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NFL Replays Are Going To Be Packed With Juicy Player Data This Year

This season, every NFL player will wear a motion tracking chip — and we’re now getting a look at how the data these chips collect will be shown to fans in instant replays. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

Here's The Surprisingly Old-School Way That An NFL Football Is Made

Video: Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away, and all anyone really wants to talk about is deflated footballs. We don’t care about any of that. We just like to see how things get made. Here’s a New York Times video that shows you the inside of a Wilson Football Factory. They get sewed together, flipped inside out, stitched, shaped and pumped.

New NFL Bad Lip Reading Video Is Freaking Hilarious Too

Video: The guys at Bad Lip Reading are back with more hilarious mistranslated voiceovers. Their absurd NFL series always makes me crack up and the 2015 video didn’t disappoint me at all. Enjoy!

Could Magnets Help The NFL's Concussion Epidemic?

NFL teams across the U.S. have this weekend taken to the grid iron in an effort to scratch another W against their names. These players will play the same as any other Sunday, and like any other Sunday, the sport’s biggest threat will remain unaddressed. Sixty-nine concussions have already been reported this year, and odds would suggest, more will be added in the next few hours.

All Of Peyton Manning's Record Breaking Touchdown Passes In One Chart

Data Looks Dope’s Max Einstein just made this visualisation that charts every touchdown pass that Peyton Manning, who is now the record holder for TD passes, has thrown in his career. Yep, all 510 of them (so far). It shows the distance of each pass along with the receiver who caught it from 1998 to October 19, 2014.

Nike's Concept Jet For Pro Athletes Is A Luxury Lounge At 40,000 Feet

Pro athletes lead a very luxurious life, with trainers ensuring they’re always in top physical shape. But they still travel in cramped aeroplanes that weren’t designed for seven-footers. Teague design firm and Nike have come up with a solution: a super-luxurious concept jet that caters to a team’s every need.

NFL Sidelines Will Be Littered With Old Surface Pros This Season

Tonight, when the New York Giants face off against the Buffalo Bills in the first NFL preseason game of the year, something will be different. The game itself will still be the 11-person smash-em-up affair that we all know and love, but the sidelines will be seeing a significant upgrade — the Sideline Viewing System, powered by the Surface Pro 2.

A US Football Field Compared To The International Space Station

This graphic by NASA shows the ISS compared to a football field. They’re more or less the same size, although the solar panels make the ISS a lot wider: A US football field is 109.7 x 48.8m. The space station is 108.5 x 72.8m.

Richard Sherman Gives The Best Twitter Advice You'll Ever Get

Richard Sherman is a very talented US football player, and I, like many of you, have become a fan. It’s clear that in the post-NFC championship days, he’s emerged as a divisive character. No matter your opinion, when it comes to Twitter he has some very sage advice. From a post he wrote earlier this week on the MBQ…

Watch NFL Players Dubbed Over For Comedic Effect (No Understanding Of NFL Required)

The Superbowl? Yeah, I honestly couldn’t care less either. Fortunately, an appreciation of American Football is not required to laugh your face off at this clip where various gridiron players have their voices replaced with humorous alternatives. What do you expect from the same people that brought us the stomach-achingly hilarious Mediaeval Fun-Time World?

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