NASA Has 3D Printed 'The Great Eruption', A Nebula 7500 Light-Years From Earth

While we’re all excited about the possibilities of 3D printing cars and organs, NASA has another use in mind — physical representations of galactic phenomena. Its first such creation is that of the Homunculus Nebula, a massive, fast-expanding formation centred on Eta Carinae star system.

The Plan To Resurrect NASA's Long-Lost Satellite Has Failed

Someone throw together an IndieGoGo for a 21-gun salute. The crowdfunded project take control of ISEE-3, NASA’s 30-year-old satellite, is kaput. The sad news is a blow to anyone who loves space, science or stories of redemption by scrappy underdogs.

NASA Shake Test For The Saturn V Rocket Looked Ridiculous, But It Worked

Video: Sometimes, NASA comes up with incredibly complex solutions to extremely complex problems. Other times they come up with the simplest ones. And then there’s the case of how to test the stability of an entire Saturn V rocket, which is what you can see in this hilarious video from 1966.

You Get Three For One In This Striking Image Of Saturn

Briefly: You get three-for-one in this striking image of Saturn: its north polar vortex and hexagon along with its expansive rings. It was captured by Cassini’s wide-angle camera earlier this year. [NASA]

Nope, This Isn't An Oil Painting

Briefly: It’s the windswept valleys of Northern Africa as photographed by Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. Pretty, huh? [NASA]

The First Personal Maglev Transport System Is Being Built In Israel

SkyTran — a NASA Space Act company — is finally building a pilot of its computer-controlled, two-person, high-speed maglev transport system. Cars run six metres above the ground and can be ordered by a smartphone app.

A Short History Of Every Man Who's Ever Walked On The Moon

Forty-five years ago this month, a human being first set foot on the moon. Despite four and a half decades and amazing leaps in technology, to date only 11 other people have done this — and every one flew in an Apollo mission for the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA).

Meet The Guy Who Smells Things For A Living For NASA

George Aldrich has been working with NASA for nearly 40 years doing one job: he smells things that are about to go to space. Seriously. Aldrich uses his nose to its full potential, sniffing everything around him to give NASA a report on what is allowed to go to space and what is not.

This Is The Hack That Saved The Astronauts Of The Apollo XIII

This is the mother of all hacks, the genius device that saved the Apollo XIII crew from dying in their emergency return to Earth, as photographed during that trip using one of their Hasselblad cameras. Here are the actual step-by-step instructions that helped turn this mission into NASA’s most successful failure ever.

How Would Alien Astronomers Find Earth?

This weekend, astronomers announced the discovery of the most Earth-like planet anyone has identified yet. The search of habitable planets is intensifying — and, with it, questions about whether we’re looking for the exoplanets the right way. For starters, figuring out how Earth would look to aliens is actually pretty useful.