Gizmodo Australia Reader Review: Synology DiskStation DS215j Home NAS

You could say that Heath James’ technology life is complex. He’s the manager of an IT-centric team within a large organisation and has 14 years project experience. At home, he and his wife have a teenage daughter and two younger children shared on a part-time basis. Heath is also one of two winners in our recent Synology NAS competition and, with the help of his family, took the device through its paces over the Christmas break. This is his in-depth review.

WD's 6TB Red Hard Drives Make A Perfect NAS Upgrade

Storage is one of those things that you always need more of. Especially if you have a network storage drive at home or at work, you’ve probably run into a situation where you’re faced with either deleting old files to make space or finding a more drastic solution. Up until a few days ago, I was juggling files around and deleting old backups just to make everything fit, and was in desperate need of salvation. So, I took a direct route, and ditched the old hard drives entirely for two massive improvements.

Seagate Business Storage NAS: Australian Review

Buying a NAS is tricky. You want one with lots of storage space, room to expand, a good feature-set and excellent performance. Seagate’s Business Storage NAS fulfills most of these goals, but falls short on speed and the versatility of its management software.

Western Digital Has An Unlimited Personal Cloud For All Your Stuff

Yesterday, Western Digital unveiled its first My Cloud storage solution for Australian consumers. The WD My Cloud is a personal cloud drive that allows users to remotely access and backup content across all of their devices. It’s essentially a cross between a traditional NAS and a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive with nearly unlimited storage potential. All data is stored on your own private device with no monthly fees to worry about.

Mark Zuckerberg And Nas Hung Out

In a social scene that looks like someone spun a roulette wheel, The Zuck, Nas and mega-rich Silicon Valley investor Ben Horowitz were all in a room for some reason. And it was all Instagrammed.

LaCie 5big NAS Pro Hands-On: This Super-NAS Is Super Expensive

You will pretty much always get what you pay for when it comes to technology. Get a cheap device and you can expect a cheap experience. Spend a little extra and get a better experience. Simple. So what are we to make of LaCie’s 5big NAS Pro? It’s very good, but the price will just about make you faint.

Corsair Voyager Air: Do Anything Anywhere NAS

Corsair, primarily known as a manufacturer for PC memory and power supply, is breaking into new territory with Voyager Air, an all-in-one wireless hard drive that’s just as useful on the road as it is in your living room.

Seagate Central Hands-On: Easy And Functional

Seagate’s latest “don’t call it a NAS” home storage device has landed. Dubbed the Central, it comes in 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB flavours and it allows you to stream content across eight devices, much like the Wireless Plus drives. What it sacrifices in portability it makes up for in extra features – It provides seamless backup services over the home network that can be accessible over the internet, like your own personal private cloud storage.

LaCie's CloudBox Shares Your Files From Thousands Of Kilometres Away

One household, zillions of files of music, movies and games. Today, LaCie introduced another solution for sharing all of them — the CloudBox. Here are the prices you’ll pay in Australia.

Lacie LaPlug Will Turn Your HDD Into A NAS

Lacie’s LaPlug is identical to the Pogoplug in concept: plug in any USB HDD and it magically transforms into a Time Machine-compatible NAS drive that’s accessible from outside your home network. This is a product trend I like.