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Nokia's Ozo Is A $60,000 Camera For Capturing VR

Nokia started life as a pulp mill and spent a while making gas masks, before capturing the hearts of dumbphone users everywhere with the 3310. So it kinda makes sense that its next Big Thing is a $US60,000 ($81,999) all-in-one solution for making VR experiences.

The Best Music Streaming Services For Australia

Shopping around for your next music-streaming service? Looking for something first-party or unmetered on your data plan? Here’s our round-up of every music streaming and online radio service worth looking twice at.

Nokia Has Sold Its HERE Maps To Audi, BMW, And Mercedes For $3 Billion

Nokia’s map platform HERE has impressed ever since it was first released. Now, it’s impressed enough for a motoring consortium made up of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes to buy it for $US3 billion.

Are Nokia And Phones Getting Back Together?

“It’s complicated” is the Facebook relationship status you share with your on-again, off-again ex. It also happens to be Nokia’s official statement on whether it will make smartphones again. Much like the regret you feel when you drunkenly text your former flame, Nokia is also dealing with its own unhealthy relationship.

Virginia's Opening 113km Of Roads To Autonomous Cars

The state of Virginia has decided to open up 113km of its public highways to companies that are developing self-driving cars.

Microsoft's New Phone Costs About As Much As A Drink At A Fancy Bar

Cheap smartphones don’t have to suck, but Microsoft’s updated Nokia 105 is on a whole other level compared to some of the budget-friendly phones you might be considering. This feature phone is just $US20.

Nokia Vs Nokia: Smartphone Cameras Have Come A Long Way 

You probably take your smartphone for granted: it’s your portal to the internet, an instant messaging machine, a video recorder, music player and, of course, a phone. It’s probably also your primary camera. Be grateful for it: smartphone cameras have come a long way.

Audi, Mercedes Benz And BMW Want To Buy Nokia's HERE Maps

In-car services are the next big thing for auto-makers all around the world. With the rise of self-driving cars, so-called smarter cars and cars centred around smartphone platforms, some auto-makers are getting a little nervous that they’re about to be locked out of their own vehicles in future. To fight back, Germany’s big three auto-makers are looking to buy a controlling stake in Nokia’s HERE Maps business before someone else does.

Nokia N1: Australian Hands On

You could be forgiven for not remembering the Nokia N1. I almost didn’t, right up until the guy showing it off thrust it into my hands to take a look. I’m glad he did though, because this might just be the best Android tablet I’ve ever seen.

Nokia 215: Internet In Your Pocket For $30

Microsoft’s latest smartphone launch is no flagship — but that’s not to say it’s unimportant. Costing just $US30, it’s perhaps the cheapest way to get a slice of the web in your your hand.

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