Sneakers Inspired By Vintage Space Suits Are Back

Although not actually worn by real-life astronauts, ‘Moon Boots‘ were still an incredibly popular fashion fad during the ’80s. And, 30 years later, designers like Raf Simons are still being inspired by the complex space suits that NASA developed to allow astronauts to safely walk in the vacuum of space.

NASA's Opportunity Has Now Explored The Martian Surface For 11 Years

Eleven years ago, NASA’s Opportunity rover touched down on Mars for what was supposed to be a 90-day mission. Since then, Opportunity has proven to be an engineering marvel by travelling almost 26 miles on the Martian surface, more than any other off-Earth surface vehicle.

This Greenland Glacier Flows Like Water Around Rock

Found in the northwest corner of Greenland, the Leidy Glacier faces a barrier as it meets the Olriks Fjord that it feeds into: rock. This image shows how, even for a giant, hulking slab of ice and rock, the path of least resistance is often the most favourable.

How NASA Plans To Explore Mars With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles

During Microsoft’s demo of its fascinating holographic headset HoloLens today, the company barely mentioned the coolest way it’s already using it: to develop software with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory that will let scientists explore and work on the Red Planet remotely.

This Is The Dwarf Planet Ceres Spinning On Its Axis

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is currently heading towards the largest celestial body in the Asteroid Belt, known as Ceres. Due to arrive in March, it’s already close enough to image the rocky dwarf planet rotating on its axis.

The ISS' Work Station Puts Your Home Office To Shame

Photo: I like to think I have a pretty decent home office, but it’s nothing at all compared to where the Space Station’s astronauts get to work all day long. This shot, taken a few weeks ago, shows the interior of the Cupola module. The windows let the astronauts look out on the vacuum of space, but also the giant robotic arm they use during spacewalks.

Lost Beagle Lander Found Seemingly Intact On Mars, Failure Cause Unknown

Following speculation earlier this week, scientists have announced that they have found the missing British Mars lander, Beagle, on the surface of the Red Planet — although we’re still no closer to finding out what went wrong during landing.

This Is What Orion Looks Like Naked

It’s amazing how effective the thermal shield of NASA’s Orion spacecraft is. With all of the back shell panels removed for a viewing by Kennedy Space Center workers, you can hardly see any heat-related damage under the skin of the spacecraft.

New Horizons Is Carrying The Ashes Of Pluto's Discoverer To Pluto 

Later this week, NASA’s New Horizons probe will finally be close enough to Pluto to begin observing the dwarf planet and its moons. Along with a bevy of scientific instrument, the probe has also been carrying a sentimental payload: a tiny tin of the ashes belonging to Clyde Tombaugh, also known as the man who discovered Pluto.

8 Dumb Quotes About Science From New NASA Overseer Ted Cruz

The new Republican-led Congress is currently busy picking people to chair its many committees and subcommittees. Guess what! Tea Party hero Senator Ted Cruz is the new chair of the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. That means he will oversee NASA. Yep — the climate-denying Tea Party hero who tried to defund NASA is now in charge of NASA.