There's Poop On The Moon

It should come as no surprise that the Apollo astronauts left a few things behind after landing on the moon. Since the lunar module could only lift so much weight off the surface, they swapped out unwanted goods and gear for moon rocks. Among those unwanted goods were all kinds of weird things. What kinds of weird things? There were 96 bags of poop, pee and puke.

The View From The Italian Astronaut's Bed

Briefly: As the Italian astronaut bid Twitter a goodnight yesterday, this was her view from bed. Not bad, eh? [Sam Cristoforetti]

11 Stunning Images Of Rocket Launches

That trail behind the Empire State Building is a Minotaur V rocket taking a spacecraft to the Moon. The photo was taken by Ben Cooper from Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, 430km away from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Here are 10 more phenomenal launch photos from Mr Cooper.

NASA And Nissan Are Building A Self-Driving Car For Cities… And Space

NASA and Nissan just announced a five-year partnership in the development of a self-driving car that will not only tackle city streets but also alien planets. Most of the research will take place in Silicon Valley, where both organisations already have research facilities. And believe it or not, NASA wants to learn from Nissan.

This Is A Fresh Scar On Mars' Surface

Briefly: The red planet just took a hit. This image shows a new impact crater in Elysium Planitia, discovered by the HiRISE imager aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. You can see a very distinct crater rim with ejecta that’s much darker than the surroundings. NASA believes that the distribution of the ejecta suggests that whatever it was that hit the planet struck from the west. [NASA]

The Mysterious Eye Of The Cosmos Is Watching You

Video: NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day is back with a winner: Saturn’s crescent phase captured by Cassini with its rings and the moon Rhea. It looks like a menacing eye from a colossal evil being from another dimension opening in the darkness of space, watching all of us. There’s an amazing movie too.

Here Are Two Galaxies With Supermassive Black Hole Hearts Colliding

Hey there, human, want to feel some awe? Look at this newly released NASA image set of two galaxies, each with a supermassive black hole at its heart, colliding in a violent spiral of star stuff. Space is awesome, and thanks to improved telescope technology, we’re seeing more and more of it every day.

Inside NASA: From 3D Printing Spacecraft To Augmenting Humanity Itself

What does the guy charged with kitting out NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab do all day? He has to provide tech for the smartest people on the planet, and buy gadgets to enable the next-generation of space-flight. Despite the lofty job description, Tom Soderstrom has still found time to enable a 3D-printed spacecraft, and hopes to one day augment the way our brains work using technology. Get ready for blast-off.

NASA Reveals Incredible View Inside The Most Massive Star Near Us

A new long-term study of Eta Carinae — “the most luminous and massive star within 10,000 light-years” — has revealed amazing, never-before-seen features using data captured by multiple observatories during 11 years using multiple observatories, including the Swift and the Hubble.

NASA To Send Messenger On A Final Trip So Close To Mercury It Could Melt

Over a decade ago, NASA shot Messenger into space, and in 2011 it became the first probe to orbit around Mercury, sending back our first closeups of the planet. But all good things must come to an end, and Messenger is running out of fuel. In one last tour, Messenger will fly lower than ever over Mercury — so close that the solder on its instruments could melt.

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