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It Looks Like NASA Found ESA's Crashed Mars Lander

On Wednesday, the European Space Agency attempted to land a probe on Mars and things went bad. While the ExoMars mission team continues to piece together why its Schiaparelli lander lost contact with the Earth, NASA has now obtained photographic evidence of what appears to be a crash-landing.

I Probably Shouldn't Spend $26,000 On This Gorgeous Moon Landing-Inspired Pen, Right?

Watchmaker MB&F isn’t as well-known as Rolex or Timex, but that’s because the company’s unique creations — like a TIE Fighter-shaped music box that plays the Star Wars theme — are made for die-hard collectors. Its latest creation is a rocket-shaped pen inspired by the moon landing, and I’m desperately trying to justify its $US20,000 ($26,230) price tag.

LIVE: Watch The Antares Rocket Launch To The ISS

Today, the Antares rocket will zip off to the International Space Station — and millions of US East Coasters have a rare opportunity to see a rocket right from their backyards.

Something Went Wrong With The Juno Spacecraft's Engine

A critical moment in NASA’S Juno mission has been postponed while engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory attempt to sort out a mysterious engine issue. If the problem is not resolved quickly, it could reduce the amount of high-quality data the Jupiter-orbiting probe is able to collect during its scientific mission.

The Daring Plan To Find The Next Earth Within A Decade

When astronomers confirmed the discovery of an Earth-sized world orbiting Proxima Centauri just 4.25 light years away, hopes were ignited that there may be more planetary real estate in our cosmic neighbourhood. To find out, a team of ex-NASA scientists is now seeking private funding to scour the Alpha Centauri system for habitable planets.

Curiosity's Latest Selfie Is An Instant Classic

NASA’s Curiosity rover has completed its survey of “Murray Buttes”, and is now set to venture even higher along the slopes of Mount Sharp. The intrepid rover took the opportunity to snap a selfie as it proudly stood in front of some rather dramatic Martian features.

NASA's 'Blue Collar Robot' Is An Unstoppable Miner

NASA has dubbed its RASSOR rover “a blue collar robot.” This thing may get down and dirty but its design and purpose are quite elegant.

NASA Is Sinking Into The Ocean

In October 2012, just a few days before Hurricane Sandy slammed into New Jersey, it was churning north past the narrow strip of white sand beach separating NASA’s most celebrated spaceport from the sea.

How Elon Musk Plans To Go To Mars 

SpaceX plans to build a “self-sustaining city” on Mars, company founder Elon Musk announced today. But, while we now know a lot more about how SpaceX plans to get to Mars, details about how people will actually survive up there remain sketchy.

Satellite Images Show The Extent Of Puerto Rico's Huge Blackout

Earlier this week, a fire at a power plant in Puerto Rico set off a series of failures across the island’s ageing electrical grid. These before-and-after pics from space show what it looks like when 1.5 million customers suddenly lose power.

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