A Brief History of Endeavour: NASA's Space Shuttle Built from Spares

Fifteen years ago today NASA launched the space shuttle Endeavour on a mission to take the highly detailed images of the Earth’s surface. It was the company’s final, and most advanced space shuttle.

To celebrate the lifetime of Endeavour, here are some interesting facts about this amazing spacecraft. From being given its name by kids, to a Commander’s emotional sign-off on its final voyage.

Check Out The New (And Coolest) Mars Curiosity Panorama Selfie

Bravo NASA for capturing this new cool Mars Curiosity selfie on the surface of Mars at its new research site, the Mojave. NASA made this image by combining dozens of photos taken during January 2015. Here is the annotated version, so you can see the sites that the rover visited before reaching this point.

Astronauts Take The Best Selfies

Barry “Butch’ Wilmore and Terry Virts went out for a six-and-half hour spacewalk yesterday in the continued effort to ready the International Space Station for upcoming commercial space taxis. But while the two astronauts were floating above the blue marble, travelling near 5 miles per second, they took the opportunity to take some selfies because SPACE SELFIES.

NASA Satellite Image Shows Record-Breaking Frozen Eastern US 

Dayshot: NASA’s Terra satellite has captured an image of the current status of the Eastern United States, with “Arctic and Siberian air masses have settled in over [the area] triggering many record low temperatures in many states.”

How The Search For Life On Mars Could Be Dooming Itself By Accident

When Curiosity goes looking for organic molecules in Mars’s solid surface, it vapourises a rock sample and sniffs the gas that comes out. The plan could be going awry thanks to a pesky little mineral called jarosite.

The Double Cyclone Disaster That Smashed Into Australia Last Week

Here you can see a composite satellite photo of two cyclones hitting northern Australia within six hours of each other this week. In the upper left is Cyclone Lam, and in the lower right is Cyclone Marcia. It’s beautiful but also terrifying.

This Is How Astronauts Practice Jetpack Missions In Space

Forget your Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard. In the International Space Station, virtual reality is vitally important — but a rather more makeshift affair.

Black Hole Emits Ferocious Winds With The Energy Of A Trillion Suns

A black hole and its galaxy are locked in a cosmic struggle, evolving in tandem and balancing each other’s growth. In this artist’s recreation, you can see cosmic winds howling out of supermassive black hole PDS 456. These winds are so strong that they prevent the galaxy from forming new stars.

The Crappy NASA Photographs You Never Get To See

We are used to see the epic, awe-inspiring, perfect photos from the golden age of NASA, during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Those are not the photos that you will find in Drewatts Bloomsbury’s auction. In fact, these are all pretty shitty — poorly exposed, badly framed and just plain boring.

This 227kg Meteor Lit Up The Sky Last Night

NASA reports that it observed a 227kg meteor, around 60cm in diameter, which zipped through the Earth’s atmosphere above Pittsburgh last night. If you were in the vicinity, you may well have just noticed it.