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This Artist Makes Incredible Designs With Just Snow And His Shoes

Some of our readers may be feeling a little chilly this week, so why not take the edge off with this video of a snow artist who does more than just hike in the snow.

You Might Not Able To Buy A Petrol-Powered Car In Norway After 2025

The oil-rich nation of Norway could be the first country to ban petrol-powered cars for good.

Aww, Norway Wants To Gift A Mountain To Finland

This story takes place far inside the Arctic Circle but, no, it’s not about Santa Claus. What it is about is truly embracing the Christmas spirit — the part where you give of yourself.

In The Future, International Airline Travel Will Actually Be Fun Again

Travelling abroad is inherently thrilling — but then there’s that interminable, soul-sucking trek to get there. In the future, things might be very different.

A Hiker Found A 1200-Year-Old Viking Sword, And Experts Say You Could Still Fight With It

It sounds like something from a fantasy video game: While trekking the mountainous wild, a man in Norway recently stumbled upon an ancient, intact sword. And with the right treatment, it could still be used to vanquish baddies today, experts say.

Norway's Doctors Still Use Floppy Disks, And They're More Secure Than The Alternative

In Norway, doctors are clinging to older MS DOS-based electronic journals. As a result there’s a system in place that still employs floppy disks — and it works extremely well. But a blog post on says the Norwegian government might be retiring the floppy disk option as soon as next year.

The Secret Project To Turn The Internet Into An Anti-Soviet Spy Network

In 1973, Norway became the first nation outside the US to get online through DARPA’s packet-switched network, the ARPANET. Americans had decided to connect the proto-internet to such a distant country for one reason. They were trying to keep tabs on Soviet nuclear tests.

How Volunteers Built A Memorial To One Of The Worst Mass Shootings Ever

Today marks four years since a gunman killed 77 people in Norway, 69 of them on the small island of Utøya. In time for the anniversary, the island has unveiled the finished memorial to the victims. But it’s not the memorial officials had originally planned, and the reason why illustrates how difficult memorialising can be.

This 29-Year-Old Is Shaking Up Adventure Photography

Chris Burkard is widely considered the most talented photographer working in the outdoors adventure space. He wasn’t trained as a photographer and spends much of the year living out of a car. Here’s how you can be just like him.

This Top-Secret Design Will Get Your Resume Into The Right Hands

Most resume designs — two pages of 12-point blah — don’t exactly scream HIRE ME, especially if you’re in the design business. That’s why Norwegian designer Vidar Olufsen put all his details in a folder styled like a top-secret document dossier. Everyone wants to know about the hidden stuff.

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