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A Really Small Telescope Captured This Gorgeous Galaxy Image

Astronomers say this view of the Andromeda Galaxy is probably similar to what the Milky Way Galaxy would look like from outside.

Head Of NASA: Congress, Stop Paying Russia To Send Americans To Space

In an open letter to Congress today, ex-astronaut and current NASA head honcho Charles F. Bolden Jr shared some choice words: Quit wasting money and start sending US astronauts to space aboard US spacecraft.

NASA Just Sealed Six People In A Dome For A Year To Practice Mars

Life on Mars may sound glamorous, but in reality it’s going to mean a lot of time crammed in a small bubble with a few other humans. This could end very badly. So to practice, NASA has taken to sticking people in domes and keeping them isolated for months on end.

Greenland's Ice Sheets Are Getting Cooked By Warm Ocean Currents

The retreat of Arctic sea ice has been so dramatic over the last few years that atlases are being changed. Now it turns out Greenland’s ice sheets are also melting faster than we thought — not on the visible surface, but due to currents deep below the ocean.

The Pentagon, Apple And NASA Are Working Together To Build Electronics That Bend

How far does $US171 million go in Silicon Valley? A group of more than 160 companies, schools and government agencies are going to find out — thanks to a grant from the US Department of Defense that will fund a San Jose institute devoted to developing flexible tech.

New Orleans' Marshes Are Still Recovering From Katrina

Hurricane Katrina’s damage wasn’t all to man-made objects: the storm also hit the marshes and swamps surrounding New Orleans. The city has done a good job of regrowing over the last decade, but the landscape is still showing scars.

The ISS Crew Collects Russian Pee For Its Water Supply

Did you know that the US and Russian sections of the International Space Station have long used separate water purification systems? It’s due to a dispute reaching back to the ’80s over best water filtration practices. But Bloomberg reports that a more pressing difference in the two sections’ processes centres around a less fun fact: The NASA crew are collecting the urine from all of the ISS crews, including our Soviet space neighbours.

NASA's Gecko Adhesive Can Cling On In The Vacuum Of Space

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab is working on many important pieces of technology, but perhaps none are more significant than the gecko-inspired tech that could one day be better than ducttape.

Hubble Captured A Cosmic Optical Illusion

The round, bright, yellow objects near the center of this Hubble image are part of a massive galaxy cluster. If you look closely, several blue galaxies seem to form a wide circle around the cluster, and they all look strangely similar. That’s because they’re actually reflections of the same galaxy.

Here's How Much Better NASA's Weather Models Have Gotten Since Katrina 

Almost exactly ten years ago, NASA’s models showed Hurricane Katrina approaching the coast of Louisiana. At the time, most models had a resolution of 50km. Today it’s down to just a little over six kilometres.

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