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NASA Just Successfully Launched A Spacecraft To An Asteroid

NASA’s asteroid-skimming spacecraft just blasted off into space without a hitch, completing the first step in a seven-year journey that will eventually bring us back several spoonfuls worth of dirt from an asteroid.

Another Previously Undiscovered Asteroid Just Buzzed Past Earth For The Second Time In Two Weeks

Astronomers have discovered a new asteroid — just in time to catch it as it hurtled past us at less than a tenth of the distance between us and the moon. It’s the second time that’s happened in two weeks. What have we done to anger you, space gods?

Watch NASA Launch A Rocket To Bring Us Back A Piece Of An Asteroid

Tonight, NASA will send a spacecraft on a seven-year long journey to bring us back some dirt from an asteroid — without ever even landing on it. Watch along with us as it launches at around 9am.

NASA's Trip To An Asteroid Could Reveal The Origins Of Life on Earth

Tomorrow morning, an asteroid-bound mission will launch towards a shadowy space rock, Bennu. There, it will scoop up a bit of dirt and deliver it back to us, all without ever attempting a landing. It’s not just any dirt, though. Bound up in these grains could be the answer to how life first emerged here on Earth.

A 60-Year-Old Pattern In The Stratosphere Just Reversed

For six decades, scientists have watched a steadily circulating wind pattern in the tropical stratosphere, repeating like clockwork every two years. Now, for the first time, it’s changed direction.

NASA's New Lander Will Finally Go To Mars In 2018

When NASA cancelled its Mars Insight mission late last year, just three months before its scheduled launch, it wasn’t clear if the lander would ever make it to the surface of the Red Planet. Today, that lander got a second chance and a new launch date in 2018.

A SpaceX Rocket Just Exploded At Cape Canaveral 

There’s been an explosion on SpaceX’s Cape Canaveral launch complex. Apparently, a Falcon 9 rocket was in flames, and several images of a smoke plume rising above the complex suggest that something was very wrong.

Astronauts Finally Tested Their Alien Detecting DNA Sequencer In Space

They haven’t found alien life out there yet, but following the first successful in-space DNA sequencing, astronauts have a better way to look for it.

The Martian: Is A Manned Mission To Mars Possible?

Video: With The Martian Extended Edition out today on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download, we wanted to share this behind-the-scenes look at what NASA did on its trip to Mars with the Curiosity rover, including measuring whether the interstellar radiation between planets would be fatal to humans. Good news: NASA thinks that a manned mission to Mars is possible, even though it’ll take a lot of work…

We Get A Happy Ending To The Saga Of NASA's Lost Spacecraft STEREO-B

If movies about space have taught us anything, it’s that no one can hear you scream. If you get lost in space, nobody’s going to find you. Unless you’re a spacecraft with a direct link to NASA. Then there is hope for you yet.

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