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Destroy New Zealand's King Joffrey Statue With The Power Of The Internet

The character of Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones is not a popular one, to put it mildly. Other than writing horrible fan fiction or cursing loudly at your television, there’s really no way to express one’s dislike for the king of the Seven Kingdoms. Well, there’s another avenue now, at least for the time being — you can watch a statue of the guy being destroyed very slowly, courtesy of our friends across the Tasman.

Breakfast Wrap: Tuesday Night's Best Stories

HTC One Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened The all new HTC One has launched overnight in the US, and we were there. We’ll also cover tomorrow evening’s Australian launch.

HTC One M8 2014: Everything You Need To Know Here’s all the nitty-gritty detail on the One M8, including specifications, design and availability.

The New HTC One M8 Is Real, And It’s Gorgeous Feast your eyes on its metal beauty.

Jawbone UP24 Finally Released In Australia It’s been a long time coming, but one of our favourite fitness trackers is finally here.

Kogan Expanding Online Sales To New Zealand The Kogan online empire grows some more.

Kogan Expanding Online Sales To New Zealand

Online electronics seller Kogan is expanding its digital storefront to New Zealand, offering most of the same products that it already has for sale in Australia. Kogan’s own-brand products join electronics and homewares from brands like Samsung and Sony, with Kogan claiming prices up to 75 per cent lower than New Zealand retail competitors.

New Zealand Is A Magical Land With Or Without Elves

Shawn Reeder made this impressive timelapse of New Zealand after he decided to leave his home to become a film maker travelling around the world. His first stop was the country he always wanted to travel to “for as long as [he] can remember.” Looking at this video, it was a good decision.

Kim Dotcom Good Times Album Review: What A Mess

Following news that Kim Dotcom has launched a new music-streaming service called Baboom, I had a listen to the only available album on the site, Good Times, written and produced by Mr. Dotcom himself.

The Untouched Natural Beauty Of New Zealand Is Like A Magical World

I’m one of those horrible humans who take nature for granted and recharge myself through indoor fluorescent lighting. I like walking city streets, I like going into city bars and I like eating city food. Feeling tyres screech, hearing sirens wail, coming across unexplainable damp spots, that’s all what I’m used to. But then I get a little taste of nature (through a Vimeo video on a computer indoors, no less) and wonder if I’m missing out on a whole magical part of the world. I probably am. You might be too.

New Zealand Parents Remove Wi-Fi From Kids School: 'Could Cause Cancer'

Damon Wyman and David Bird, two New Zealand parents, have successfully petitioned their children’s school to remove its Wi-Fi network, reports TVNZ.

Bestest Friends Ever Fill New Zealand Guy's Home Plumbing With Beer

Friends don’t get better than this. They could always have your back, they could be your groomsmen at your wedding, hell they could even give a kidney to you and they won’t ever beat these guys who pranked their friend by replacing his entire home plumbing system with beer. As in beers on every tap. It’s a dream come true.

New Zealand Really Knows How To Make Hilarious Driving Safety Ads

Remember that ad a while ago where a few Kiwi youths are at a party talking about drink driving? It set the internet on fire thanks to its popularity, and now there’s an even better follow-up featuring kids urging folks not to drive while high. The results are hilarious.

Australian-Designed Home Frames Winery Around It With Weathered Steel

Houses like the Cloudy Bay Shack in Marlborough, New Zealand, make you wonder why anyone would ever choose to live in an apartment (besides, you know, money). This house has everything: lovely rural scenery, a brilliant layout and a bold modern aesthetic. And though those two things might not normally jibe, they actually work in perfect harmony here.