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The Largest Reservoir In The United States Just Hit An 80 Year Low

Image Cache: Years of drought have not been kind to Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the United States formed by the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. The lake, which hit its lowest level since 1937 this week, is a shadow of its former self in a dramatic new satellite image captured by NASA.

This Is The Best Look At Pluto's Surface We're Going To Get

New Horizons may be millions of kilometres beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt right now, but that hasn’t stopped the spacecraft from continuing to beam back glorious imagery of its encounter with our solar system’s weirdest little ice world. A new NASA video reveals the most detailed images of Pluto’s surface yet — and they’re spellbinding.

Watch The ISS Crew Inflate Its New Space House

The ISS is getting a little renovation done, courtesy of its very first attachable space house, which is almost ready to inflate. Will it pop? Float away? Let’s watch to find out.

This Is How You Transport A 65,000-Pound Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Through A Crowded City

How long does it take to transport a 15-story long space shuttle fuel tank through Los Angeles? According to the trip one took yesterday, around 19 hours.

Mars Expected To Reach Closest Distance To Earth In Over A Decade

Our red planetary neighbour will soon be even closer and brighter as Mars is set to be in opposition, which will put it at its closest distance from the Earth since 2005.

This Is How NASA Tests Its Return Capsules For Landings At Sea

If you’ve ever wondered what happens at the moment that an astronaut’s return capsule hits the sea, you’re not alone. NASA engineers think about it rather a lot, which is why they have been dropping the new Orion module, full of crash-test dummies, into a huge swimming pool.

New Mars Portrait Reveals Strange Changes To The Planet's Surface

Mars is nearing its closest approach to us in a decade, so Hubble took that opportunity to capture a brand new up-close look at the red planet. And in the process, it captured some intriguing changes.

A Mysterious Object Beyond Pluto Is Coming Into Focus

Pluto may be long gone, but NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is by no means finished with the outer solar system. For the second time, New Horizons has observed 1994 JR1, a 145km wide Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) that orbits over 3 billion miles from the sun.

The UFO Circling The Earth Really Is A Weather Balloon This Time

This is what NASA’s super pressure balloon looks like floating in the air at night. Perhaps you’ve already spotted the problem.

The ISS Just Completed Its 100,000th Orbit

Yesterday at 4:10PM AEST (2:10AM ET), the International Space Station began its 100,000 tour around this blue-and-green globe we call home. Travels at a blazing 28,164km/h, ISS finished that historic achievement only 92 minutes later. In its 18-year lifespan, the station has traversed about 4,254,047,000km, more than 28 times the distance of the earth to the sun. Damn, ISS.

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