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How Elon Musk Plans To Go To Mars 

SpaceX plans to build a “self-sustaining city” on Mars, company founder Elon Musk announced today. But, while we now know a lot more about how SpaceX plans to get to Mars, details about how people will actually survive up there remain sketchy.

Satellite Images Show The Extent Of Puerto Rico's Huge Blackout

Earlier this week, a fire at a power plant in Puerto Rico set off a series of failures across the island’s ageing electrical grid. These before-and-after pics from space show what it looks like when 1.5 million customers suddenly lose power.

Tilt-Shift Effect Makes Entire Galaxies Look Adorably Tiny

Image Cache: Tilt-shift lenses can make whole cities look like desktop miniatures through some amazing optical trickery. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of them up in space, but it hasn’t stopped some cosmic creatives from trying to mimic the effect on photos taken by NASA, ESO and other space research groups.

NASA Is Just Trolling Flat Earthers Now

Flat Earthers, in addition to believing the world is flat, also believe that every single image of earth taken from space has been photoshopped.

And honest to Christ, looking at this new photo of Saturn, I’m starting to wonder myself.

We Finally Know What Made The Huge Heart On Pluto

Almost as soon as Pluto came into view, we saw it: A big heart splashed across half the dwarf planet’s surface, like something left it there on purpose for us to see. A year after we spotted it, we have an answer as to what put it there.

No, NASA Did Not Just Change Your Zodiac Sign

NASA did not just rewrite the zodiac chart. But here’s why so many people are convinced that the agency did — and the real story behind the rumour.

Watching A Rocket Plug Explode Is Very Satisfying

NASA fits foam plugs inside of booster rockets to protect the innards ahead of ignition. And boy, they sure do put on a show when they’re blown out with 4.1 million kilograms of thrust.

Polar Bears Are Definitely Screwed

As Arctic sea ice flirts with its lowest levels in recorded history, polar scientists are taking the opportunity to remind us that it isn’t just humans who are screwed because of melting ice caps. Remember polar bears, global warming’s first darling poster child? They’re still around, and they’re not happy with what we’ve done to the planet.

We Finally Know What This Big Red Splotch On Pluto's Moon Is

Almost as soon as Pluto’s moon Charon came into view, we had a question: What’s that big red splotch on top of it? Now, we finally have an answer.

These New Images Of Jagged Rock Formations On Mars Are Just Incredible

Image Cache: NASA’s Curiosity rover is currently exploring the “Murray Buttes” region of lower Mount Sharp, where it captured these beautiful colour images of eroded rock formations. The pictures are so crisp and detailed, it’s as if we’re right there on the Martian surface.

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