Give Your Old Laptop A New Graphics Card With These DIY Kits

Thinking about buying a new gaming laptop? Hold up: you might not need to. A new graphics card could breathe new life into your old machine — and now it’s easy to actually buy one you can install yourself.

The New Razer Blade Might Be The Gaming Laptop We've Been Waiting For

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have it all: a thin, attractive laptop powerful enough to play any game you throw at it? Razer’s Blade laptops keep narrowly missing the mark — but this time may be different.

NVIDIA GTX 960: Maxwell Power For A Reasonable Price

NVIDIA’s new(ish) Maxwell architecture has come out in a few new cards already, from the budget 750Ti to the beefy GTX 980. The GTX 960 holds down the middle ground with solid but not mind-blowing power for $US200.

2015: The Year We Take Ultra-Portable Gaming Notebooks Seriously

The desktop graphics space hasn’t been that exciting in recent years, but all the improvements in power optimisation, fabrication processes and performance have not gone to waste. Now more than ever, lightweight, yet powerful gaming notebooks are becoming commonplace (and affordable) and while there’s still a way to go, getting grunt without sacrificing on portability is very realistic.

Tegra X1: Incredible Mobile Graphics For Driving Your Games And Your Car

This week Nvidia announced the new Tegra X1 processor at CES. Last year, Nvidia brought its killer desktop Kepler graphics to a mobile chip, and this year X1 will bring the newer, kickass Maxwell graphics there as well.

NVIDIA Co-Founder: Self-Driving Cars Shouldn't Make Their Own Ethical Decisions

Your self-driving car is charging towards a pedestrian caught on a narrow road with no hope of stopping in time. Its systems could force it off the road and into a catastrophic crash to save the trapped pedestrian’s life, or it could do nothing and let the pedestrian die. What would you do? According to the co-founder of NVIDIA, self-driving cars shouldn’t be making these ethical decisions for us in the first place.

Gigabyte's AORUS X5 Is A Skinny 15-Inch Laptop With Dual Graphics

Continually improving thermal performance from laptops’ CPU and GPU chips means that they can get thinner, and you can do more interesting things with less internal space. AORUS has applied its unique, space-age design language to a 15-inch chassis, and has shoe-horned not one but two mid-range Nvidia graphics chips into the new X5.

NVIDIA CES 2015 Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened

NVIDIA had a cracking year in 2014. With a brand new Shield gaming tablet with sweet free games, amazing new laptop graphics chips and the excellent GeForce range, it was an impressive 12 months. So what’s next? We’ll be at NVIDIA’s CES 2015 press conference this afternoon to bring you all the news as it happens!

Aorus X7 Pro: Australian Review

Time and time again, I see a big delineation in the gaming laptop market. You can get small and portable and relatively lightweight gaming machines, or you can get big desktop bruisers that are portable only if you really need them to be. As the new GTX 900M series of Nvidia’s laptop graphics chips start to appear in new laptops, though, we’re seeing relatively thin devices that can still handle a fair bit of 3D graphics performance.

One of those new laptops is the Aorus X7 Pro, which boasts a gutsy Core i7 CPU and two GTX 970M graphics cards in SLI. The X7 Pro takes all the smarts of the lesser X3 Plus, settles them in a slightly larger and more desktop-esque chassis, and ups the power by a pretty massive margin.

Samsung Has Filed A Complaint With The FTC To Block Sales Of NVIDIA GPUs

Briefly: Samsung has filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission asking it to block sales of NVIDIA graphics chips and Tegra mobile processors. It’s a tit-for-tat move, after NVIDIA tried to block sales of certain Samsung handsets back in November.