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Take A Thirty-Second Trip To The Center Of The Galaxy

Video: Another May the Fourth, another day of wishing scientists would hurry up and invent FTL propulsion already. But now, NASA has gone and given us the next best thing: a virtual trip to the centre of the galaxy, stitched together from a stunning series of Hubble wide-field images.

This Stunning Map Of Pluto's Frozen Landscape Is The Most Complete Yet

It’s been eight months since New Horizons made its historic flyby of Pluto, but data keeps on trickling in from the intrepid space probe. Scientists have now produced a new composite map, creating the sharpest and most detailed look at the dwarf planet yet.

Thailand's Incredible Heatwave: A Month Above 40 Degrees

April is always hot in Thailand — but this month has been like no other the country has known in recent history. Every day in April, the average peak temperature has been over 40C, with the maximum hitting 44.2C.

New 'Image Enhance' Lets Satellites See 5 Centimetre Objects On Mars

Researchers have developed an image enhancement technique that allows them to boost the resolution of satellite images, revealing unprecedented levels of detail on Mars.

Pluto Isn't The Only Thing New Horizons Is Studying

New Horizons has been sending back some incredible information about Pluto, but the Dwarf planet isn’t the only thing it’s been studying. NASA recently noted that the spacecraft’s vantage point is ideal for studying solar wind and it’s been doing just that.

NASA Is Launching A New X-Planes Program To Test Green Aviation Technology

Throughout its history, NASA has not only been responsible for developing spacecraft, but also cutting-edge aircraft that pushed the boundaries of technology and flight. Now, they’re getting ready to do it again.

The Kepler Space Telescope Is Alive Again After Scaring The Hell Out Of Everyone

After creating a minor panic when it went into Emergency Mode two weeks ago, the Kepler Space Telescope is back to doing science. As of 1:30am AEST (11:30am ET) today, it’s continuing the search for planets beyond our solar system.

NASA's New Garage Looks Like The Inside Of The Death Star

Image Cache: This immense steel structure looks like the Death Star’s interior from Star Wars Episode VI. But you’re actually looking up and into High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA's 4K Earth Porn Montage Is Beautifully Peaceful

Video: Queue up that 2001 soundtrack, baby! Following up on the incredible Aurora Borealis and Australis footage that NASA posted a few days ago, we can now marvel at crystal clear 4K footage of our home sweet home, covered in white clouds and blue sky. Now that NASA and the astronauts on the ISS are shooting and sharing videos in glorious 4K, you finally have a perfectly justifiable reason to upgrade your TV.

Our Closest View Yet Of Ceres' Strange Bright Spots Finally Reveals How They Formed

We have a good idea of what those bright spots on Ceres are, but the question of how they got there remains mysterious. Now, an incredibly low-altitude image of the dwarf planet reveals details about their origins.

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