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10 Questions We Have About The Nintendo Switch

OK the newest Nintendo console finally has an official name, and maybe that name inspires pictures of key parties in the 1970s, but it also looks damn cool. We’ve got some questions, though.

All The Ways You Can Play The Nintendo Switch, In GIFs

We’ve known for some time now that Nintendo’s upcoming console would have portability baked in. The new product trailer for the Switch (formerly known by its project name NX) reveals that living room-to-pocket is just one of the options afforded to future owners of Nintendo’s ambitious product.

Here's Our First Good Look At The Nintendo Switch

The Switch is a brand new console from Nintendo. You can play games on it on your TV, but you can also play games on it not on your TV. Yep, the Switch switches: taking the best parts of the Wii U and the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play, it’s a console that you can take with you and play wherever you are.

This Is Nintendo's Next Console: The Switch

Nintendo’s successor to the Wii U has arrived, and it’s called the Switch. It’s portable, it’s cute and it’s weird as all get out. Watch the three-minute trailer right here.

Do You Love Pokemon Enough To Spend $26,000 On A Pikachu Watch?

Watchmaker Romain Jerome has created some truly unique timepieces over the years featuring actual pieces of the Titanic, authentic moon dust and even steel from the Statue of Liberty. But we’re having a hard time finding a way to justify the $US20,000 ($25,911) price tag on this RJ X Pokemon watch.

Set Your Alarms: Nintendo Is Revealing The NX Tomorrow Morning

Drumroll, please: at 1:00AM AEDT on 21 October Nintendo will be lifting the lid on its worst kept secret since bringing Donkey Kong back. That’s right, the NX console is getting a trailer.

This NES Controller Notebook Is The Perfect Place To Jot Down Cheat Codes

ThinkGeek’s timing could’ve been better with this 240-page notebook inspired by the NES console’s boxy controllers. It would have been the perfect place to write down level codes, cheats or draw out maps to help you navigate Metroid’s endless caves and caverns — when you were eight years old. But hey, it’s never too late.

This Bluetooth N64 Controller Is Every '90s Kid's Dream

There’s really nothing like playing a Nintendo 64 game with one of the classic controllers. The problem is that classic N64 controllers don’t hook up to phones, tablet or laptops, which makes playing console emulators a real pain. Now, there’s finally some sweet relief for retro gaming fans.

What Made Cartridge Games So Clever

Early consoles and home computers worked with extremely limited firepower. In those days, not only was the hardware less capable, there really wasn’t room for expandability to make machines like the Commodore VIC-20 or Famicom more capable. Or wasn’t there?

The Pokemon Go Plus Wearable Goes On Sale This Friday, Pre-Orders Open Today

Mere hours Niantic appeared on the stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 event to show off its new Apple Watch app, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced the release date for Pokemon Go’s wearable: the Pokemon GO Plus. It’s under a week away.

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