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Microsoft Announces Nokia Dumb Phone

Microsoft might be selling off its feature phone division, but that hasn’t stopped the company from announcing the Nokia 216 dumb phone.

Here Is Nokia's Ultra-Compact 4G 'Network In A Backpack'

Nokia’s new Ultra Compact 4G network can provide voice, video and data services in emergency situations, remote locations and events within minutes, and act as a hotspot for public safety organisations, industries and operators.

Oh, and it can fit in a backpack.

As Microsoft Kills Off Nokia, It Signs Off On Its Own Eventual Demise

Opinion: PayPal is the latest company to join a long list to ditch support for the “fringe” phone operating systems: Microsoft’s Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon’s Fire OS. This decision comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of getting rid of a further 1,850 jobs, most of them from what remains of the staff that came to Microsoft from its acquisition of Nokia.

Microsoft Is Demolishing Its Smartphone Business

A week after selling off its feature phone division, Microsoft has announced that it’s also “streamlining” its smartphone hardware business, cutting 1850 jobs in the process.

Microsoft Is Taking A Final $US950 Million Hit On Windows Phone

A few years after taking a $US900 million slug on the bold failure that was the Surface RT tablet, Microsoft has suffered another painful hit in its devices portfolio. The company is cutting approximately 1850 jobs around the world and taking a $US950 million impairment charge on its smartphone hardware business, and this marks effectively the final nail in the coffin of the once powerful Nokia.

There Are Going To Be New Nokia Android Phones And Tablets

Nokia has just announced that a licensing deal will see a new range of Android phones and tablets produced under its name for the next 10 years.

Microsoft Is Selling Off Its Feature Phone Division

Microsoft has announced that it’s selling its feature phone division to Foxconn for the princely sum of $US350 million ($484.7 million).

Nokia Is About To Go Wild With Digital Health Hardware

Brace yourself for a slew of Finnish health hardware: Nokia has just announced that it plans to buy the digital wellbeing and wearables company Withings for $US190 million.

WhatsApp Is Killing Support For Older Mobile Devices

Nothing lasts forever — including software support. If you’re still rocking a device with Windows Phone 7.1 or Android 2.2 and love WhatsApp, I have some bad news for you: It’s time to upgrade, for the sake of your chatting future.

Rancher Finds Nokia Phone More Than A Decade After Losing It In A Pasture

Missy B was bummed when she lost her Nokia 3410 in a pasture while working cattle. Then she used the opportunity to upgrade to a super sweet Motorola Razr V3… because it was 2005 or 2004. She’s not sure.

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