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Floating Nuclear Reactors Might Make More Sense Than You'd Think

At a symposium held by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers this week, a team of MIT engineers will present an idea that seems to tempt fate: a floating nuclear reactor, anchored out at sea, that would be immune to tsunamis and earthquakes. Is it really that crazy of a plan?

Fukushima's Latest Near Disaster Was Caused By A Hungry Rat

While there’s no doubt that the nuclear crisis in Fukushima back in 2011 could have been avoided, a recent discovery suggests that this week’s extended blackout was entirely out of their of hands. Instead, the loss of power lies in the diabolical paws of a now deceased, foresight-lacking rat.

Nuclear Power Plant Under Attack By Weird Sea Creatures

A nuclear power plant in Southern California is being swarmed by legions of jellyfish-like creatures. CAN THEY BE STOPPED?

US Government Banking On Small Nuclear Reactors For Future Energy

Ever since Fukushima, nuclear power has not been a warmly received concept when it comes to energy solutions. But still, small modular reactors have remained one iteration of nuclear power that people are optimistic about due to their relative safety and manageability. That’s why the US Department of Energy has entered into partnerships with the top SMR makers to help nurture the tiny wonders.

Inside Footage From Fukushima's Deepest Crisis

PBS cringe-inducing documentary Nuclear Aftershocks takes you about as far inside Fukushima’s rupturing, quake-paralysed nuclear plant as you want to get. We’ve pulled together the most jarring moments here, where Japanese workers struggled to prevent a disaster from exploding further.

Fukushima Crisis Awakes After Reactor Heats Up Mysteriously

Just when you thought it was over, the temperature at reactor number 2 at Fukushima’s nuclear plant has soared 26.7C in the last few hours. Worse: they don’t know why the temperature is increasing after being stabilised for so long.

Bill Gates Building Nuke Plant For China

What do you do when you’ve run out of things to spend money on, and everyone already uses your software? How about developing a nuclear plant with China? Sure! Bill Gates is doing just that, the AP reports. For science?

Greenpeace Breaks Into Nuclear Plant

On a quest to prove that security measures surrounding nuclear facilities are ill-considered, nine Greenpeace activists broke into a French nuclear power plant and hung a banner that said “HEY” and “EASY” on it. Even after Greenpeace told police about the stunt, it took them several hours to track them down.

Are All Of France's Nuclear Power Plants Unsafe?

The French are great at lots of things: bread, cheese, wine, shrugging. Sadly, their nuclear power stations aren’t so amazing. They’re unsafe and need a massive overhaul.

Evidence Of Recent Nuclear Reactions Found At Fukushima

Japan is hoping to have the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant safely shuttered by the end of the year, but a little radioactive wrench just got dropped: inspectors have discovered evidence of very recent fission. That’s bad news.

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