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The Detail In This Apollo 11 Poster Is Almost As Amazing As The Trip Itself

Apollo 11 is the most famous space flight of all time, due to it being the trip that first brought human beings to the moon. Now, you can get a bit closer to what Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins experienced back in July 1969.

Astronauts Land Back On Earth After Almost 200 Days In Space

The three astronauts who have been researching the effects space has on the human body aboard the International Space Station returned safely to Earth on Saturday after 186 days in space.

Here Are The North American Trees That Will Start To Vanish Thanks To Climate Change

The natural world is changing in significant ways thanks to human-caused climate change. While some species are flourishing, others are already gone forever. Now scientists are looking specifically at how US forests will transform due to the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bye, Eastern hemlock, it was nice knowing ya.

NASA Just Lit A Fire In Space

On the list of things you’re not advised to do in closed quarters with a limited oxygen supply, lighting a fire definitely ranks high. But this week, NASA did exactly that: The agency intentionally ignited a “large scale fire” aboard a spacecraft.

These Photos Of World's Largest Rocket Launch Are Incredible 

Image Cache: The world’s most powerful rocket launched this weekend carrying… well, we’re still not quite sure what it was carrying (although speculation suggests a super secret spy satellite). What we do know is this: It launched, and it looked incredible.

US, UAE Sign Agreement To Collaborate On Space Exploration

The United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced an agreement on Sunday that would allow the two nations to collaborate on matters of space and aeronautics research, including the potential journey to Mars.

Arctic Ice Is On Track To Reach Its Lowest Level In History

It’s been a hot year in the Arctic, with sea ice melting earlier and faster than ever before. New data shows that May saw its lowest-ever sea ice extent, by a significant margin. Which means it’s very likely that by the height of summer, Arctic sea ice will be at its lowest levels ever recorded.

Astronomers Recorded This Eerie Music From A 13-Billion-Year-Old Star

Space is not the soundless vacuum movies would have us believe. In fact, judging by these eerie recordings of the music being thrown off by the oldest stars in the Milky Way, space actually sounds like a bit of a party.

Someone Just Went Inside NASA's Inflatable Space House For The First Time Ever

An astronaut just completed the very first walk (float?) into the ISS’s inflatable space house — and it neither popped nor floated away while he was inside. Success!

A 3D Tour Of The International Space Station For All Of Us Wannabe Astronauts

Video: There’s no shortage of footage showing what life aboard the International Space Station is like, but unless you’ve had a chance to spend some time there, the ISS’ sprawling and ever-expanding layout can be confusing. To help make better sense of it, the European Space Agency has created a narrated video tour of the space station — and it’s in 3D.

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