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These Stunning New Photos Of Mars Are Weirdly Earth-Like

Image Cache: If someone told us that these stunning new photos had been taken on Earth, we wouldn’t have blinked an eye. But they weren’t. Instead, every one of these photographs comes from a planet millions of kilometres away from us.

A Single Bad Fire Season Sent Smoke Halfway Around The Planet

For several months last spring, Indonesia choked under a blanket of smog fuelled by one of the worst fire seasons in its history. But smouldering peatlands didn’t limit their pollution to the island nation: They sent smoke halfway across the world.

Why Did This Lake Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

Three months ago, Iran’s Lake Urmia was green. Today, it’s blood red. But it’s not something that’s been added to the lake that caused the change — it’s something that’s been taken out.

NASA Will Put Rocket Raccoon And Groot On Its New Mission Patch 

If there was any doubt in your heart that the people at NASA were a bunch of nerds, here’s the evidence that proves otherwise.

A Group Of Astronauts Is Living Under The Sea For Two Weeks To Experience Life On Mars

A crew of NASA and ESA astronauts and researchers has arrived at underwater laboratory, Aquarius. They will be using the underwater conditions to simulate a crewed trip to Mars.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Just Took A Step Towards Autonomy 

NASA just announced that it’s given the Curiosity rover the power to fire its laser at targets of its choice. You fools, you’ve killed us all.

This Is One Of The Deepest Views Into Space Ever Seen

Stare deep into this abyss. What you are seeing right now is one of the deepest views into space possible.

Epic Timelapse Captures An Entire Year On Earth From 1.6 Million Kilometres Away

Video: A spacecraft parked in orbit at a distance of 1.6 million kilometres has captured the mother of all timelapse videos — an entire year on Earth. Enjoy.

This Awesome Vintage Astronaut Equipment Is Suprisingly Cheap

A flown spacesuit from an ISS mission, a navigational globe from an Soyuz mission in the 1970s, lunar navigation charts from Apollo 11 and a 1963 training module used by astronauts in the Gemini program are just a few of the space history items that went up for auction today.

These Nearby Earth-Sized Planets Are Looking More And More Habitable

Two months ago, researchers discovered that a nearby star system held at least three potentially habitable planets. Now, it turns out that at least two of those planets have even more potential for habitability than we initially thought.

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