Samsung Bends The Edges Of Its New SF Notebook Range

Samsung’s new SF laptop series is designed to draw “admiring advances” thanks to its glossy exterior and curvaceous case. It’s Alienware for ladies.

Sapper And Skylight: Designing Lenovo's Smartbook

David Hill is the VP of Lenovo brand management and design and was also instrumental in the design of the original ThinkPad. Here, he shares the creative process in designing Lenovo’s Skylight, a smartbook which wowed us at CES.

Toshiba Harnesses Pine Trail For 10-Inch NB300, NB305 Netbooks

Toshiba may’ve entered the netbook market later than most, but I was really impressed with their latest NB205 model. Adding to that range, the NB300 and NB305 have 11-hour battery lives and Intel’s new Pine Trail Atom chip.

When It Grows Up, The IiView A2 Wants To Be A MacBook Air

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery than Apple is a-blushing and a-giggling right now. iView’s iiView A2 is hitting Singapore next week and, aside from running Windows 7 RC 1 of all things, it seems a bit familiar.

The State Of Hackintosh: Which Netbooks To Hack

BoingBoing Gadgets’ netbook compatibility chart is a great resource for putting Mac OS on netbooks. But before taking the Hackintosh plunge, here are the major contenders’ strengths, pitfalls and quirks to consider, plus guides for when you (carefully) jump in.

Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart Updated

Boing Boing Gadgets’ fantastic ease-of-netbook-Hackintoshing chart just got updated with three new models (all pretty promising) and a smattering of changes throughout. If you’re thinking about a Hackintoshed netbook, check it, and our guide, out. [Boing Boing Gadgets]

Nvidia's Tegra-Based Netbook Christened "Firefly"

Nvidia seems to be shopping around a teeny netbook running the company’s Tegra ARM chipset and, of all things, Windows CE. It looks very barebones, since Tegra is really meant for smartphones, and nobody seems too thrilled with it.

Sony Vaio W: It's A Very Pretty $500 Netbook, Of Course

I love the idea of a Vaio netbook, but the only thing that actually gets me going about the first of inevitably many Sony Vaio W netbooks is the 1366×768 10.1-inch screen (which ain’t even unique). It’s beautiful, though.

Sony's Got An Honest-to-Goodness Vaio Netbook

Well, you wouldn’t take a real notebook into a kitchen would you? This Vaio W must obviously be a netbook. [Sony via Engadget Japan]

Intel And Nokia Partner To Make Future Something-Or-Other

As reported, Intel and Nokia had a big fancy announcement to tell everyone that they’re going to be doing something together in the future—the specifics of which wasn’t important (or defined) enough to mention today.

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