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The Only Thing NASA Is Better At Than Space Exploration: Making Up Acronyms

The sounding rocket you can see above will be launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on December 4, and according to NASA it “will be MUSIC to the ears of aspiring and early career engineers testing new space technology on a suborbital vehicle.” That’s because the name of the payload stands for because the name of the payload stands for Multiple User Suborbital Instrument Carrier (MUSIC).

A Rare Glimpse Of NASA's Prettiest Research Aeroplanes Flying Together

Last week, residents of the Houston area had a rare opportunity to watch a historic aviation event: the formation flight of three WB-57 research aircraft. Why historic? Well, November 19 was the first time that all three of NASA’s WB-57s have been aloft simultaneously since the early 1970s.

How The SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft Will Bring Us Back To Space

Video: SpaceX just got its first crewed spaceship contract from NASA for the Crew Dragon spacecraft and it’s set to bring us back to space on American spaceships after so many years without. Along with the Boeing Starliner, the Crew Dragon will start making crewed space flights in 2017. For reference, the last flight of the Atlantis was in 2011. So it’s been a while!

The Painstaking Business Of Road Tripping With A Satellite

Gently now. Gently.

As a piece of hardware, a satellite is a paradoxical mix of super-strength materials and utterly fragile components. It needs to withstand the heat, cold, and g-forces of space travel — but still be able to take super-sensitive readings from hundreds of carefully-calibrated components.

Earth Could Be Surrounded By Long Hairs Of Dark Matter

Our planet may be surrounded by filaments of dark matter stretching away from its surface, according to a new study published by NASA researchers.

Enjoy An Endless Day On Charon

As the New Horizons spacecraft approached Pluto this summer, it sent back photos from all angles, allowing us to reconstruct an entire day on the dwarf planet. Not one to play favorites, NASA has now gone and done the same for Charon, Pluto’s crater-ridden moon.

Mesmerising HD Footage Of Coloured Water On The International Space Station

This is really cool: astronauts onboard the International Space Station have long shown off what it’s like to play with water in microgravity. Now, they have taken some ultra high-def footage with colour and effervescent tablets.

How A Radical 1960s Architect Inspired NASA's Next Great Space Robot 

NASA’s bizarre Super Ball Bot is unlike any robot ever built — it uses a net of wires and rods to move, and could someday explore harsh exoplanets. It also has an unlikely heritage: It was inspired by the ideas of a visionary from the 1960s building floating cities based on the same concept.

This NASA Arcade Cabinet Is The Retro Gaming Machine Of Your Dreams

The idea of owning a custom arcade cabinet sounds utterly amazing, but building one is no mere weekend project. Instead, we’ll just have to live vicariously though the likes of Paradox Arcade Systems, which recently put together this spectacular cabinet it’s dubbed the “NASA Arcade”.

NASA Contracts SpaceX To Send Astronauts To Orbit

In a major step forward for crewed commercial spaceflight, NASA has contracted private rocket company SpaceX to blast astronauts off US soil beginning in 2017.

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