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Make Your Own 'Inverted' Glass Harp With Just One Glass

The glass harp is a simple concept: fill up a bunch of wine glasses with water, “tuning” each one by varying how much water is inside (because the pitch at which said glass will resonate depends on the level of the water inside). But now you can make a new kind of glass harp, with just a single glass.

This Excellent Music Clip Mixes Claymation With Classic 80s Cinema (NSFW)

This five-minute video, put together by director, writer and clay animator Lee Hardcastle, is the music clip for GUNSHIP’s new synth track “Tech Noir”. Along with being a great tune, it’s the perfect fodder for a nostalgia-filled trip back to the 1980s, particularly the films that ruled the era.

New Vine Feature Helps You Create Audio That Loops Seamlessly Into Infinity 

You’re used to uploading six-second Vine clips of your dog on the treadmill. Well, starting today, you can also add a seamless six-second clip from your favourite song, giving you more control of how your Vines sound.

I Can't Stop Watching This Insane Live Launchpad Mashup

Video: Some of you already probably know DJ Shawn Wasabi. He’s been making awesome Launchpad tunes for some time now, and his latest work — Marble Soda — is probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen and heard come out of live mashups. Check this guy’s skillz.

Seeing A Cello Get Carved From Wood And Made By Hand Is So Soothing

Video: The cello is a gigantic instrument so it’s really no surprise that it basically takes an entire tree to make. What is impressive about the process of making a cello by hand though is just how long it takes to carve the wood down, to precisely cut out the shape, and to put all the pieces together. With such a big and bulky instrument, you’d think you can get away with some shortcuts. Not in this case. Not at all.

Hacker Turns Casette Players Into Creepy DIY Synth

Unless you were an audio engineer in the ’60s, you’ve probably forgotten about the Mellotron, an archaic sampler that played back sounds stored on magnetic tape when you pressed a key on a keyboard.

DJ Your Way Back To The '80s With This Floppy Drive Orchestra

Turning old hardware into musical instruments is a time-honoured tradition among nostalgic, tech savvy children of the ’80s. But few have taken the idea as far as James Willis, whose floppy drive orchestra is so cleverly arranged I wouldn’t be surprised to see people deejaying with these soon.

Spotify Clarifies Exactly How It Will Use Your Information After Privacy Kerfuffle

Everybody (including this blog) freaked out a little bit yesterday when Spotify released a new privacy policy that asked permission to do everything from track your location to look at your photos. But Spotify is sorry. The company’s CEO just clarified that Spotify doesn’t want to spy on you.

Wow, Spotify's New Privacy Policy Is Atrocious

There’s a new privacy policy going into effect with the latest Spotify update, and the TL;DR version is that if you’re at all concerned about data privacy you might want to jump ship now.

All The Gear You Need To Throw A Karaoke Party In Your Living Room

Karaoke: For something that strikes fear into many hearts, it can be life-affirming magic in the hands of the right host. You, my friend, can be that host.

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