Monster Machines: The Bomb Behind Britain's Worst Nuclear Disaster

In the aftermath of the Second World War, it quickly became evident to the British government that Americans had no intention of sharing their newly acquired nuclear weapons technology despite the UK’s assistance in the Manhattan Project. As such the British government set about building its own atomic arsenal which eventually led to the UK’s worst nuclear meltdown in history.

Monster Machines: How The US Invented Dirty Bombs To Stop The Soviet Advance In Europe

The thought of mutually assured destruction in the form of worldwide nuclear annihilation made leaders on both sides of the Iron Curtain squeamish. But, limited nuclear war, now there was a plan! Irradiating the Soviets just a little bit, you know, as a deterrent, was seen as the clearly superior option to outright ICBM volleys.

The US Air Force's Crazy Plan To Launch Nuclear ICBMs From A Cargo Plane

When you think ICBM, things get Freudian — a long, slender missile erupting from an underground silo or submarine bay, gliding upwards. You probably don’t consider a giant missile dumped from the back of a plane. The Air Force did.

Newt Gingrich Is Bizarrely Terrified Of Electromagnetic Pulses

Moon mining isn’t the only thing election and adultery enthusiast Newt Gingrich is worried about — the GOP candidate has repeatedly, publicly, manically claimed that America is on the verge of being hit with an EMP attack. This is crazy.

Taking Apart Nukes Is Probably A Stressful Job

I thought writing about gadgets was tough! Apparently I have nothing to worry about, and neither do you, unless you’re like Wesley Baptiste, who’s training to disarm old nuclear warheads for a living. Don’t drop that wrench.

Check If Your House Will Be Vaporised In A Nuclear War

Call me paranoid, but I spend nearly every waking moment contemplating whether or not I’d survive a massive nuclear strike. I mean, weirder stuff has happened, guys! Luckily we can now pinpoint our chances with the precision of Google Maps.

Did Iran Hack The UN's Nuclear Inspectors?

Iran says its nuclear program is just for keeping the lights on. The US (and others) say it’s for making country-annihilating weapons. To be sure, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s been keeping tabs—and say they’ve been digitally attacked.

A Meltdown May Be Under Way At Japan Nuclear Power Plant

An official with Japan’s nuclear and industrial safety agency told CNN that “a meltdown may be under way at one of Fukushima Daiichi’s nuclear power reactors” (the plant that exploded). Earlier, it looked like things would be under control but the company began to experience difficulty cooling the reactor, even attempting to solve the issue by dumping seawater. [CNN]

Crazy Russian Nuke Plant: 10,000 Buttons Safer Than One Screen?

Touchscreens (and screens in general) are awesome. So sleek! So dynamic! So futuristic! Yeah, well what if they’re fundamentally confusing and dangerous, too?

Israel's Dimona Nuclear Facility Splits Time As Cyberweapon Testing Ground

Stuxnet, the complex computer worm that nearly crippled Iran’s still-functioning nuclear program, didn’t just sprout from the ether. It was created, by Man, and was probably tested in Israel at the massive (and oft-unacknowledged) Dimona nuclear facility.