seriously retro gadget—they found them all.

Mac Classic Devolves to Icon

There’s little doubt that the Mac Classic is an iconic piece of computing history, but this SattaMac mod is truly, inarguably an icon. Even the most hardened PC users need to grit their teeth and admit, yes, the Mac Classic is an icon. Damn that modder! Damn him!!

From what we can tell, the SattaMac is made from nothing but a Mac Classic and some well-placed black and off-white paint. Granted, it’s not exactly ready for operation. But were you really doing anything with that old machine before? Seriously, we’re coming by and cleaning out your basement. And kicking you out per your mom’s request*.

Included Game&Watch Game Makes Nintendo DS TV Tuner's Even Cooler

The Nintendo DS TV Tuner was released yesterday in Japan for about $60 and the people from Impress have got their hands on one. The device will let you watch digital terrestrial television on the DS top screen while giving all sorts of controls on the bottom part. The surprise: it includes the all-time-classic Game&Watch Fire game in the package. Can’t remember Fire or even the Game&Watch? Check the retro godness after the jump:

Star Trek Season One HD DVD Reviewed, New CG Spaceships and All

As any hardcore fan of the Trek series will tell you, the smallest adjustments made to the originals are bound to undergo a tremendous amount of scrutiny. That having been said, the first reviews of the new HD DVD release of Star Trek have become available—and by the looks of things there is a lot to like, and a few things that will surely piss off more than a few fanboys—namely redesigned visual effects involving the show intro and the Enterprise.

Get Your Next PC for $39.95, Right Here

WTF? It’s a $39.95 PC. Could this be the machine to beat the $200 OLPC at its own game? It’s billed as a “cheap desktop computer,” and then gets worse from there. First of all, it’s a refurbished IBM PC from the late 20th century, probably occupying many a junk heap by now and maybe even some museums. Its shipping and handling costs $24.95. It has a Pentium III running at 933MHz. Oh, and it doesn’t include an operating system, just a Windows 2000 COA (Certificate Of Authenticity). We can go on, but let’s don’t. Our conclusion? It’s way overpriced at $64.90. So line up, suckas. [HCDI Trading]

Xbox Downloads on Xbox 360, And More! (But Not Much)

The contents of the Xbox 360’s fall update have been revealed to the world. Great! So do we get IPTV now? Uhh, no. Maybe the new Zunes are doing something cool with the console? Not that we’ve heard. How about downloading old games? Yes!

When the update hits December 4th, current Xbox 360 owners will be able to download original Xbox games for $15. Initial titles will include Halo, Fahrenheit, Fable, Crimson Skies, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex and Burnout 3. There’s not a bad game on that list…hopefully those of us with 20GB hard drives can find the room.

Also, Europe will finally get Video Marketplace downloads, though we’re not certain how localised the content will be (we’re guessing there will be some difference in what’s offered). But in the interest of full disclosure to our fine European readers, we have no sympathy that it’s taken this long considering the endless piles of great tech you get before we do. And no, we are so not even now so don’t even play that card. [kotaku]

Ultimate 1,700+ Piece OCD Video Game Collection Up for Grabs on eBay

Sweet merciful crap. A seriously obsessive gentleman spent 30 years of his life collecting video game consoles and games, and now he’s selling his entire 1,768-piece collection on eBay in one shot, presumably at the command of either the courts or a lady. Just the system list is insane, not to mention the games. Check out these pictures then follow me to after the jump for a sampling of the goods offered.

Vintage Computer Festival 10.0 Features Old Computers, Older Nerds

galleryPost('VintageComputerFestival', 4, '');The 10th Vintage Computer Festival took place this past weekend at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, featuring, among other things, “the largest collection of Radio Shack Pocket Computers I’ve ever seen,” says CNet’s Peter Glaskowsky. Highlights in the gallery above include the 1-bit flat-panel Apple IIc—one of just 10,000 ever made—Mac-maker Jef Raskin’s Canon Cat, the ConBrio 200R synthesizer built by Cal Tech students in 1980 and a sh’load of Atari PCs. Hungry for more? Check out CNet’s nerdishly in-depth coverage. [CNet Speeds and Feeds; CNet’s photo gallery]

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