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Your Next Soft Drink Could Come With Internet Access

Looks like the way we drink soda is about to get a whole lot smarter — or, at the very least, more connected. OpenStack Engineering Manager Alavaro Lopez Ortega stumbled across the fact that The Coca Cola Company recently registered no less than 16 million MAC (media access control) addresses. The question is: What exactly is Coke planning on doing with that much networked hardware?

FCC's New Chairman Wants To Rewrite How Phones Work

Tom Wheeler, the newly crowned chairman of the Federal Communications Commission in the US, has ambitious plans. He’s already on a crusade to get carriers to allow mobile phone unlocking, and now he plans to rewrite the technology that supports America’s ageing landline phone network.

Telstra Finally Trialling LTE-Broadcast Tech In The Wild To Lower Network Congestion

The Big-T told us last year it was tinkering with fancy ways to send out 4G coverage so that more people would experience less congestion. Now one of those technologies if finally being trialled in the real world. It’s called LTE-Broadcast, and it means a great deal for the way you’ll experience network congestion.

How Innovation Will Keep Australians Online At This Year's Melbourne Cup

The Victoria Racing Club has spent $1.4 million installing a free, stadium-wide wifi network so that people’s smartphones won’t just be “dead weight” at the Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival this November.

Finally, An LTE Chip Which Will Work Anywhere In The World

Qualcomm has announced something that will make travellers everywhere very happy: a new radio chipset that can support every LTE network in the world.

British Farmers Build Their Own 1Gbps Fibre Network

Next time you whinge about your slow-ass internet, spare a thought for a bunch of British farmers who had to build, test and install their own fibre network this year — from scratch.

Apple, Samsung And Nokia Urge US Congress To Free Up Spectrum

A band of tech giants — including Apple, Samsung and Nokia — has sent a letter to US Congress, urging it to free more spectrum for mobile data. The Hill reports today that the companies explained to congress that authorising new spectrum auctions is “timely and relevant” to current debates over the “fiscal cliff”.

Giz Explains: What It Takes To Restore Mobile Service After A Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy and left an estimated eight million people without power. Plenty more have spotty mobile service — if they have any at all. But why do some people get a signal when others don’t? And what does it take to get a wireless service back online?

This Giant Cluster Simulates 300,000 Androids To Ensure They Play Nice

We’ve all been at a huge outdoor event that results in network congestion and makes our phones useless. That’s why Sandia Labs has built this giant cluster to simulate large networks of phones and find out how to make them all play nicely together.

This Innocent-Looking Power Strip Can Hack Almost Any Computer Network

What looks to the layman like a chunky under-the-desk computer power strip is actually a fully-fledged hacking tool designed to let white hat hackers (aka the ‘good’ guys) test the security level of a given computer network, wired or wireless.

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