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Portland Is Trying To Stop An Oil Tanker With Kayaks And Canoes

If you want to stop a giant oil company from drilling in the Arctic, you have a few options. A large group of Portland residents are currently forming a blockade to prevent one of those oil company’s ships from getting to the Arctic. And they’re doing it with kayaks.

This Ranch For Sale Is Bigger Than NYC And LA Combined

You know what they say about Texas: They make really good queso. And Texas is also home to the biggest ranch in the US — over half a million acres. It’s currently for sale, and for just $US725 million this Little Empire on the Prairie can be yours.

What Happens When You Pour Water On An Oil Fire In Slow-Motion

Video: Really bad things happen. Although everyone should know this, here’s a lovely slow-motion video reminder on what happens when you pour water onto an oil fire in an attempt to put it out: the fire gets even crazier, because the water vaporises into steam, which expands causing it to spit out the oil, which makes the flames even bigger.

Not Again: How A 1969 Oil Spill Devastated The Santa Barbara Coast

It takes a disaster to shock us out of complacency. In January 1969, an oil well blew up off the coast of Santa Barbara, spilling an estimated 11.3 megalitres of black goo into the ocean — then the largest oil spill in US waters ever. As images of dead birds and blackened beaches flooded the media, the modern environmental movement was born.

An Oil Spill Near Louisiana Has Been Quietly Leaking For 10 Years 

Everyone remembers the catastrophic oil spills like BP’s in 2010. Few remember the slow motion spills, like Taylor Energy’s, which has been drip drip dripping for all of the past 10 years — a leak shrouded in secrecy and seemingly impossible to fix.

Dispersant Used To Fight Deepwater Horizon More Toxic To Coral Than Oil

It’s almost five years since Deepwater Horizon went belly up — and now research suggests that a dispersant used to clear up the site of the spill is more toxic to cold water corals than the oil itself.

Oil Companies Are Selling Dirty Wastewater To Drought-Stricken Farms 

If we’re talking about who’s wasting water during California’s drought, one of the big culprits is oil production — about 10 gallons of wastewater are produced for every gallon of oil. Now oil companies like Chevron are selling that water back to farmers. But it’s not as tidy of an idea as you’d think.

Oil Refinery Explodes In California, Blade Runner Flashbacks Ensue

It’s raining down ash in Southern California, after an Exxon Mobil oil refinery exploded. The blast nearly leveled a processing unit and left four contractors with minor injuries. The local Torrance Fire Department says gasoline is to blame. Meanwhile, the aftermath looks like a scene from Blade Runner.

Denmark Is The Latest Country To Claim The North Pole As Its Own

Although you might think that the North Pole is nothing but a barren wilderness populated only by polar bears and Santa, a surprisingly large number of countries are getting surprisingly bitchy about who owns it — mostly because of the oil underneath. Today, Denmark added its name to the list.

Terrifying Documentary On The Fire Bombs Roaming America's Railroads

Boom is a terrifying documentary on a problem that you may not be aware of: America has been invaded by hundred of thousands of moving fire bombs — freight trains with old, cheap tanker cars designed to transport corn oil filled with dangerous flammable oil. Logically, accidents are happening, people are dying and oil is spilling.

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