NASA Wants You To Sift Through Its Astronauts' Photos

NASA has a problem, and it wants you to help. Since the ’50s, it’s amassed 1.8 million images of Earth from space — and it needs your assistance in working out exactly what they’re of.

A Little Blurry?

Briefly: A little blurry? Perhaps, but this is a three-second exposure taken from aboard the ISS. As astronaut Reid Wiseman points out, it “shows how crazy our atmosphere really is.” [Reid Wiseman]

NASA Is Working On Origami Solar Arrays That Unfurl In Space

The dream? Orbiting solar panels that beam energy down from space. The problem? Solar panels are shaped with maximum surface area to catch as many rays as possible, but wide, flat disks are also not very aerodynamic on the trip into space. The solution is to get clever with geometry.

New Comet Photo Shows Fascinating Textures And Landscapes

Every time I see a new image of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, I just get lost searching through all the detail, marveling at the variation of textures, and mostly watching in awe thinking about the chain of events that took the spaceship Rosetta to where it is today, 804.6 million kilometres from Earth.

This Fireworks Show Is A 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Exploding

Back in October 2012, a meteorite whizzed through our atmosphere and broke up in a dazzling display over California. One particular fragment, embedded in the roof of a house, was recovered by NASA for study. Now NASA is ready to reveal a bit more about the meteorite, which was likely formed in the same collision that made the moon 4.5 billion years ago.

NASA Scientists Find The First Interstellar Space Particles

NASA has identified for the first time seven rare, microscopic interstellar dust particles — that date to the beginnings of the solar system. The particles have been identified amongst samples obtained by NASA’s Stardust spacecraft, which returned to Earth back in 2006.

A Replica Of The Backplane Of The James Webb Space Telescope Is Hoisted Into Place

Briefly: A replica of the backplane of the James Webb Space Telescope is hoisted into place in the assembly stand in NASA Goddard’s giant cleanroom. Over the next few months, the telescope’s mirrors will be installed to it — so they don’t make any mistakes when they do it on the real deal. [NASA]

NASA Releases Free 3D-Printable Models Of Its Probes And Spacecraft

There are very few private citizens with enough money to recreate NASA’s fantastic space explorations. But there are plenty of private citizens with enough money to buy a 3D printer, and now that NASA has released a bunch of free 3D models of many of its interstellar crafts and probes, almost anyone can build their own miniature space fleet.

This Adorable Robot Will Help The ISS With Robotic Refuelling

The International Space Station just took delivery of a stash of new hardware — amongst it is this attractive robot that will make up part of the Robotic Refuelling Mission. Known as the Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot (VIPIR), the Pixar-like robot will help astronauts look where they would otherwise be unable to see.

Learn The A-To-Z Of Space Travel With NASA's Orion Spacecraft

Space is endlessly fascinating, but it can be difficult to know how to begin explaining its infinite vastness, especially to little ones. Enter the Orion A to Z — a colourful guide to space exploration put together by NASA.

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