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The Martian: Is A Manned Mission To Mars Possible?

Video: With The Martian Extended Edition out today on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download, we wanted to share this behind-the-scenes look at what NASA did on its trip to Mars with the Curiosity rover, including measuring whether the interstellar radiation between planets would be fatal to humans. Good news: NASA thinks that a manned mission to Mars is possible, even though it’ll take a lot of work…

We Get A Happy Ending To The Saga Of NASA's Lost Spacecraft STEREO-B

If movies about space have taught us anything, it’s that no one can hear you scream. If you get lost in space, nobody’s going to find you. Unless you’re a spacecraft with a direct link to NASA. Then there is hope for you yet.

Watch Live As ISS Astronauts Spacewalk To Install A New Door

Video: Home improvement projects are rarely interesting, unless you’re an astronaut. Right now NASA’s Kate Rubins and Jeff Williams are installing the first of two new docking adaptors into the side of the International Space Station which will accommodate Boeing and SpaceX crafts.

SpaceX And Boeing Are Getting A Parking Spot On The ISS

Late next year, if all goes to plan, SpaceX and Boeing will begin sending American astronauts up to the International Space Station, ending Russia’s monopoly on the ticket to orbit. In anticipation of the new space taxis, NASA is now building its commercial partners a parking spot.

Watch NASA Build A 40 Metre Rocket Tank In 60 Seconds

Video: NASA’s Space Launch System rocket will be the most powerful booster humans have ever created. And to power that rocket, you need a big-arse tank of liquid hydrogen built with the largest welding machine ever made.

The Women Of NASA Take The Spotlight In The First Trailer For Hidden Figures

Video: The stories of NASA’s formative years and the early days of the space program have been chronicled time and time again, but Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures is telling one we’ve not seen before about the African American women who helped send rockets to the stars. It’s looking great so far.

NASA Just Released 1000 Spectacular New Photos From Mars' Surface 

It’s always a good time to get up close and personal with Mars.

Two Galaxies Have Left The Void And Entered Hubble's Heart

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of our favourite things because it gives us images like the one above, which not only pictures a number of galaxies, but shows the introduction of two new ones.

Smart People Figured Out What's Carving The Deep Canyons On Saturn's Moon

A network of dark canyons lines Saturn’s moon, Titan, but just what’s inside those trenches has remained mysterious — until now. Researchers just confirmed that those canyons are flowing with liquid methane.

NASA Captures Details Of A Rocket Test With Its New Camera

You’ve never truly seen what a rocket plume looks like. They are extremely bright and therefore, have never been photographed properly and unless you want to stare directly into one, it will be nearly impossible to imagine. Although that’s difficult, considering there haven’t been cameras that could capture its image before.

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