Nanobot Uses Bacteria Swarm for Propulsion

Canadian researcher Sylvain Martel has developed a ultra tiny machine that can be propelled and steered through a swarm of 3,000 bacteria.

Samsung NC20, First Via Nano Netbook, On Sale for $US550

The Samsung NC20 is not only another 12.1-inch netbook that’s just made its way to the States (more on the NC20 here), it’s the first system with a Via Nano processor. (You know, for if you really hate Intel but found that AMD has abandoned you.) And now it’s on sale at Newegg for $US550. [NewEgg]

Sub-$3000 Tata Nano is Officially The World's Cheapest Car

India’s Tata Nano has been in the works for some time, but pre-orders are starting today with a MSRP of 100,000 rupees (under $3000)—officially making it the cheapest car in the world.

Class Action Settlement Could Net Scratchy 1st-Gen iPod Nano Owners Up To $US25

If you have a first-gen Nano and don’t mind filling out some forms and waiting, well, potentially a very long time, you could jump on the class-action bandwagon alledging the 1Gs were illegally scratchy.

Did XSKN Leak the New iPhone, Again? (We Doubt It)

Before the iPhone 3G was released, a Chinese case manufacturer named XSKN showed a case with a curved back that ended up resembling the iPhone 3G. Now, XSKN has leaked their iPhone nano case. Real?

Nanotech Material Never Gets Wet, Even When Wet

Through the magic of nanotechnology (we use “magic” only ever so figuratively), chemists from the University of Zurich have developed a new fabric that never gets wet, even after being completely submerged in water for two months.

Nano Silver May Be Envionment's Silver Bullet

The UK’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution has recently released a report urging for more study of nano-engineered materials, warning that there is a “major gap” in our knowledge of this technology. We’ve covered the potential dangers of carbon nanotubes here before, but the commission also warns about nano silver, an antibacterial particle that can be found in a variety of clothing, like socks. And in fact, the commission Chair refuses to wear such clothing at all:

MacBook Nano Looks Like It Came from Cupertino

I don’t know if these MacBook Nanos are a custom hack or if they come from some kind of shady outlet selling retrofitted MSI U100 laptops made to look like shiny–and fictional–Apple notebooks with Mac OS X installed. I do know one thing, though: I wouldn’t mind having one, specially seeing the contrast with the MacBook Pro 17. The look needs a little bit more polish, but the specs are good and we like both the black and white models.

iPod Nano Switches Left and Right Channels With Headphone Insert

If you have a new 4th-gen nano and a decent ear, you may have noticed something funny: After putting it to sleep, if you wake it up by inserting headphones, the left and right channels switch. I tried this with the most obvious stereo mix of all time, David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” and it’s really easy to duplicate yourself. While it’s easy to correct, it’s still definitely a weird, weird bug. Thanks to reader Matt for bringing it to our attention, and posting a thread at iLounge. Have you noticed it or any other weird glitches, like Genius’ pathological avoidance of the lovely Norah Jones? (I’m serious, try it!)

The Complete Story on Apple's 'Let's Rock' Event

Sure, you are all aware that there is a new iTunes 8, new iPod nano, and new iPod touch. But did you read our hands-on reviews and the rest of the details and products that many people missed at Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event? If you want to know all about what happened there, don’t forget to go through our complete special coverage, including our full reviews of the new iPod nano and iPod touch.