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Fun Stop-Motion Animation Brings Nail Art To Life

Video: It’s always fun to see things that aren’t supposed to be real, come alive. Breathing life into inanimate objects and giving them their own personality spins your brain sideways. This video by turns a woman’s nails into their own little monsters.

Why Toenails Turn Yellow

Have you ever seen the toenails of your grandfather and thought he might be a troll? Those yellow, misshapen and brittle nails tend to make small children cringe, and in response, he wears knee high black socks with sandals.

This App Would Turn Your Phone Photos Into Personalised Nail Art

You gaze upon the photo you’ve just uploaded to Instagram: a masterful sunset capture, indeed, the Valencia filter giving it that whisper of intrigue. You think to yourself, Damn, this looks good on my phone but it would look SO GOOD on my pinky fingernail. It could happen, with NailSnaps.

3D-Printed Nails Are Way Crazier Than Your Typical Press-Ons

Man, I really love nail art. You might not share the same kind of enthusiasm for crazy custom manicures, but we can all agree that the Laser Girls’ 3D-printed nails are decidedly cooler than your average press-on acrylics.

The Nail Trimmer Gets A Stylish, Ultra-Flat Upgrade

If, for whatever reason, you’ve decided that simply biting your fingernails isn’t the best way to keep them short, you’ll want to invest in a nice trimmer. But not some giant monstrosity that requires a purse or a murse to keep it on hand. Go for Kershaw’s ultra-thin nail clippers that fold down to an easily pocketable 4mm package.

Finding Iron In Your Cereal Looks Pretty Gross

There is iron in cereal. That’s good! But it looks pretty gross. Here’s how to find it: soak a cup of cereal in a Ziploc bag with water, mix it up and then rub a magnet over the bag. You’ll see the metallic iron trailing the magnet. You eat that!

How Astronauts Trim Their Nails In Zero-G

In space, even the most mundane routines become elaborate tasks. Like cutting your nails: if you’re not careful, your fellow astronauts will have face full of clippings. Gross. Fortunately, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has taken time out to explain how the folks on the ISS cope.

We've Been Trimming Our Nails Wrong For More Than 100 Years

Trimming your nails sucks, and it’s not your digits’ fault. Technology is to blame. Nail clippers. Blech. With a one size fits all design, it’s impossible to get your whole nail in one clip. And hunching over the bathroom bin doesn’t make us any more likely to keep the floor clean of our cast offs.

Man Survives Shooting Himself In The Heart With A Nail Gun

In a horrifying real-life cross between Happy Gilmore and a Bon Jovi song, a man accidentally shot himself in the heart with a 10cm nail while trying to un-jam a nail gun. Somehow, he survived.

This Guy Didn't Know He Shot Himself In The Head With A Nail Gun

Dante Autullo is a tough guy. He’s also, according to his wife, a very accident-prone guy. So when he accidentally hit his head with a nail gun and only saw a scratch, he didn’t think anything of it… EVEN THOUGH HE HAD A FREAKING NAIL LODGED IN HIS BRAIN.

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