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Some Of Saturn's Dust Comes From Beyond Our Solar System 

Much of the particles that surround Saturn come from active jets on the surface of its moon Enceladus. But NASA’s Cassini spacecraft was able to nab a few microscopic grains with much stranger origins.

It Takes A Serious Structure To Test The World's Most Powerful Rocket

Before any of NASA’s rockets can fly up to space, there’s a lot of testing to be done. Marshall Space Flight Center’s Building 4619 houses the structural testing, but to accommodate NASA’s upcoming Space Launch System, it needed a few upgrades.

A Supersonic Jet And Its Shock Waves Appear To Pierce The Sun

Image Cache: NASA wants to build the next Concorde, bringing in a new age of supersonic jets that hopefully won’t rupture your eardrum. But in order to do that safely, there needs to be research and lots of it.

NASA Just Recovered Its Drifting Kepler Spacecraft

After an inexplicable shift into Emergency Mode, NASA managed to partially recover its planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft. But we still don’t know what caused it to wig out in the first place.

The Kepler Space Telescope Is Broken Again 

NASA’S Kepler Space telescope might have gotten a new lease on life in 2014 when scientists figured out how to repurpose the damaged telescope, but it now appears that it’s in trouble once again.

Now There's Video Of BB-8's Surprise Visit To NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab

Remember when we shared those fantastic photographs of BB-8 visiting NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab? (That’s the adorable rolling droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for anyone who’s been living under a rock the last few months.) Now the folks at Disney have released the video footage from BB-8’s visit, whereby the plucky little droid meets Maggie, the twin sister of the Mars Curiosity rover, and “chats” with a JPL scientist.

Something Very Strange Is Happening With This Supermassive Black Hole

Astronomers have just discovered one of the biggest black holes ever. Even more surprising, though, is where they found it — and the strange reason it got so big.

The Real Story Of Apollo 17, And Why We Never Went Back To The Moon

On 11 December 1972, Apollo 17 touched down on the Moon. This was not only our final Moon landing, but the last time we left low Earth orbit. With the successful launch of the Orion capsule, NASA is finally poised to go further again. So it’s important to remember how we got to the Moon — and why we stopped going.

Pluto Is Still Extremely Weird In The Latest Image From NASA

NASA has released a new image of Pluto’s Tartarus Dorsa, the ‘bladed’ region to the east of the heart-shaped formation known as the Tombaugh Region. The 3D image reminds us of how weird the dwarf planet is.

An Optical Illusion Fooled Astronomers Into Thinking There Was An Extra Nebula Here For Almost A Decade

How many nebulas do you think are in this photo? Careful, the answer is not quite what it seems.

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