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A New Tool On The ISS Could Help Us Find Alien Life

The ISS is getting an incredible new tool: A handheld DNA sequencer. The questions scientists hope it will answer include whether life exists beyond our planet and just what is that weird fungus growing on the wall of the space station?

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Has Captured Its First Photo Since Arriving At Jupiter

This image taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft is one of the first to be taken by the probe since it entered Jupiter’s orbit last week.

Apollo 11's Source Code Is A Surprisingly Hilarious Artifact, Now Online

One of the most surprising things about the Apollo 11 guidance computer source code isn’t just the sheer size of it, but rather the amount of in-jokes that scientists included with it.

Thanks, Space, For Making These Astronauts Nearsighted 

We know that astronauts’ bodies are heavily impacted by their time in space, but as more of them come back to Earth following longer and longer stays without gravity, more issues are going to arise.

Scientists Find First Instance Of Water Clouds Outside Our Solar System

A cloudy day here on Earth might be a sign for gloom, but elsewhere in the universe, to behold one is a scientific achievement. In this case, a team of researchers from UC Santa Cruz announced that they have detected water clouds for the first time outside our solar system on a brown dwarf known as WISE 0855, which is around 7.2 light-years away from Earth.

The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows On Board The International Space Station

Astronauts on the International Space Station need to relax, just like the rest of us. So it’s no surprise that there are movies and TV shows on board for them to watch. I’ve obtained the complete list through a Freedom of Information request, which is published below.

Curiosity Just Put Itself Into A Precautionary Safe Mode

Mission controllers at NASA are currently working to return the Curiosity Mars rover to full activity after a computer glitch that caused the rover to enter into a precautionary stand-down over the weekend.

NASA Sent Jupiter's Jealous Wife To Check Up On Him And His Satellites

NASA’s Juno spacecraft made all the headlines these past few days as it successfully went into orbit around Jupiter after a five-year journey — and deservedly so. But not many people realised the significance of the name.

NASA Kepler Twitter Account Hacked, Tweets Sexy Butt

The official Twitter account for NASA’s Kepler, which surveys parts of the Milky Way Galaxy in search for hospitable planets, just got hacked. It’s unclear how or why the account was hacked, but it definitely tweeted a butt and a sketchy link.

Juno Had A Glorious View During Its Final Approach To Jupiter

Video: Before it powered down in preparation for the big engine burn yesterday, NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured some absolutely stunning footage of the four Galilean satellites in orbit around Jupiter.

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