This Top-Secret Design Will Get Your Resume Into The Right Hands

Most resume designs — two pages of 12-point blah — don’t exactly scream HIRE ME, especially if you’re in the design business. That’s why Norwegian designer Vidar Olufsen put all his details in a folder styled like a top-secret document dossier. Everyone wants to know about the hidden stuff.

I Want To Live In One Of These Spectacular Cabins In A Norwegian Fjord

Look at this. It’s so perfect it seems artificial — some illuminated display inside a “Visit Norway” booth at a travel fair. It’s actually the view from a cabin in the northwest coast of Norway, 250 miles northwest of Oslo, a paradise in the middle of a fjord. It is now one of my dream homes, too.

This Gear Took Us Around The World

What clothes, computer, ice axe, and backpack does a photographer and writer for an adventure travel site fall back on when he’s going to be going up against the unpredictability of nature, while travelling unsupported around the world? This is the best of the best, the stuff I took with me to adventure around the globe, and how it performed.

Spectacular Video Of A Missile Blowing Up A Norwegian Navy Frigate

Video: Whoa. Check out this impressive video of a new Norwegian Naval Strike Missile tested off the coat of Andøya, in northern Norway: The 180kg, four-metre-long, 150-kilometre range weapon hit and blew up the frigate KNM Trondheim.

Now Norway Has The World's Prettiest Passport Too

Will the Nords ever stop in their quest for global design domination? Earlier this year, Norway announced the most gorgeous currency to ever occupy a wallet. Now a redesigned passport design for the country is maybe the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

Amazing Wormhole Opens In Norway -- Or Maybe It's Just An Aurora

Briefly: NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day is featuring a stunning Auroral Corona over some beautiful Norwegian islands, masterfully photographed by Harald Albrigtsen last month in Kvaløya, Tromsø. If you told me this is how wormholes look like, I would believe you.

The Designs Norway Rejected For Its New Banknotes Are Amazing

Earlier in the week, we learnt that Norway had chosen a new design for its banknotes — a pixelated little number by the architects at Snøhetta. While their design is tasteful and restrained, it can’t possibly live up to the charm of sea life drawn by kids. Which was exactly what one designer proposed.

Norway's New Currency Design Is Perfectly Pixelated High-Concept Art

With last week’s news that Oslo had pulled out of the 2022 Winter Olympics, I got really sad — mostly that we wouldn’t see the beautiful identity from the architects at Snøhetta brought to life. But here’s a consolation: Snøhetta won a competition to redesign Norway’s currency. And the pixelated landscapes they designed are absolutely gorgeous.

A Farewell To Epcot's Norway Ride: How Fake Experiences Shaped My Life

I’ve never been to Norway. I guess it’s supposed to be like Minnesota, but with more fjords and trolls or something. But you know where I have been? Epcot. Which is kind of the same thing. Right?

Beyond Trolltunga: Exploring Wild Norway

The “Troll’s Tongue” is a spit of rock that hangs 700m above a lake in the Norwegian mountains. We started our journey there, backpacking into wilderness few people ever see. Here’s how you can do it too.