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NBN Wrap: What Happened With Australia's Broadband This Week?

This week, NBN got some new high-ranking staff, a larger trial of the preferred fibre to the node tech was announced, almost 200,000 premises have hooked up to the ‘net through NBN, and over 100,000 more need more work done to get there.

NBN Co Updates Its Rollout Maps To Include Pre-Build Info

NBN Co has updated its rollout map with more information around the nationwide construction process for the National Broadband Network. The new maps include a ‘build preparation’ category, denoting areas where contractors are readying pits and pipes in suburbs for the imminent rolling of fibre optic network cable. Don’t put too much faith in the maps, though — even apparently completed areas don’t guarantee your house is connected to the NBN.

There Are No Plans (Yet) To Fix Holes In NBN Coverage

After a series of backwards steps and watering down of promises, the re-jigging of the NBN rollout around Australia has caught another snag — there’s no plan in place to fix existing blackspots in the network.

Senate Committee's NBN Interim Report Attacks 'Inaccurate' Strategic Review

The Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network, featuring ex-Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy, is out for blood. The committee has just released an interim report on the current Liberal government’s management of the NBN rollout process, as well as its administration of NBNCo — and what it has to say is not pretty.

Stephen Conroy Wants Back In As Communications Minister

Never has a chalice been so particularly poisoned as the one sipped by former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. After his tumble out of the spotlight, he’s throwing his hat back into the ring to be the Labor Party’s new Shadow Communications Minister.

Here's Australia's First Unlimited NBN Plan

Fast fibre to the home is great news for those who have it, but the worst part is the data cap that goes with your plan. It’s like having a Ferrari in a school zone. AusBBS is here to save you, however, with Australia’s first unlimited data NBN plan.

That NBN Speed Comparison Site Now Looks More Realistic

Remember that fantastic website that compared the speed of the Coalition’s broadband plan along with the speed of the National Broadband Network? It was built with the best of intentions, but the maths behind the comparisons were a little skewed. Thankfully, someone has created a nifty button to fix the site and make the comparisons more realistic.

Coalition NBN Policy: Six Things To Think About

The Liberal/National Coalition has finally announced its official National Broadband Network (NBN) policy, confirming its preference for fibre to the premises and claiming it can deliver this faster than the current Labor plan, without actually making good on earlier threats to dismantle NBN Co entirely. What are the key elements of the Coalition plan, and what aspects remain undiscussed and vague? This is Lifehacker’s comprehensive guide.

What's Really Hurting The National Broadband Network

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott is the Federal Parliament representative for the seat of Lyne on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Mr OakeShott also chairs the House Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network, which has today delivered its fourth report into the network’s roll-out. In this piece he talks about what’s really hurting the National Broadband Network and how party platforms are getting in the NBN’s way.

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

The NBN roll-out continues as the network speeds up and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy goes sledge for sledge with the head of Vodafone and the Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Here’s what happened with the National Broadband Network this week.

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