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Black & Decker iShred: Pretty, But Doesn't Do CDs

Finally, Black & Decker answers the question: What would Steve Jobs’ paper disposal system look like?

The Most Fun Photocopier Teardown You'll Ever See

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Like the Science Guy before him, Bill Hammack the Engineer Guy takes stuff you ordinarily might not be interested in – like how exactly a photocopier works – and makes it fun and digestible. Now where’s the Taxes Guy.

How Mechanical Pencil Sharpeners Really Work

The mysteries of the universe rarely reveal themselves with such spontaneous clarity. I’m also pretty sure my toaster works the same way, just with tiny flamethrowers. [Tumblr via BuzzFeed]

Welcome To The Future, Tables

Henceforth, all four-legged tables shall have at least one hollow leg which shall be named the magic leg. And should a table have more than one magic leg – a rare splendour – they shall be named the magic legs.

The Copy Machine Is 50 Years Old Today

Dearest copier, thank you for making office tasks simpler, tolerating our very NSFW pranks, and frustrating us with error messages for over 50 years.

Sex, Blood And Post-Its: A Short Film Shot Entirely On A Scanner

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It’s one thing to shoot an entire short film on a Canon flatbed computer scanner. It’s another to do it well. With Memoirs of a Scanner, Mindfruit Films pretty much nailed it.

World's First 3D Photocopier Goes On Sale For $US17,000

Ortery’s Photosimile 5000 3D photocopier has taken two years to go on sale since it first surfaced in 2008, providing digital 3D replicas of whatever object you place inside it. Think of the possibilities!

The Space Bar: Hope For Cleaning Up Your Desktop Clutter

Based on what I have seen in the past, there probably isn’t much hope for the major slobs among you, but for the rest of us, the Space Bar might help free up some desktop space.

Hands On: Herman Miller Envelop Reclining Desk

The sister product to the amazing Herman Miller Embody chair, the Envelop desk actually slides out and down on rails to give you the correct angle for working while in incline. It’s amazing.

BlackBerry PowerPoint Presenter Combines Corporate Pleasures

Nothing says business like a BlackBerry. Except, obviously, a swanky PowerPoint presentation. OK, let me try this again: Nothing says biz-ness like the BlackBerry Powerpoint Presenter, which lets you conduct PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry, without a computer.

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