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Samsung NaviBot Corner Clean Review: I Welcome My New Robot Butler Overlord

For the last two weeks, I have had a polite, good-looking, quiet robot move around my house and clean it for me. I for one welcome my new robot cleaning overlord.

New Aussie Samsung NaviBot Robot Vacuum Can Empty Dust Out By Itself

Great timing! My Roomba 577 died recently, and I ended up replacing it with a Dyson DC26. Things might have been different had these two new NaviBot S models been around. Both feature an on board camera plus 12 sensors for safety and dust detection — powered by two CPUs to intelligently map a room. The high-end model even has a two litre auto dust emptying station. Do want.

Samsung NaviBot Review: Why I Wish I Lived In The Future

The cartoons of my youth gave me the impression that in the future we’d have an army of robot slaves to do our bidding. I got my first taste of that future over the weekend as I played around with the Samsung Navibot.

Samsung Launches The NaviBot Robot Vacuum

Until they rise up to destroy us all, robots officially make everything better. Including vacuum cleaners like the Samsung NaviBot, a Roomba-esque dirt sucking machine that will one day rise up and kill us all. Or clean our house, depending on its mood.

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