Samsung's Galaxy S5 Will Let You Tap 'N Pay With Westpac, Commbank

Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 is being launched in Australia tonight, and there’s one nifty thing we didn’t know about before. If you have a bank account with Westpac, or Commonwealth Bank, you’ve got a brand new reason to upgrade. The Galaxy S5 is the first handset in Australia that lets you shop without having your credit card handy from these two banks.

Nokia's New Tag Could Mean You Never Lose Your Keys Again

Forgetful types rejoice: Nokia has just announced a new Treasure Tag, which uses Bluetooth and NFC to try and help you keep track of your possessions.

Simply Shaking Two Devices To Pair Them Makes NFC Look Old-Fashioned

There’s a flood of new smartwatches and other wearable devices coming just around the corner, and every one of them will require a connection to your smartphone. Wireless NFC technology has already made things a little easier when it comes to pairing, but researchers at Disney want to make things even easier by just having you shake a couple of devices in unison.

Coin Is Beefing Up Its Card Security

It’s not even out on the market for people to use yet and already the credit card of the future, Coin, is beefing up its security to make you feel better about handing over all your payment, membership and other swipe-card data.

Coin Is The Smart Bank Card Of The Future

Carrying a wallet sucks. No question. It’s big, bulky and full of bank, credit and debit cards and a swathe of stupid loyalty cards from that coffee place you’ll never go back to. The dream is to have everything in one simple card. Meet Coin: the smart bank card that keeps all your cards in one.

Commonwealth Bank Adds NFC Payments To Android, iOS

CommBank debuted its new app this morning, featuring a shiny new iOS 7-like design, and the ability to do NFC payments from both Android and iOS smartphones. Here’s how it works.

McDonald's Turns Its Tables Into NFC Smartphone Racetracks

The Happy Meal is as synonymous with McDonald’s as the Big Mac, but now the international fast food chain is experimenting with what it’s calling the Happy Table. It’s another attempt to lure kids in that uses simple NFC stickers to turn its dining tables into virtual interactive race tracks.

This NFC-Powered Bonus E-Ink Display For Your Phone Needs No Batteries

No matter what you’re doing at a computer, two displays are always better than one, and that could soon be true for your mobile devices as well. Prototypes of dual-display smartphones have already been demonstrated, but researchers have now revealed a wireless second display for your mobile devices that magically sucks the minimal power it requires from a wireless NFC connection.

The Moto X Just Might Have The Dumbest Smartest Accessory Ever

Motorola will be selling a $US20 accessory for the Moto X that could very well be the smartest thing it has ever done or be the dumbest phone accessory ever. Called the Skip, it’s a clip that houses a NFC chip that’ll let you unlock your Moto X by simply tapping it. No lock screens, no pass codes.

Sol Republic's New Bluetooth Speaker Is A Portable Party Machine

Motorola is teaming up with fashion-forward headphone purveyor Sol Republic on a co-branded Bluetooth speaker. The Deck is weird looking little thing, but it’s got a few features that make it stand out from the otherwise saturated cheap wireless speaker market.