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The New Nintendo Console Sounds Absurd

In March 2017, Nintendo will reportedly do what every other console and tablet maker has failed to do: Give us a console that seamlessly moves between portable and stationary gaming.

You Can Now Use Your Wireless Controllers With The Original Super Nintendo

If the original NES was your first crush, the Super Nintendo was the console you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Its rounded controller was a masterful work of industrial design, but it still had a wire. Wires suck. With this new adaptor, however, your beloved 16-bit console can finally cut the controller cord.

Nintendo's Stock Plummets Because It's Not Making Enough Money Off Of Pokémon Go

Earlier last week, Nintendo was basking in a dewey post-Pokemon GO glow, its stock doubling in value because of the game’s wild success. But what goes up must come down — thanks, Newton — and after the market closed on Friday, Nintendo revealed in a press release that “the game’s financial impact will be ‘limited’ and that it doesn’t expect to revise its annual forecast higher based on ‘current conditions.'”

Brilliant iPhone Case Makes It Way Easier To Catch Pokemon

If you’re struggling to build your Pokemon posse because your Pokeballs are curving all over the place, Jon Cleaver has created a simple but brilliant iPhone case that serves as a guide for your finger to keep launches dead-straight, and vastly improve your monster capturing skills in Pokemon GO.

Five Actually-Useful Pokemon Go Tips, From Five Level 25 Players

It’s been just over two weeks since the launch of the app that even your neighbour who you’ve never met is talking about. Pokemon Go is now playable in over 50 countries, with the latest location being Nintendo’s origin country, Japan. The smartphone game has made Nintendo more valuable than Sony in less than a week, forced both US presidential nominees to mention the word ‘Pokemon’ in their speeches, and even taught social skills to young people with autism. If you’re not a fan of Pokemon Go you might have installed the PokeGone Chrome extension to try silencing the Internet.

However, if you’re still trying to be the very best, then take note of these actually useful tips from five level 25+ players to guide you this weekend.

Nintendo Is Literally More Valuable Than Sony Because You're All Nerd-Arse Pokemon GO Freaks

Sometimes I wake up in a tizzy in the middle of the night, jolted awake with the anxiety that I am somehow separate from regular society because I fundamentally do not understand the appeal of Pokemon GO. Welp, turns out I am. Because Pokemon GO is unstoppable, and now, according to Bloomberg, Nintendo is worth more than Sony. Let that sink in for a second.

Pokemon GO Is All The Rage, But Where's The Science?

The Pokemon GO craze is still going strong, as players scamper about the great outdoors trying desperately to catch ’em all. And amid all the accompanying media frenzy, there’s one burning question on everyone’s mind: where’s the science?

Impossibly Rare Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Discovered By Very Lucky Seattle Man

Even the most die-hard Nintendo fanboys could be forgiven for not knowing about the 64DD.

Nintendo Has A New (Mini) NES With 30 Built-In Games

While we’ve all been distracted by Pokemon GO, Nintendo has been working on a new surprise for lovers of nostalgia.

The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition looks like a tiny version of the original, comes packed with 30 classic games, and will be hitting shelves in Australia on 10 November.

Pokémon GO Added $10 Billion To Nintendo's Value In Two Days 

It’s been a strange week for Pokemasters, dealing with armed robberies, dead bodies and even accidental exercise. And nobody is happier than Nintendo, whose market value grew by $US7.5 billion ($10 billion) in two days as stock surged because everyone got hooked on Pokémon GO.

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