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This Bluetooth N64 Controller Is Every '90s Kid's Dream

There’s really nothing like playing a Nintendo 64 game with one of the classic controllers. The problem is that classic N64 controllers don’t hook up to phones, tablet or laptops, which makes playing console emulators a real pain. Now, there’s finally some sweet relief for retro gaming fans.

What Made Cartridge Games So Clever

Early consoles and home computers worked with extremely limited firepower. In those days, not only was the hardware less capable, there really wasn’t room for expandability to make machines like the Commodore VIC-20 or Famicom more capable. Or wasn’t there?

The Pokemon Go Plus Wearable Goes On Sale This Friday, Pre-Orders Open Today

Mere hours Niantic appeared on the stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 event to show off its new Apple Watch app, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced the release date for Pokemon Go’s wearable: the Pokemon GO Plus. It’s under a week away.

Super Mario Is Coming To The iPhone

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage at today’s Apple Event to announce the introduction of Super Mario to the iPhone.

The Nintendo NX Is Bringing Cartridges Back: Report

The glory days of Nintendo consoles will forever be tied to endlessly blowing in plastic game cartridges. With its upcoming convertible system, Nintendo will try to recapture that magic, a source told The Wall Street Journal.

Even This Busted-Looking, Pi-Based NES Is Better Than The NES Classic

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if they were hanging out for Nintendo’s official retro throwback, but even this old, busted, dusty-looking DIY console is superior. Let me count the ways.

Over 81,000 Falling Dominoes Recreate The Greatest Super Mario Game Of All Time

Video: The greatest Super Mario game of all time (you’re simply wrong if you think otherwise) finally gets the domino tribute it deserves. YouTube’s TheDominoKing spent an entire month setting up 81,032 dominoes to display scenes from Super Mario World as they topple.

The Super Nintendo Retro Receiver: A Painless Wireless Upgrade For Your Classic Console

All images: Andrew Liszewski/Gizmodo If you’ve still got your childhood Super Nintendo hooked up and on active duty you’ve probably discovered that while the console is going strong, its original controllers have long since died. But since it’s 2016 and we’ve made so much progress on cutting cords, isn’t it about time for your SNES to go wireless too?

NES Analogue Nt Review: It Ruined My Childhood

One Christmas morning in 1989, I opened a big present, bigger than me. It was the Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with PowerPad and Zapper. Nearly three decades later, I unboxed a futuristic block of aluminium: an NES clone called the Analogue Nt. And I felt that childhood glee all over again.

The Mario Bros. Get A Drug-Fuelled Goodfellas Treatment

Video: Plumbers can only climb so high in Brooklyn — and Mario and Luigi are looking to fly.

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