British Spies Hacked The Emails Of Journalists All Over The World

New documents leaked by Edward Snowden to The Guardian reveal that the British spy centre GCHQ collected email messages from major news outlets around the world, including the BBC, Le Monde, New York Times and the Washington Post.

The NSA Saw Signs That The Sony Hacks Were Coming

When the FBI blamed North Korea for the Sony Pictures hacks, some wondered how that finding had been made so quickly. Now, new interviews and documents reveal that the NSA had tapped into North Korean networks years before the attacks and saw indications that such an attack may be imminent.

Leaked Snowden Docs Show That Some Spies Treat Cyberwar As A Punchline

Yesterday evening, an absolutely huge collection of Snowden classified data was published on the German website Der Spiegel. Among the horribly designed slides, filled with terrible clip art and font choices (seriously guys, get it together), much of this new information fills in what we already know. NSA, GCHQ, and other spy agencies have many, many ways to track and collect almost anything they want.

NSA-Led Panel Says There's No Alternative To NSA Data Collection

Surprise! An academic advisory panel, chaired by the United States’ director of national intelligence James Clapper — yup, the same guy who lied to Congress — has concluded that there’s no alternative to bulk data collection. Sorry, US citizens.

Report: The FBI Oversaw The NSA's Email Surveillance 

A newly declassified Justice Department report shows that the FBI has had a leading role in the NSA’s email surveillance program. The 231-page report, obtained by the New York Times, explains that “in 2008… the FBI assumed the power to review email accounts the NSA wanted to collect through the ‘Prism’ system.” It also developed the protocols that were used to ensure that the email accounts that were targeted didn’t belong to US citizens.

Edward Snowden Should Talk About Cyberwar More Often

We’re all sick of used to hearing Edward Snowden talk about NSA surveillance by now. We get it: The government’s watching us, and there’s basically nothing we can do about it. But PBS just published the transcript of an interview with Snowden that doesn’t really talk about surveillance much at all. It’s all about cyberwar, and it’s fascinating.

The Encryption Tools The NSA Still Can't Crack Revealed In New Leaks

Most of us — at least the cynical ones — assume that the NSA has probably beaten most of the encryption technologies out there. But a new report from Der Spiegel that draws on documents from Edward Snowden’s archive shows that this simply isn’t true. There are some tools that the NSA, as recently as two years ago, couldn’t crack.

The NSA Dumped Its Spying Violations While You Were Waiting On Santa

The U.S. government has released proof that it repeatedly spied on American citizens without being allowed to… and you probably missed it. The National Security Administration finally dumped a heap of redacted documents revealing the surveillance violations made over the last decade. Hooray for transparency! Of course, it released them midday on Christmas Eve, when basically no one would be paying attention to the internet or in the mood to think about unchecked government snooping for at least the next 30 hours.

That Time The NSA Wrote 'A Communist Christmas Carol'

Did you ever wonder what A Christmas Carol might look like if the NSA wrote it during the Cold War? And replaced all the characters with Communist icons? Well wonder no longer!

How The NSA Gets Inside Australia's Mobile Phone Network

The Intercept has discovered an ambitious NSA operation called AURORAGOLD — which aims to tap every mobile phone network in the world. The finding, discovered amongst an archive of material supplied by Edward Snowden, reveals that the NSA intercepted thousands of emails sent between companies in a bid to identify security weaknesses in mobile phone technology.

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