Drones Could Replace Kids On Paper Routes

Innovation in newspaper delivery techniques hasn’t really seemed like a priority in a while because of the whole death of print thing and whatever. But since drones categorically improve all situation a local French postal service is turning paper routes into air routes.

New York Times Finally Closes Gaping Hole In Its Paywall

As soon as the New York Times first hit us with its paywall back in 2011, industrious little news fiends all over the internet began looking for ways to get around it — and it didn’t take long. One of the simplest holes simply required you to delete a few characters at the end of the URL. Well, those glory days are over.

How Do You Consume News On The Move?

With the world of print journalism in decline, plenty of news organisations have been betting big on the concept of mobile apps for delivering digital news. But maybe that’s not such a good idea.

Newspaper Uses Photoshop To Dramatise Violence In Syria

The Kronen Zeitung is Austria’s largest newspaper, with a daily readership of around three million people. Yesterday, those readers were treated to the image on the left of war-torn Aleppo, bombed out and desperate — but that wasn’t the scene at all. As one sharp-eyed Redditor points out, it was just another Photoshop job.

Anonymous Cowers In The Face Of Murdoch

Almost a year ago today, Anonymous hacked one of Rupert Murdoch’s crown jewels: British newspaper The Times. Why? To spread a false report of his death. A year later, he’s shutting them up like they’re rowdy children. Times have changed.

Full New York Times Content Available On Flipboard From Friday

Flipboard — the social reading app for iOS and Android — has just announced that New York Times subscribers will be able to read all the paper’s content through the app, on any platform, from this Friday onwards. That’s a big deal for the New York Times, Flipboard and readers alike.

New York Times Making Its Paywall Even Stricter

AllThingsD is reporting that the New York Times will be cutting the amount of free articles the grey lady lets readers read per month from 20 to a measly 10. The change starts in April and means you’ll be hitting the NYT paywall a lot quicker than you think.

The New York Times Tells Its Entire Life Story On Facebook Timeline

The New York Times‘ Facebook Timeline goes all the way back to 1851, and it’s filled with some choice photos and milestones from the paper’s history. It also tells the story of how technology changed the business of keeping you informed.

Why Is There A Hyperlink In A Newspaper?

A lot has been said about how newspapers need to embrace the internet and tablets in order to survive. Apparently, this newspaper has already figured out how to embed interactive features in paper. Bravo!

iOS 5's Newsstand Is More Awesome Than You Think

The first wave of magazines supporting Apple’s Newsstand feature on iOS 5 went live today, which is good news. In theory, Newsstand isn’t that big of a deal. But using it, you realise it’s something more.