Lavabit Complies With U.S. Government Request -- In A Teeny, Tiny Font

U.S. based secure email provider Lavabit has been fighting its government for months now, after shutting down to avoid having to provide information about its clients. But, unable to fight any longer, it finally relinquished its SSL keys — in a less-than-readable font size.

Report: Obama Lets NSA Exploit Some Internet Flaws

Over the weekend, it was revealed that US President Barack Obama thinks that when the National Security Agency discovers major flaws in internet security, it should be allowed to exploit it if there’s a “a clear national security or law enforcement need”. The thinking has not been revealed by the White House publicly, but is said to have been discussed during the president’s recent considerations of NSA reform.

Report: NSA Used Heartbleed To Spy On People For Years

It’s true. After days of speculation over whether the NSA knew about the Heartbleed vulnerability that affected as many as two thirds of the websites on the internet, two anonymous sources tell Bloomberg that the NSA didn’t just know about it, they used it to gather intelligence.

The NSA's Been Spying On Every Single Call, Text, And Email In Iraq

A couple weeks ago, we learned from leaked documents that the NSA has the capability to record an entire country’s calls, texts, and email in real time. That’s a hell of a capability, and those documents revealed that it was being used in one country. Now, thanks to a retired NSA leader, we know which country that is: Iraq.

Jimmy Carter: I Think The NSA Is Spying On Me

Former President Jimmy Carter thinks the NSA is spying on him. In an interview on NBC, Carter explained that he favoured pen, paper and stamps to email because it meant his message wouldn’t be snooped on. He explained:

Google Turns Today's Biggest Privacy Issue Into Weird Playmobil Video

Google wants you to know exactly how it deals with U.S. government requests for user data. That’s good! But the company wants to explain it to you with stop-motion wooden toys, like you’re some kind of three year old. That’s . . . weird.

Huawei, Once Accused Of Spying, Has Been Hacked By NSA Since 2009

Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei decided to withdraw from US business last year amid accusations that it built backdoors into American government and business systems. But while the U.S. government was publicly accusing the company of espionage, the NSA had already established its own backdoors into Huawei’s networks, say >Der Spiegel and The New York Times.

How And Why The NSA's Been Hacking Sys Admins Worldwide

A new report from The Intercept reveals that the NSA has been hunting and hacking system administrators the world over in order to gain access to the networks they control.

NSA System Can Record An Every Call Made In Australia For 30 Days At A Time

Remember all that business about the NSA saying it only collects phone metadata? Yeah, that’s not true. Not only can the NSA listen in on foreigners’ phone calls. It can record “every single” conversation in an entire country and store the recordings for 30 days at a time, a new Washington Post report reveals.