Relax, This Is Just A Mini Supernova

This is an image of a ‘classical nova’. Sounds boring, right? Not when you describe it as “an outburst produced by a thermonuclear explosion on the surface of a white dwarf star”, it’s not.

NASA's New Landing System Can Adapt In Real-Time Based On What It Sees

Graham Fink is an artist with an incredible ability to concentrate. He must be: he manages to draw images like these by subtly shifting his gaze around a screen, recording those movements using eye-tracking software.

The MAVEN Spacecraft Has Spotted A Strange Aurora On Mars 

While you were looking for an aurora on Earth last night, NASA scientists were preparing to unveil something far more unusual: an aurora on Mars, unlike any seen on the red planet before.

Look How Tiny Saturn's Moon Prometheus Is

This may just be another glorious picture of Saturn’s rings — but it also serves to show just how large the planet is. Can you make out its moon Prometheus in the image?

This Video About Space And Life Is So Inspiring

Video: Supersymmetry is a short film made by Trent Jaklitsch as an ode to his father. But really, it’s an inspirational tale for all of us. Using personal footage from his childhood along with NASA archival footage and other publicly available clips, he stitches together a story about how the universe created us and how we create the universe.

NASA Successfully Launched Its Mission Into The Magnetosphere

At 10.44pm ET last night, NASA successfully launched the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket into space. It carries with it four Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft that will spend two years studying the magnetic fields between the Earth and the sun.

NASA's New Rocket Booster Is A Firebreathing God Of Thunder

NASA successfully live-fired the new booster for its Space Launcher System today. It’s the largest, most powerful booster ever built, putting one hell of a scorch mark into the desert. And, yes, there’s a video.

NASA Is Going To Try Out Smart Glasses For Astronauts

NASA has announced that it plans to investigate the use of smart glasses in space, for virtual reality and augmented reality applications during human spaceflight — to help with flight operations, repairs or other technical tasks.

This Is The Rocket Booster That May Put Humans On Mars

This is the most powerful booster ever built by man, and it will be the driving force behind NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), the vehicle that will one day put humans on Mars. This engineering marvel will have its first major ground test tomorrow.

This Supernova Looks Like Four Exploding Stars

It’s not every day we get to see a supernova, but a single exploding star split into four images is an absolute first.