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Space History Repeats Itself

When we see new images showing how NASA is moving ahead with their Orion Program there is often a Project Apollo feeling, because of the similarities between the two US space mission. This new photo gives us such dejà vu too.

SpaceX Wants Future Astronauts To Look 'Badass' In Space With New Sexy Suits

Spacesuits of the future are going to do much more than just keep us alive — they’re going to make us look damn good. Because clearly, the most important thing when landing on other planets is that we look extra cool doing it.

We Asked A NASA Botanist To Help Us Design A Better Farm On Mars Than The Martian's 

In The Martian, Mark Watney claims to be “the great botanist” on Mars — but is he really? Join us as we go down the rabbit hole to try and claim the greatest fictional Martian farmer crown for ourselves.

7 Patents That NASA Is Freeing Up For Small Companies

NASA has a mandate to push the technologies it develops for space out into Earth, too. So over the last few years, the agency has made more than a thousand patents available for licensing — from inflatable dwellings to humanoid robots.

You Can See The Colour Of The Sky In The Newest Pluto Pictures -- And It's Blue

We finally got a full-colour view of Pluto’s skies — and they look awfully familiar.

This Heat Shield Test Takes Us One Fiery Step Closer To Mars

Engineers at NASA’s Ames Research Center finished testing of their brand-new flexible heat shield designed for future Mars exploration vehicles, according to an announcement by the space agency today. Also included? This amazing image of one test.

Ceres' Mysterious Bright Spots Aren't Made Of Ice After All

Ceres’ bright spots have been a winking mystery for months, but NASA finally thinks it’s solved the riddle: No, we’re not looking at a giant alien ice rink. More likely, enormous piles of salt.

Where Should NASA Send A Space Probe Next?

Going to Pluto was incredible, but as we continue to soak in the glorious images, NASA’s already trying to figure out which celestial target to hit next. The space agency revealed five finalist concepts this week, including missions that would take us to Jupiter’s asteroids and the surface of Venus.

NASA Uploads All Photos Taken By Apollo Astronauts, Including The Bad Ones

It’s nice for NASA to curate all the wonderful photos satellites, telescopes and astronauts take so we can see the good stuff, but there’s something to be said for glimpsing humanity’s more intimate moments with the cosmos. Thanks to the Project Apollo Archive, you can now check out all the images captured by our Moon-bound astronauts, including the less glamorous ones.

These Are The Five Projects On The Shortlist For NASA's Next Planetary Mission

The NASA Discovery Program is sorting through suggestions for the agency’s next spaceflight investigation. Today, NASA released a shortlist of just five missions — one or two of which should launch by 2021.

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