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Norman Foster On Apple's HQ: Over 1000 Bikes, Four-Storey Glass Doors

Spaceship Apple is freaking huge: A 260,000sqm orb on a 176-acre parcel serving 12,000 employees in oh-so-suburban Cupertino. While talking to Architectural Record, architect Norman Foster defended the headquarter’s massive size and weird shape, and revealed some intriguing new details.

6 Jaw-Dropping Superyachts Designed By Architects

Generally speaking, architects are brilliant and creative people with a wide range of talents. That sort of versatility is part of what makes them good architects in the first place. But let’s be honest. Just because some people are good at a lot of things does not mean they’re good at everything. Take yachts, for instance.

Apple's New Headquarters Will Be Designed By Norman Foster

Only just purchased from HP last month, Apple’s latest campus in Cupertino, California, will be designed by the famous British architect Norman Foster, who’s lent his hand to creations such as these.

Bucky Fuller's Back-To-Front Car Re-Imagined

Only three of these back-to-front Dymaxions were ever built, but as there’s only one remaining it was up to British architect Norman Foster (the man behind some of the most recognisable buildings in the world) to build the fourth himself.

Inside The Mind Of Norman Foster

I love architecture. And art too. That’s why I like this gallery of sketches by Sir Norman Foster. It’s fascinating to see his evolution, and how his art turns into formidable buildings, which seem to come from The Future.

World's Biggest Building Coming To Moscow: Looks Like It Will Be Christmas Year-Round

Christmas may be over, but if designer Sir Norman Foster has his way, everyone in Moscow will be staring at a 1500ft tall, 27 million square foot, $US4 billion dollar Christmas tree every day of the year. The structure, dubbed “Crystal Island” is being described as a “city within a building” and will feature 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, an international school for 500 students, cinemas, a theater, a sports complex and more.