Amazing Ancient Viking Sun Compass Even Worked After Sunset

Even the best scout prefers to navigate during the day. The Vikings, apparently, would have laughed at such a preference — according to new research, the North Atlantic seafarers’ sun compass was so advanced it even worked after dark, thanks to clever engineering and mystical crystals.

No GPS Signal? No Problem: This Little Chip Knows Where You Are

GPS is a godsend when it works. Problem is, there are plenty of places it doesn’t work — tall skyscrapers, concrete overpasses, and other huge structures all block the satellite signal you need to navigate. Luckily, Swiss company u-blox just devised a chip that keeps you on course when the satellites drop out, using the most old-fashioned of navigation techniques: dead reckoning.

14 Design Trends For 2014

Just as we did a year ago, I’m kicking off 2014 with a list of design trends I expect to gain ground over the next 12 months. The world of interactive design is an extreme fluid in terms of what’s determined as a staple of good design from year to year.

Why The World Needs OpenStreetMap

Every time I tell someone about OpenStreetMap, they inevitably ask “Why not use Google Maps?”. From a practical standpoint, it’s a reasonable question, but ultimately this is not just a matter of practicality, but of what kind of society we want to live in. I discussed this topic in a 2008 talk on OpenStreetMap I gave at the first MappingDC meeting. Here are many of same concepts, but expanded.

Waze Has New Celebrity Voice Navigation

Who wouldn’t want Kevin Hart yelling accurate but somehow disparaging directions at them while they’re trying to drive? No one. So Waze made a deal with Universal Pictures to get celebrities talking at us while we’re lost.

LED Carpets Guarantee You'll Never Get Lost In An Airport Again

With a development that will surely appeal to airports, Philips has announced a partnership with flooring manufacturer Desso to produce a light transmissive LED-powered carpet that can be used to display warning messages, directions, or even fancy glowing designs. And airports are just the tip of the glowy-floor iceberg.

Bike Navigation That Actually Might Not Kill You

Using any gadget on a bike is pretty dangerous. But it makes sense that you might want driving directions while biking. There’s tons of GPS and mapping tech out there, let’s put it to work, right? Hammerhead is on it.

Hackers Figure Out How To Hijack Shipping Vessel Tracking Systems

A team of white-hat hackers recently figured out how to break into the navigation technology used to track 400,000 shipping vessels worldwide. With this kind of access they could hypothetically make it appear as if a fleet of mystery ships was about to invade New York City. This is not good.

Introducing MAP: An Unbreakable, Private, Portable Navigation System

Google Maps? Pfff. Nokia HERE? Get outta here. There’s an alternative to all those navigation systems you use: it’s made from 100 per cent sustainable material, it’s easy to share, it’ll never break, you can fit it in your pocket, and it’s completely private.

Google Maps Adds Multiple Destinations, Events And Reservations

Getting to one destination and then having to input your next destination manually? Who has the time? Years of your life have been wasted with this arduous task. But now, finally (or, rather, once again) you can add multiple destinations all at once in Google Maps.