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Obama Wants To Tax Oil Companies And Give The Money To Green Transportation Projects

Oil is at its lowest price in decades, which has many people worrying about what burning all that cheap oil will do to an already crippled planet. Now US President Obama is proposing something pretty ambitious: Taxing oil companies to pay for cleaner transportation infrastructure.

Shocking NASA Satellite Photos Reveal Large Area Covered In Black Smoke Caused By Oil Fires

NASA’s Terris MODIS camera reveals how much black smoke is being pumped into the air because of oil refinery fires in Libya. According to NASA, the fires were “started by attacks on oil terminals in Libya in very early January.” That’s a hell of a lot of smoke.

This Is What The ISIS Offensive Looks Like From Space

These images of massive black smoke plumes were captured by satellites, after battles at oil production and storage facilities in Libya between 4-6 January. The thick poisonous smoke looks troublesome even from space.

The Well Responsible For LA's Colossal Gas Leak Didn't Have A Safety Valve

Engineers don’t know exactly what cased the gigantic natural gas leak outside LA that’s the atmospheric equivalent of the BP oil spill. But they suspected it might be ageing infrastructure since the pipes are over 50 years old. Turns out that the well hasn’t had a working safety valve since 1979.

These Freezing Drops Of Oil Are Hypnotically Beautiful

An international team of researchers has shown that specially treated drops of oily chemicals can take on bizarre shapes and structures during the freezing process. These insights could allow us to create artificial structures with very life-like properties.

Exxon Isn't The Only Oil Company That Knew About Climate Change In The '70s

Several months back, Exxon’s public image took a well-deserved nosedive after an investigation by InsideClimate revealed that the oil company knew about links between fossil fuels and climate change forty years ago, before proceeding to bury and deny the evidence. But as another detailed InsideClimate investigation shows, Exxon wasn’t alone.

Pouring Water On An Oil Fire Creates A Crazy Mushroom Cloud Fire Explosion

Video: It looks like a mini-nuclear bomb, to be honest. But it’s just the result of pouring water onto an oil fire (don’t ever do that!). In this video by Crash Zone, you can see the liquid fire drip down into the ground and then charge right back up creating a truly epic and fiery mushroom cloud.

Exxon Is Now Being Investigated For Lying About Climate Change

A few weeks ago, several studies surfaced from the 1970s showing how Exxon collected data demonstrating how fossil fuels caused climate change. The New York Attorney General is now demanding Exxon Mobil hand over documents that could prove it lied to investors and the public.

Shell Concedes That Oil Drilling Off The Alaskan Coast Is A Really Bad, Really Expensive Idea

After spending $US7 billion drilling for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, oil giant Shell announced today it will cease all drilling due to “a clearly disappointing exploration outcome.” This means there might be zero drilling off Alaska’s Arctic coast in the near future.

Deep Frying Every Type Of Random Food Imaginable Is All Kinds Of Fun

The wild minds of ChefSteps got 8 vats of oil and then deep fried the hell out of basically every food under the Sun. Cupcakes? Yep. Cauliflower? Peaches? Avocados? Why not. Steak and Potatoes? Mmhmm. A Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s? Absolutely. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Of course. There is so much crispy oily goodness in the video that you’ll probably cry tears of grease and want to try them all.

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