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You Can Buy Prepaid Recharge Vouchers Via NetBank Now

NetBank is plenty nifty. Sure it’s had a few missteps, like the whole “do your banking with added Facebook” thing, but on the whole, I’m a fan. Pre-paid users are going to be happy with the latest offering, though: now you can buy Telstra, Optus and BigPond pre-paid recharge credit via NetBank.

CommBank Finally Releases Kaching For Android, Previews Kaching For Facebook

Android users have been patiently (or not so patiently depending on who you talk to) waiting for the bank’s flagship Kaching product on Android for almost a year now. Today the bank finally put the app up onto the Google Play store, albeit without NFC payment capabilities.

Which Smartphone OS Do You Use For Banking?

According to the Commonwealth Bank, the figures are pretty one sided, but it raises the question as to whether you bank online on mobiles at all.

Commonwealth Bank Goes App Crazy: iPad, iPhone, Android and WP7

It only took forever, but CBA has finally improved its iPhone app, and expanded to other platforms. They’ve also launched a tablet-optimised version of NetBank, and it’s this interface that the native tablet apps wrap around.

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