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Need For Speed Movie Review: One Of The Best Bad Movies You'll Ever See

I feel the need. The need, for speed. Thankfully, those words are never uttered in the film adaptation of EA’s popular racing series of the same name, Need For Speed. If it was, I’d be throwing popcorn and walking out. Instead what I found was one of the most entertaining bad movies I have ever seen.

New Need For Speed Trailer Features Full-On Supercar Destruction

Bugatti Veyron. McLaren P1. Pagani Zonda. Lamborghini Gallardo. Koenigsegg CCX. All incredible pieces of automotive machinery, and every single one of them gets crashed, destroyed or exploded in the new trailer for Need For Speed starring Aaron Paul.

Here's A Need For Speed Trailer That Doesn't Star Jesse Pinkman

Yay science! A lot of pre-render in this Need for Speed: Rivals trailer, but it still looks good. And yeah, piss on those cops. These wilful speed competitions only become dangerous when The Man tries to shut them down.

Need For Speed Movie Trailer Is Here

The Need For Speed video game franchise is finally being turned into a movie, and the first trailer of the action epic starring Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul is finally here.

Need For Speed Movie Happening, Spielberg And Dreamworks Attached

Not content with keeping cheesy dialogue and two-dimensional characters relegated to minute-long cutscenes, Electronic Arts has signed with Dreamworks, Steven Spielberg and Act Of Valor writer/director Scott Waugh.