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Satellite Images Show Haiti Stripped Bare By Hurricane Matthew

It’s been almost two weeks since Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti, killing hundreds and setting the stage for disease and starvation. New photos taken from space reveal the extent of the damage and the disturbing amount of vegetation lost in the storm.

Haiti Faces Nightmare Combination Of Disease And Starvation After Hurricane Matthew

As Haiti reels from the immediate devastation of Hurricane Matthew, which plowed through the impoverished nation at Category 4 intensity last week, aid groups fear that the worst is yet to come. According to experts on the ground, massive disease outbreaks and famine are in Haiti’s future.

1.4 Million Without Power In Southeast US As Hurricane Matthew Lands In South Carolina

At this point, 944,000 people in Florida and 300,000 in Georgia are still without power following the hurricane’s devastation. Six people have died due to hurricane-related incidents in the US.

Deadly Hurricane Matthew Is A Terrifying Warning About Our Future

There is no doubt that Hurricane Matthew is an exceptionally nightmarish storm. Unfortunately, it’s exactly the sort of nightmare that’s expected to become more familiar in a warmer world.

Florida's Coastline Is Underwater As Matthew Continues North

Category 3 Hurricane Matthew swept up eastern Florida today, delivering heavy rainfall, 160km/h gusts, and powerful waves all along the coast. The storm continues to march northward toward Georgia and South Carolina, with deadly 2m to 3m surges possible over the weekend

What The Largest Evacuation In Florida's History Looks Like

More than two million people in coastal Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are being told to flee their homes in advance of Hurricane Matthew, the Category 4 monster now bearing down on the United States after wreaking havoc across the Caribbean. It’s easily the largest mass evacuation on US soil since Hurricane Sandy, and it’s likely to be Florida’s biggest evacuation ever.

Hurricane Matthew Is A Nightmare Scenario For Kennedy Space Center

All signs are pointing toward deadly hurricane Matthew slamming directly into Space Coast — home to Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station — on Friday. If that unfortunate prediction comes true, it will be the worst storm to hit the iconic Florida spaceport since it was built in 1962.

Half A Million Residents Ordered To Flee Georgia's Coast As Hurricane Matthew Approaches

With deadly Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the US southeast, Governor Nathan Deal has just ordered a mandatory evacuation of the entire Georgia coast — six counties that are collectively home to more than half a million people.

A Category 4 Hurricane Just Made Landfall In Haiti

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti last night, becoming the first Category 4 hurricane to hit the impoverished island nation dead-on in over 50 years.

Hurricane Matthew Looks Frighteningly Huge From Space

Video: Damn. Here’s a view of Hurricane Matthew from the ISS and it is truly frightening to see, because the storm seems to stretch itself all over the planet and the eye is so well defined. The category 4 hurricane’s impact on Haiti could be catastrophic, with winds hitting 225km/h — so let’s hope everyone down there can stay as safe as possible.

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