Do You Search Online Differently Since Snowden?

In the year-plus since Edward Snowden lifted the veil on just how closely the US government (and others) tracks our online lives, a few things have changed. Tech companies are encrypting more; foreign governments are trusting less; and, according to a new study, we’re all searching quite a bit more cautiously.

Edward Snowden: Sharing Porn Selfies Is All In A Day's Work At The NSA

Notorious security campaigner Edward Snowden has given an interview about his times working for the NSA, claiming that employees enjoy poking through people’s private files — and sharing their best finds with their colleagues.

German Government Is Using Typewriters To Avoid The NSA's Gaze

Germany hasn’t been best pleased by the NSA’s attention over the last few years. Now, though, it’s revealed that it’s taking drastic action, and ditching computers in favour of something more secure: typewriters.

FBI And NSA Spied On Innocent Muslim-Americans

New documents have revealed that the NSA and FBI spied on specific, law-abiding Muslim-American leaders after 9/11 — possibly without warrants — under the pretext of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Report: NSA Is Storing Tons Of Data From Citizens And Non-Targets

The Washington Post just published a huge NSA investigation. The findings, sadly, are unsurprising, but the scope is massive: nine out of 10 messages intercepted by the NSA come from regular folks, not targets, and those private conversations and photos have been living in plain view on NSA databases. Just ’cause you’re a citizen doesn’t mean you’re safe.

US Courts Authorised The NSA To Spy On 193 Different Countries

We know that little is off-limits to the prying eyes of the NSA. But what is surprising is that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court gave it free reign to spy on virtually whoever it wished back in 2010.

All The NSA Revelations In One Easy-To-Read Chart

By now, there are so many NSA revelations that it’s hard to discern one from the other. Fortunately, Pro Publica has put together this lovely chart that shows which of the agency’s missions are most controversial.

The Intelligence Community Finally Released A Transparency Report

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which includes the NSA, quietly posted its first ever transparency report on Tumblr this week. Complete with “Top Secret” written on the top, the three-and-a-half page document details basic statistics about the intelligence community’s actions. It’s not very revealing. At all.

Hackers Reverse-Engineer NSA Spying Tools Using Snowden Leaks

Besides exposing all of the not-so-good things the NSA and other clandestine agencies around the world were up to, the documents leaked by Edward Snowden have allowed hackers to reverse-engineer some of the tools the NSA has used to spy on us.

US House Passes Amendment To Cut NSA Search Funding

The US House of Representatives passed an amendment to the Defence Appropriations bill designed to cut funding for NSA backdoors. The amendment passed overwhelmingly with strong bipartisan support: 293 ayes, 123 nays and 1 present.