An Under-Desk Hammock For Your Feet Is The Best Office Upgrade

Laying in a hammock while wrangling a simple book is often a challenge, which explains why hammocks replacing desks in offices never caught on. Here’s a nice compromise though: A compact hammock for your feet that hangs under your desk and raises or lowers to put you in a working or slacking mood as needed.

This Gorgeous Office Has An Endless Desk Made By Robots

The idea behind the design was to have an endless table throughout the office that connects all the workers together. The table is made up of 870 unique plywood panels, 408 square metres of table surface and 335 metres of perimeter edge surface and was entirely shaped by robots.

Microsoft Hedges Its Bets With Free Office For iPhone And Android

Alongside its new Office for iPad, Microsoft has made another piece of its vast software portfolio available to a wider audience. The Redmond software behemoth’s Office Mobile for iPhone and Android is now available in each respective app store, and it’s all free.

Twitter's Not The Only Company With Indoor Cabins

In a few short weeks, employees at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters will be dining inside century-old log cabins shipped all the way from Montana. And Twitter isn’t alone. The struggle to make corporate office life less stupefying and more cosy seems to have reached its logical conclusion with a new trend: buildings within buildings.

Reinventing The Printer With Rewriteable Paper And Water For Ink

For office workers concerned about cutting costs and environmental impacts, clicking the print button triggers an ongoing internal debate. Many people find reading words on a printed page to be a hard habit to break when the only alternative is reading them on glowing screen.

This Tiny Printer Only Prints What You Select On Your Screen

Do you feel guilty printing out an entire email when all you really needed was someone’s address? King Jim’s new compact Cocodori printer is designed for just those occasions. Using an included piece of software, it lets you highlight only specific areas of your screen for printing. And what you’re left with is a receipt-sized note with an adhesive backing that you can even use as a sticky note.

Google Drive, Now With Better Graphics

Google Drive has just received a nice little graphical update, with document editors now neatly compressed to maximise space on the content itself.

iPhone Sticky Notes Are The Ideal Reminder, Even When Your Phone's Dead

The iOS App Store is filled to the brim with every kind of note-taking app you can imagine. But sometimes nothing beats a good ol’ pen and paper. And that’s what makes these Paperback sticky notes the perfect hybrid. They’re designed to adhere to the back of your iPhone 5, so you can take a single note with you — like a shopping list — or slap a small stack back there for note-taking later.

Have You Gotten In Trouble With Work Because Of Your Computer Habits?

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that being at work is different than from being at home. Well, unless you work at home or live at work, which, um, maybe we can’t agree on anything. But! The things you do on the computer at work should probably be different from your Internetting at home. But sometimes you forget! Sometimes you use your work computer to go to porn sites. Sometimes you click a NSFW picture from your cubicle. Sometimes you opened Excel at home *GASP*.

This Simple Wooden Case Contains An Entire Collapsable Workstation

If you’re always on the move but like to have a real desk to work at, maybe designer Tyrone Stoddart’s BOXED project is for you: a suitcase that contains an entire collapsable workstation.

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