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New York City Looks Like A Fake Movie Set In This Trippy Video

New York City basically already looks like a living, breathing movie set in real life but this surreal video transforms the city completely by turning the buildings into fake facades that don’t actually house anything. Claire & Max gave the busy streets of New York an eerie sense of calm in the video by stripping away its depth and replacing it with just a front.

Manhattan Sinkhole Swallows Fancy SUV

Here’s a bit of schadenfreude for those of us who can’t afford to breathe in New York’s Upper West Side: A water main break last night created a sinkhole, and that sinkhole swallow an entire BMW worth around $US55,000 ($72,577).

Seeing New York City In Ridiculous 8K Is Pretty Sweet

Video: I love New York City. I live here, so I’m biased. You might hate New York, and think it sucks, and think it’s dirty, and think people who live in New York talk about New York way too damn much. That’s fine. You’re actually more right than you know. But even you should be able to enjoy this fine video of New York City in glorious 8K. It’s every important landmark, building, bridge, cityscape and thing you’ve seen a thousand times before in stupid TV shows and movies set in New York, painted with the most beautiful pixels I’ve ever seen.

What It Takes To Be A Championship Drone Racer

Video: If you thought drone racers simply rolled up to an event, grabbed an RC toy out of their trunk and lined up to race, you’ve got a lot to learn. We popped by the US National Drone Racing Championships, recently held in New York, and asked one of the competing teams to show us what it takes to compete.

Rikers Inmate Streams To Facebook Live From Behind Bars: Report

New York’s Rikers Island is, as gaols go, a complete shitshow. In illustration of that fact, a Rikers inmate allegedly smuggled an iPhone into the gaol and streamed his living conditions to Facebook Live on July 22, in a video obtained by PIX 11.

New York's Governor Wants To Ban Sex Offenders From Playing Pokemon GO

What do Rio Olympians and New York state sex offenders have in common? Soon, neither will be playing Pokemon GO, or at least that’s the hope of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Nothing Matters, So Why Not Watch This Live Stream Of A Flower Doing Nothing Before It Blooms

Video: Everyone loves a good corpse flower blossom. These giant plants mostly remain dormant and only sprout flowers once every four to five years.

A Massive Crane Collapsed On New York's Tappan Zee Bridge

A crane collapsed across the span of New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge today, blocking traffic and wreaking havoc on the state’s longest bridge.

Want To Know What Facebook Really Thinks Of Journalists? Here's What Happened When It Hired Some

Depending on whom you ask, Facebook is either the saviour or destroyer of journalism in our time. An estimated 600 million people see a news story on Facebook every week, and the social network’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has been transparent about his goal to monopolize digital news distribution. “When news is as fast as everything else on Facebook, people will naturally read a lot more news,” he said in a Q&A last year, adding that he wants Facebook Instant Articles to be the “primary news experience people have.”

Harlem Knight Fight Shows Off The Appeal Of The Armored Combat League

Video: In this short film, Harlem Knight Fight, Damion DiGrazia talks about a club that he joined: the New York chapter of the Armored Combat League, which looks like a sort of brutal medieval version of MMA fighting.

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