MWC 2012
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Samsung's Still Investing In Bada And WP7

You could be forgiven for thinking that Samsung’s mobile strategy is 100 per cent Android, what will all of its MWC releases in the mix of new products this week. Not so, however; the company is still going to “significantly” increase investment in Bada – the same OS it’s merging with Intel’s Tizen — as well as continuing development on Windows Phone 7.

LG Shows Off Seamless Voice To Video At MWC

Voice calling is something we’re all very familiar with. Likewise, video chat, while significantly newer, is still something of a known commodity. What you haven’t been able to do is mix the two on the fly — until now.

Tablets And Phones Of Mobile World Congress 2012

Worried that you’ve missed the best announcements from MWC 2012? Worry no more, because here is a roundup of the phone and tablet news from this week, including local coverage, that you should know about immediately. Chop chop.

Samsung Exec Reckons They're 'Not Doing Well' In The Tablet Market

Samsung is apparently resting its hopes on the Galaxy Note lines, because apparently everything else they’ve thrown at the tablet world isn’t working out.

HTC's One X Aussie Carrier Will Be... Everybody?

MWC is great for revealing phones, but sorting out which phone is going to which carrier is a rather more labyrinthine maze, as HTC’s announcement of the HTC One X proves.

Hands On With The Nokia 808 Pureview: 'Some People Think We've Gone Too Far'

Dreamt up in a hotel bar in Japan by a couple of Nokia execs, the Nokia 808 Pureview phone has completely stolen MWC with its 41MP sensor. I grabbed some time with Nokia’s lead programme manager for imaging, Damian Dinning, to chat about how it’s “almost like [they’ve] just invented time travel, it’s that extreme”.

The Best Of ZTE's Many New Phones

ZTE announced last week that it was to launch a slew of new phones this week, and it hasn’t failed on its word. Pick of the crop is this, the Android-running Era.

Mozilla Android-Based 'Boot To Web' OS This Year

We’ve known since last year that Mozilla has been working on an Android-based phone OS. But it’s just announced at the Mobile World Congress that it’s teaming up with Spanish telco Telefonica to roll out devices by the end of 2012.

Asus Spits Out First HD, LTE Transformer Tablet

Asus is on a roll with its rebranded ‘Transformer Pads’ tablet line, pushing out yet another version. The Infinity series takes the Prime and runs with it, packing either a Tegra 3 or a Snapdragon S4 and a 10.1-inch full-HD screen.

Asus Padfone Official: 4.3-Inch Android Phone With 10.1-Inch Tablet Dock

We knew it was coming, and yep, Asus has announced the intriguing, form-changing phone-cum-tablet. Say hello to the Padfone, the smartphone that docks inside, and powers, a tablet. Let’s take things in turn.

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