'Are We Alone?' NASA Gets Serious About The Search For Alien Life

NASA ups its alien-searching game, LG’s got a stylus-focused smartphone to show off, and tablets get even thinner (can you believe it?). BitStream is the news and rumours you missed in the last 24 hours.

So This Is What Space Coffee Brewed With Pee Looks Like

Good to the last drop! NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly has posted this photo of a perfect ball of orbital coffee on Facebook. (And on Twitter. And on Instagram.)

This Is NASA's First 3D-Printed Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part

It may look like some kind of ancient urn, but you’re looking at something rather more advanced. In fact this is the first full-scale copper rocket engine part made by NASA using 3D-printing techniques.

Hubble's Chief Scientist Explains How The Telescope Got Off The Ground

C Robert O’Dell was Chief Scientist on the Hubble Space Telescope project. Twenty five years after its launch, he explains what it took to get the project back in 1972.

Even A Simple Reflection Looks Amazing In Space

Living in space provides an overwhelming series of aesthetic joys, from whether it’s the view of Earth from above the aurora borealis — but even a simple reflection can look amazing too.

The Universe's Largest Galaxies Rotted From The Inside Out 

Littered across the cosmos are massive, dead galaxies, containing roughly half the stars in the known Universe. Much about these cosmic graveyards remains a mystery, but a study published yesterday in Science study offers additional insight into their death: They rotted from the inside out.

NASA Says Nobody's Getting To Mars Without Its Help

NASA really wants humans make it to Mars, and it also really wants to be the one that gets us there. In fact, NASA administrator Charles Bolden went so far as to say that “No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is going to get to Mars.”

This Is Ceres' North Pole

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has spent a month in the shadow of Ceres. But now, the highest-resolution images of the dwarf planet to date reveal its north pole.

NASA's New Electric Vehicle Looks Like A Lot Of Fun To Drive

NASA’s new Modular Robotic Vehicle prototype is a new type of rover developed in conjunction with the car industry — and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun to drive, on this planet or any other.

New Horizons' First Colour Photo Of Pluto Is One Awe-Inspiring Blur

Briefly: So that’s Pluto and its Texas-sized moon, Charon, from a distance of about 114 million kilometres. Not a bad shot all things considered. But the New Horizons probe, on its way closer right now, will be upping its photo-taking game in July. Then we’ll get to see some actual surface features.

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