Fighter Jet Loses Front Landing Gear, Lands Vertically On Padded Stool

Video: What happens when your front landing gear fails and you are flying a AV-8B Harrier that can land vertically? You ask your ship crew to place a comfy padded stool to softly put your aeroplane’s nose down. That’s exactly what happened to this Harrier on the Wasp-class USS Bataan on June 7.

US Navy Wants To Mount An Anti-UAV Laser On A Hummer -- A Hummer!

The Office of Naval Research has just announced another breakthrough in its efforts to bring laser-based weapons to future battlefields. What once could only be accommodated by a tractor trailer now fits neatly in the back seat of a Humvee. It’s only a matter of time until our armed forces march off to war with GI Joe-style laser rifles.

Monster Machines: The US Navy's Undersea Ears For Spotting Soviet Subs

At the end of World War II, just as relations between the US and the Soviet Union were beginning to freeze, America found itself dangerously vulnerable to Soviet ballistic missile submarine attack. To counter this potential nuclear threat to the Eastern seaboard, the US Navy set about devising an ingenious system of underwater listening stations that would eventually become one of the most effective oceanic monitoring systems ever created.

US Army Helicopter Drops An Entire Boat Full Of Navy Seals In The Sea

Here’s a US Army Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter dropping a US Navy boat into the sea while a guy — apparently Navy SEAL — is descending into the boat from the chopper.

The Australian Navy Is Going Green, Using Biofuel In Its Ships And Aircraft

The Australian Navy is getting a significant upgrade in versatility for all its ships and aircraft. Green advocates will be pleased to know that Navy vessels, planes and helicopters are planned to support biofuels by 2020 — pushed by the United States’ fleet move to do the same.

How DARPA's Using The Oculus Rift To Make A Cyberwarfare Battlefield

Wired just published an in-depth piece on how DARPA is “weaponising” the Oculus Rift for cyberwar. But does this mean that soldiers are about to start firing at each other in virtual reality? No, of course not. But it’s an interesting development for a piece of technology dreamt up for games (in which you often shoot people).

Quantum Positioning Could Be A Radically New Sub Navigation System

We take GPS so much for granted on land that it’s easy to forget where GPS doesn’t work — like deep underwater, where only strange sea creatures and submarines roam. Enter the bizarre new world of quantum positioning, where supercooled atoms could be the future of navigation.

This Is The US Navy's New Ereader For Its Submarine Crews

The US Navy doesn’t allow its personnel to uses iPads or Kindles — they’re too risky — but there’s a limit to how many books you can squeeze onto a submarine. So it’s developed its own super-secure digital reader for use aboard underwater vessels.

The US Navy's Huge, Hidden Problem: Barnacles On Ships

It’s a problem as old as sailing itself. Ever since man set out sea, barnacles have been clinging like, well, barnacles to ships, growing into bumpy masses that slows down vessels and wastes fuel. Could the solution to this age-old dilemma be a new coat of special paint? It’s not as simple as it sounds.

Watch The US Navy's Laser Gun Melt A Boat From Over A Kilometre Away

It’s no secret that Lockheed Martin is working on a laser gun that can blast drones out of the sky for the US Navy, but what about shore defences? Meet ADAM: the high-powered laser turret that can destroy a small patrol craft from over a kilometre away.