How To Design A Smarter Olympics Bid

The Olympic Games are often a bittersweet milestone for a city, filled with economic and political ups and downs. But it would appear that Oslo’s 2022 aspirations are set for success in the hands of Norwegian design firm Snøhetta, which has executed one of the most elegant Olympic bids in history.

Why One Of World's Most Remote Places Has The Fastest Internet

Ever been to Bjørndalen? No, of course you haven’t. This tiny town, located in a remote area of Svalbard, the Arctic archipelago controlled by Norway, has more polar bears than humans. Curiously, it’s also home to some of the country’s fastest internet speeds.

This Serpent-like Hotel, Coiled Around The Glacial Outcroppings Of Norway's Gorgeous Lofoten Islands

This serpent-like hotel, coiled around the glacial outcroppings of Norway’s gorgeous Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle, has been proposed by the architecture firm Snøhetta. The building’s central loop will enclose a courtyard, offering a “spectacular view and the feeling of being ‘in the middle’ of the elements,” according to the architects.

This Town's Hilltop Mirrors Light It Up With Second-Hand Sunshine

Waking up on a dark winter morning is never fun. But imagine if the sun didn’t come up at all. Rjukan, Norway — which is cast into shadow for five months a year — has found a solution. The town is finishing its first winter using a system of mirrors to create an oasis of sunlight during its perpetually dark winter months.

Norway's Lovely Memorial To The Worst Mass Shooting In Modern History

It’s been almost three years since a gunman detonated a bomb in Oslo and then stormed a small summer camp off the coast of Norway, killing 77 people and cementing a record as the worst mass shooting in modern memory. This month, the country revealed plans for a memorial to the tragedy — and it’s beautiful.

This Split-View Mountain Lodge Is The Ultimate Ski Shack

Somewhere hiding on a hillside northwest of Oslo, there’s a magical little lodge. Well, at 130sqm, this house, designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, is actually a pretty decent-sized lodge. And, boy, is it pretty.

This Machine Perfectly Filets And De-Bones Fish With X-Rays And Water

Machines that can accurately and efficiently filet a fish have been used for years now to speed up processing plants — though only with farmed fish that are all the same size and weight. Fish caught in the wild usually have to be processed by hand given they vary in size, but a new machine that employs x-ray vision and precise water jets can finally automate the filleting process.

The Sea Froze So Fast That It Killed Thousands Of Fish Instantly

Norwegian public radio (Google-translated) reports on the instant dead of thousands of fish in a bay in the island of Lovund, Norway. An air temperature of -7.8C combined with a strong east wind froze the sea water instantly, trapping and killing the fish you can see in this fishapocalyptic image:

Climbing Frozen Waterfalls At Night By The Light Of A Drone

The work of photographer Thomas Senf is the focus of a short video hosted by The Guardian, documenting the stunning lengths he’s gone through to shoot climbers scaling frozen waterfalls at night in the mountains of Norway. The landscape is a like a chandelier lit from within — a reef of glowing ice.

Why Norway Might Have To Tear Down These Massive Picasso Murals

Norway finds itself in a tough conundrum after a terrorist attack crippled a pair of Brutalist buildings in downtown Oslo. Tearing down the buildings is one thing — they’re crumbling, controversial and, well, brutal. Destroying the Picasso murals carved into the concrete, however, is an entirely different matter.