Deadly Airbag Recall Reaches Australia, Almost 500,000 Cars Affected So Far

One of the world’s largest car safety recalls is on, after a Japanese manufacturer found that some of its airbags have a tendency to spray metal shrapnel when deployed. The recall has now hit Australia, with almost 500,000 cars from various manufacturers already affected.

Watch A Team Of Former Gamers Take Out The Bathurst 12-Hour Endurance Race

As if the final four minutes of this weekend’s Bathurst 12-Hour endurance race weren’t amazing enough — with Nissan’s NISMO team coming from third on the second last lap up to first to take out the race — did you know that most of the drivers on the team are gamers plucked from the world of Gran Turismo?

NASA And Nissan Are Building A Self-Driving Car For Cities… And Space

NASA and Nissan just announced a five-year partnership in the development of a self-driving car that will not only tackle city streets but also alien planets. Most of the research will take place in Silicon Valley, where both organisations already have research facilities. And believe it or not, NASA wants to learn from Nissan.

Nissan GT-R Premium Edition: Australian Review

You know in the first Iron Man movie when Tony Stark takes his armour out for its very first flight in Malibu, and he spends the whole experience with the world’s most terrified grin on his face? That’s the face you’ll pull every single time you hit the accelerator on the Nissan GT-R.

Crazy People Put Car Inside Giant Inflatable Ball, Roll It Down A Hill

This is fun, and I don’t care it was made by the car manufacturer. I care that someone was crazy enough to think about putting a freaking car inside one of those giant inflatable balls — called Zorbs, apparently, perhaps the biggest ever made — and then pushed it down a hill. I only wish they put people inside.

Uber Sydney Is Giving You Supercar Rides Today With This Code

Feel like taking a ride around Sydney in a Lamborghini or Ferrari today? Go download Uber, fast.

Inside Redmond: Microsoft's City Of Geeks

Over the last three decades, Microsoft has been working. Quietly. Not just on software, hardware and the ongoing mission of a computer in every home, but on a city inside a city. That city now has a new mayor in the form of CEO Satya Nadella, and as a result, the city is going through a revival as more buildings go up and more staff come on to work for One Microsoft, and it’s quite a site to behold. Here’s how the other half lives.

Nissan's Self-Cleaning Car Repels Mud Like Magic

How many times have you cleaned your car to factory-quality beauty, and then found that you drove home through a puddle and ruined it? Nissan feels your pain, and invented a paint finish that actively repels mud, water and dust.

Let Nissan Teach You How To Say The Name Of Its New Car

Nissan Quasaski? Nissan Quashkee? Oh God it hurts my brain. I had no idea how to say the name of Nissan’s new compact SUV until it put out this video explaining how to pronounce it. Ohhhhhhh! That’s how.

Ten of the Coolest Cars to Come Out of the Geneva Motor Show

As much as I would love to play Richard Hammond for a living, I work at Gizmodo not Top Gear. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there can’t be a crossover, though. At this very moment, over in the land of triangle-shaped chocolate, supercolliders and neutrality, the Geneva Motor Show took place last week with some seriously nice cars on display that demand a lusting.