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Watch How Mosquitoes Use Six Gross Needles To Suck Our Blood

Video: Mosquitoes are little bastards that do more killing, spread more disease and cause more annoyance than any other creature on Earth. That’s because they have a really sophisticated needle-like system for biting us to suck our blood. But exactly how they bite might surprise you.

Vibrating Needles Could Make Shots Painless By Tricking Your Brain

Jabbing a steel needle into your flesh is not ever going to be fun, per se, but scientists have found a way to make it at least hurt a lot less. The trick is actually fooling your nerve cells with a small device that applies pressure and vibration. Here’s how it works.

What Getting A Tattoo Looks Like In Super Slow Motion

If you ever wondered what getting a tattoo feels like, just watch this super slow motion video showing up close shots of the tattoo needle relentlessly stabbing people’s skin over and over again so that the ink sets underneath. It’s hypnotic and rhythmic actually, if you’re the type to enjoy seeing skin bounce up and down like jello and like to think about pain and your own mortality every now and again.

This Handheld Robot Uses X-Ray Vision To Painlessly Insert An IV

Inserting an IV is as common a medical procedure as stitching up a wound, but finding a vein through trial and error means it can still be painful for a patient. And researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem want to change that with a handheld robotic device that uses infrared and electrical sensors to precisely pinpoint a vein and painlessly insert an IV.

Breakthrough Research Could Replace Insulin Shots With Pills

Whether you don’t like needles, or whether you really don’t like needles, there’s some good news on the horizon: a special “bioadhesive” coating that was just developed at Brown University is bringing us one step closer to saying goodbye to injections and hello to things like insulin pills.

Tiny, Sugar Pin Cushions Are The Sweetest Way To Get Vaccinated

Even if it means protection from dangerous, even fatal diseases, having a needle jabbed into your skin and liquid sickness squirted into your flesh is no fun for anyone. There are other needleless injection solutions out there, but a new microneedle array made completely out of dried sugar promises to make vaccination not only painless, but dirt cheap.

Watching Injections Makes Them Hurt More

If you’re one of the hardcore of hospital-goers who chooses to watch while hypodermics are shoved into your arm, here’s some news that might make you reconsider: the act of watching an injection actually makes it more painful.

For Those Who Fear Needles, An Air-Jet Alternative

Needle-less technology for injecting medicine is nothing new. But, until now, it’s relied on compressed air or gas cartridges to breach the skin and deliver the dosage.

New Pain-Free Needles Will Stab You Twice

It’s counter-intuitive, but a new syringe design could eliminate the pain when getting a shot by using two separate needles that work in quick succession. A technique that could be hard to accept for those who hate being pricked.

Slow-Mo Monk Throws Needle Through Sheet Of Glass

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A swift lob of a Shaolin monk’s sewing needle through a sheet of glass has been slooooowed down for your viewing pleasure, and you know what? After the build-up, I still couldn’t help jumping slightly. [Reddit via GawkerTV]

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