Just Turn Off Your Notifications Already

I see you, internet-connected person, complaining that you’re a slave to your phone and to the notifications that won’t stop coming. It seems like every day, an app finds a new reason it needs to disturb the few moments of quiet you’ve got left. You did this to yourself. But you can be saved.

This Fantastic Pebble Smartwatch Is Now Better Than Ever

A few days ago Pebble’s wonderful smartwatches got updated with the power of Android Wear notifications when the feature rolled out to all users. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and while it’s definitely not a perfect implementation, it does make one of the best smartwatches out there even better.

All Of My Gadgets Are Screaming At Me, And It's All My Fault

If you were to send me an email right now, a number of things would happen. My wrist would vibrate. My pocket would vibrate, light up, and make a sound. A pop-up would appear in the corner of my laptop screen. A counter next to a small icon of an envelope would increase in my Google Chrome window. I’ll twitch and squirm and swear in frustration but I need all these things to happen, I swear. Still, I probably won’t answer your email.

Set This Flashing USB Dongle To Notify You Of Just About Anything

We live in an auditory landscape populated by dings, blips and jangling — constant reminders of the probably-dire messages you’re missing on your phone or computer. If you’re like me, your stomach drops a little bit each time you hear those familiar bleeps. That’s why Blink1, a notification device that gives you a visual cue instead, is so great.

Skype Just Fixed The Single Most Annoying Thing About Notifications

Skype just announced a great new feature that should be part of every single app, plugin or digital service you use: When you’re actively Skyping, the app’s notifications will only go to the device you’re currently using. Why didn’t this kind of setup become a universal standard, like, five years ago?

This App Gives You An iOS 7 Notification Center On Any Android Phone

Want iOS 7’s Notification Center but don’t have an iOS device? No problem. There’s a new app called Control Center that will gives you a clone of that feature any Android phone.

Pebble Smart Watch Australian Review: A Beautiful Broken Promise

Never have I waited as long for a gadget as I have for the Pebble e-paper smart watch. Was it worth the wait? Almost…

Facebook Testing Obnoxious New iOS Feature That Harasses You To Update

Facebook is notorious for testing all sorts of wild and crazy ideas before implementing them site wide — assuming they ever even make it that far. So for the sake of everyone’s sanity, we hope that this newest venture will soon make its way to The Graveyard of Horrible Facebook Features Past and join the others.

Your Phone's Low Battery Warnings Should Look Like These Hilarious Notifications

Because batteries enjoy dying so much when we really need that last little bit of juice, low battery warnings really should be more animated than the plain “20% of battery remaining”. I don’t know how many times I’ve ignored that message. But if the alert made fun of me and said something like, “Oh I’ll just charge it tonight” You idiot, then my God I would listen to it so much more.

Google Chrome To Get Notification Centre, Maybe Even Google Now

If you’re using Chromium in Windows, you can now get a notification centre. The feature is just in a developmental stage right now, but it could lead to some neat features in Chrome that tie it closer to the Android operating system.