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Do you like spies? Do you like Academy Award-winning movies? Then you’ll love Citizenfour, the documentary about Edward Snowden that is now streaming online — legally — for free!

The US Doesn't Like It When China Wants To Build Encryption Backdoors

The NSA and US tech giants have come to blows over government backdoors in encryption products lately, with the government arguing that backdoors are vital to national security, and the likes of Yahoo claiming it will make encryption pointless. Well, it looks the party line on backdoors changes pretty sharpish when China is involved.

The NSA's In-House Magazine Looks Like A 1970s Punk Zine 

Back in 1976, the NSA started an in-house magazine called Cryptolog that served as reading material for employees of the top secret agency. In 2013, the agency declassified heavily redacted issues of the magazine dating up to 1997… and its design is actually pretty amazing.

US Government Refuses To Prove Snowden Damaged National Security

Did Edward Snowden actually damage national security? There’s no way in hell to tell from official documents released to the press — they have been thoroughly redacted to the point of uselessness.

The World's Biggest SIM Manufacturer Denies NSA Encryption Key Hack

Last week, The Intercept reported that the NSA had been able to capture and store the encryption keys that protect SIM cards. Now, Gemalto — the largest SIM card manufacturer on the planet — has responded, denying the breach and explaining that 3G and 4G networks are unaffected.

Citizenfour Awarded Oscar For Best Documentary In 2014

CITIZENFOUR, Laura Poitras’ riveting documentary about Edward Snowden’s efforts to shed light on gross surveillance abuses by the United States government and its partners, just won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

A History Of Internet Spying, Part 2

How long have intelligence agencies been keeping tabs on the internet? And what role did these agencies play in creating the internet we use today? For the most part, these kinds of questions have been relegated to comments sections on random blogs and the occasional tweet from researchers. So we’re hoping to remedy that in whatever small way we can, starting with a look at the 1960s and 70s.

The NSA Has The Master Key To Unlock Your Phone's Secure Messages

According to top-secret documents given to The Intercept by Edward Snowden, British and American spies stole encryption keys from the largest SIM card manufacturer in the world. This is a huge deal because it means it could be way, way easier for the NSA to conduct widespread surveillance of encrypted communications without ever asking permission or even letting on that it’s doing so.

Equation Group: The Backdoors Spying On Most Of The World's Hard Drives

New research from Russian researchers at the Kaspersky Lab reveals that the someone — most likely the NSA — has developed spying software that can be hidden deep with hard drives. Known to work with hardware made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and more, it’s said to provide the agency with the means to eavesdrop “on the majority of the world’s computers”.

A History Of Internet Spying, Part I

In last year’s documentary Citizenfour, Edward Snowden said, “I remember what the internet was like before it was being watched.” Snowden is just 31 years old, so there’s simply no way this is true. Intelligence agencies have been keeping tabs on the internet since before Snowden was even born. They were instrumental in creating it.

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