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Soon We Will Hunt Like Predator With This New Night-Vision Sensor

Graphene could make it possible to build ultra-thin, flexible thermal sensors for built-in night vision technology — just like that lethal alien in the Predator franchise.

The Most Extreme Body Hacks That Change Your Physical Abilities

Biohacking is one of those buzzy blanket terms used to describe a whole spectrum of ways that people modify or improve their bodies, from fairly tame experiments like drinking nasty butter coffee to more intense modifications like growing extra ears out of their arms.

BAE's New Goggles Roll Together Night Vision And Thermal Imaging

In the dark, soldiers have two options if they’re to see: night vision or thermal imaging. Both have their advantages and disadvantages — but now, BAE’s new goggles mean there’s no need to choose.

This Snap-On Case Gives The iPhone 6 Bona Fide Night Vision

Once the original iPhone was opened up to third-party apps, it added an incredible amount of additional functionality to the device. But apps can only do so much, sometimes you also need to expand a smartphone’s hardware too. So like with the FLIR case that gave the iPhone Predator-like heat vision, the NVC promises to give the iPhone 6 the ability to see in complete darkness.

The Four-Eyed Night Vision Goggles That Helped Take Down Bin Laden

When Seal Team Six kicked in the front door of Al Qaeda’s top brass back in 2011, you can be sure they didn’t spend any time looking for a light switch. Not when they had these cutting-edge, panoramic night vision goggles in front of their faces.

A New Graphene Sensor Will Let Us See Through Walls

Remember all those amazing things graphene can supposedly do? Well, the wonder material is starting to do them. A team of researchers from the University of Maryland recently developed a graphene-based sensor that lets people see through walls. Obviously, they want to make goggles with it.

Scientists Create Sensor For Night Vision Contact Lenses

It may seem like the stuff from spy and superhero movies but scientists have created “the first room-temperature light detector that can sense the full infrared spectrum” which, according to researchers at the University of Michigan, can be made so thin that it can be easily stacked on night vision contact lenses.

A Revolutionary Night Vision Camera That Lets You See In Full Colour

The dark green and black images typically produced by a night vision camera have become synonymous with the technology — to the point where it’s even used in movies any time covert surveillance is implied. But a Japanese company called Komamura has developed a new kind of night vision camera that captures full colour footage even when it’s completely dark out.

DARPA's New, Tiny Night Vision Camera Could Give Every Soldier Sight In The Dark

DARPA-funded DRS Technologies has developed a new 1280 x 720 night vision camera with pixels just five microns across — that’s reportedly just one-twelfth the size of a human hair. So. Small. The new tech isn’t just way more practical, it could save the government a bundle of money too.

This Could Be The World's Smallest Night Vision Camera

When you’re creeping outside someone’s bedroom at night trying to get shots of them sleeping, the last thing you need to deal with is a bulky pair of night-vision goggles. S stalkers of the world rejoice! JTT has designed what looks like the smallest night vision camera ever that lets you stay as inconspicuous as possible.

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