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Telstra Boosts Data Allowance For iPhone 4/3GS, HTC Desire, Nokia N97

Telstra is increasing data allowances for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, HTC Desire and Nokia N97 starting midnight tonight until November 1. How much more? Between two and six times more depending on the plan. Mmm… tempting.

Nokia Admits The N97 Sucked, Working To Improve Their Phones

So the Nokia N97 was a bit of a disaster. Normally, companies pretend that all of their products are great, even when they aren’t. But one Nokia VP is willing to admit that the N97 was a steamer.

Nokia N97 Firmware 2.0 Attempts To Make It Less Godawful

Hello, Nokia N97 owners who ignored our heartfelt advice to look elsewhere for a smartphone. (You couldn’t go with the vastly superior E71?) Firmware 2.0 is out, and it supposedly—hopefully—makes life better. Kinetic scrolling! [DailyMobile via Engadget]

Nokia N97 Mini Not That Mini, Keyboard Not Great Either

Another Nokia phone, and another extensive preview from Mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin. He says compared to the N97, the Mini is only “around a centimeter” smaller, its keyboard is worse, and the built-in memory has dropped from 32GB to 8GB. Ouch.

Apparent Nokia N97 MIni Shrinks By Shedding D-Pad

Shrinking the N97 won’t exactly solve its problems, but this supposed N97 Mini makes the economical choice of ditching the borderline-useless D-Pad is gone. Weenie-sizing the price would help more, though. [GadgetReview]

Nokia: iPhone 3GS Has A Crappy Camera, N97 Rocks Faces

Need more evidence that Nokia just doesn’t get it? Here’s what UK General Manager for Nokia Mike Loughran says about the N97 versus the iPhone 3GS:

The Nokia N97 Versus A Golf Club

It had some trouble with earlier waterproof tests, but according to these videos the Nokia N97 was able to maintain a phone call through a chip shot and a rugby boot.

Nokia N97 Review: Nokia Is Doomed

The N97 is Nokia’s attempt to stand tall in an unfamiliar, hostile world populated by the iPhone, Pre and Android the only way it knows how: by throwing the kitchen sink at them. If this is it, they’re doomed.

Nokia N97 Waterproof Experiment Tests Hypothesis That Nobody Ever Had

You know those videos where someone puts a rugged gadget through a battery of tests that would destroy regular hardware, but the device comes through the other side unharmed? This is not one of those videos.

Will Nokia Be Releasing A N97 Mini Or N97 Lite? Vodafone Think So

Vodafone seems to have let slip that Nokia are planning a “Mini” or “Lite” version of the recently released N97 smartphone.

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