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We don't really have in-flight wi-fi in Australia yet, although both Virgin and Qantas are working on it. It's far more common throughout Europe and the US, but a consortium of European companies is taking a different approach to the new network it's building: instead of satellites dozens of kilometres above the Earth bouncing signals from ground stations to planes and back, the European Aviation Network uses 4G LTE beamed directly upwards from mobile phone towers.


Opinion: PayPal is the latest company to join a long list to ditch support for the “fringe” phone operating systems: Microsoft’s Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon’s Fire OS. This decision comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of getting rid of a further 1,850 jobs, most of them from what remains of the staff that came to Microsoft from its acquisition of Nokia.


A few years after taking a $US900 million slug on the bold failure that was the Surface RT tablet, Microsoft has suffered another painful hit in its devices portfolio. The company is cutting approximately 1850 jobs around the world and taking a $US950 million impairment charge on its smartphone hardware business, and this marks effectively the final nail in the coffin of the once powerful Nokia.


Nokia started life as a pulp mill and spent a while making gas masks, before capturing the hearts of dumbphone users everywhere with the 3310. So it kinda makes sense that its next Big Thing is a $US60,000 ($81,999) all-in-one solution for making VR experiences.


"It's complicated" is the Facebook relationship status you share with your on-again, off-again ex. It also happens to be Nokia's official statement on whether it will make smartphones again. Much like the regret you feel when you drunkenly text your former flame, Nokia is also dealing with its own unhealthy relationship.


In-car services are the next big thing for auto-makers all around the world. With the rise of self-driving cars, so-called smarter cars and cars centred around smartphone platforms, some auto-makers are getting a little nervous that they're about to be locked out of their own vehicles in future. To fight back, Germany's big three auto-makers are looking to buy a controlling stake in Nokia's HERE Maps business before someone else does.