A Whimpering Ending For The NSA's Illegal Dragnet Spying Program

The National Security Agency’s controversial bulk phone data collection program is winding down with a weird whimper following an especially bilious round of legislative squabbling.

NSA Planned To Sneak-Attack App Stores To Put Spyware On Smartphones

Another day, another cynicism-inducing reminder that the NSA hasn’t just been unlawfully dragnet spying on our digital lives — it has also rigged up new and complicated techniques to do so, like hijacking app stores to put spyware on smartphones.

Erect A Monument To Freedom By 3D-Printing This Bust Of Edward Snowden

A few weeks ago, two artists carefully placed a bronze bust of Edward Snowden atop a vacant war monument in a Brooklyn park. It was quickly removed, of course, by police, who fined the artists $US50 each for trespassing. But now anyone can bring a Snowden statue to their city — the artists have shared the 3D printing files.

1975 Article On Internet Spying Not Written By Time Traveller, Probably

People often think about internet spying as relatively new. But the internet was used for spying before we even called it the internet — and when we look back at news articles from the era, we can’t say we weren’t warned.

The NSA Actually Named A Program Skynet

In the Terminator franchise, Skynet is an evil military computer system that launches war on humanity. And at some point, someone in the National Security Agency sat down and thought, “Damn, that’s a sick thing to name a secret system!”

Germany's Investigating Claims That It Illegally Spied On Europe For NSA

German prosecutors are rallying to assess whether its BND foreign intelligence agency has broken laws by spying on officials and companies throughout Europe for the National Security Agency.

Today In US Congress, We Heard That Encryption Is Enabling Upskirt Photos

Expert testimony at a Congressional encryption hearing blaming Apple and Google’s privacy systems for allowing perverts to get away with secretly photographing vaginas and posting the pictures online. Government debate over encryption has veered into fully stupid territory.

Officials Knew The Legal Basis For NSA Spying Program Was Nonsense

A formerly-secret report on the NSA’s warrantless surveillance program was published last week. It’s a detailed look into the history of the Stellarwind program — one that makes it clear that US government officials repeatedly questioned its legality and efficacy.

The NSA's Earth Day Mascot Is So Freaking Creepy

The National Security Agency had released a mascot (?) for Earth Day (??) and it’s an anthropomorphised and oddly buff recycling bin named Dunk (???).

NSA Has A Special Room To Find Terrorist Memos Hidden In Porn  

If you’re working for the National Security Agency, watching hours of hardcore porno can be just another day at work. So much so, there’s even a special porn room in which to protect national security. Where agents look past boobs for clues in the glut of smut.