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NASA Contracts SpaceX To Send Astronauts To Orbit

In a major step forward for crewed commercial spaceflight, NASA has contracted private rocket company SpaceX to blast astronauts off US soil beginning in 2017.

How NASA Engineers Are Designing The Aerodynamics Of Its New Heavy-Lift Launcher

NASA’s new Space Launch System is going to be the first to carry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit since Saturn V went into space — but it will also carry 10 per cent more payload. That’s giving its engineers an awful lot of maths to worry about, and this is what their work looks like.

This Special Paint Will Help NASA's Next Spacecraft Stay Cool

NASA engineers are continuing to work out the details for Orion, the spacecraft that will take actual humans to the next frontiers of space. Among many changes for the next mission in a few year’s time is a new and very shiny paint.

Winter Is Coming And This NASA Aircraft Will Help Study It

Everybody knows and loves the U-2: the mighty US spyplane. But they may not be as familiar with Lockheed’s matte black ultra-high altitude reconnaissance jet aircraft.

These Fast-Melting Glaciers Could Change The World's Coastlines Forever 

The rapidly-melting glaciers of Greenland are moving faster than anyone thought — and this slow-motion crisis has the potential to change the world’s coastlines forever.

Pluto Shows Its Principal Colours In This Psychedelic Shot

Image Cache: Do not adjust your monitors. While this view of Pluto looks like it’s all screwed up, in fact it’s an image from New Horizons that brings out the subtle variations in colour on its surface.

How NASA Tests A New Weather Satellite Using Mules And Sensors

When you launch a new satellite, how do you know for sure that its measurements are accurate? It’s a lot harder than you’d think — and NASA is heading to the Pacific Northwest to do it. Pack animals are involved.

This Is What The Orion Service Module's Propulsion System Looks Like

Image Cache: Now this is some engineering. You’re looking at a model — though sadly, not a working one — of the propulsion systems that will power the Orion European Service Module (ESM).

NASA's Super Guppy Eats Spacecraft Parts For Breakfast

NASA’s Super Guppy aircraft is one of the most extravagant cargo planes in the world. The awkwardly shaped aircraft has been in service since 1965, and was specifically designed to carry oversized payloads, like rocket stages and spacecrafts. This Tuesday she was fed with the Orion service module stacking assembly interface ring and stack holding stand.

NASA Releases Harrowing New Photos Of Last Year's Antares Rocket Explosion

A little over a year ago, NASA’s Orbital ATK Antares rocket, with a Cygnus spacecraft onboard, suffered a “catastrophic anomaly” just moments after launch. NASA has now released a stunning new set of previously unseen photos chronicling the disaster.

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