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This Machine Sings Better Than Most Humans

Most humans can’t sing. But that doesn’t stop them from belting out songs in the shower or whistling a tune in traffic or drunkenly grabbing the mic during karoake. It should. Maybe this machine can shame us. It’s a singing machine that sings love songs from the 90’s with emotion unexpected from a machine.

Watch A Computer Attempt To Sing '90s Power Ballads -- With Feeling

Computers do many things well, but expressing emotion is not one of them. So what happens if you ask one to try and sing a heartfelt version of a ’90s power ballad?

This Is How Nike Sneakers Inspired By Classic Album Covers Could Look

Sneakers are nice and all, but they tend to work on one design level: if they look nice, they kinda just… look nice. But what if they were inspired by classic album covers?

Telstra Is Live Streaming Splendour In The Grass This Weekend

Not able to pack up the car to head to Splendour In The Grass this weekend? Don’t stress: Telstra is live-streaming the event.

Apple's Home Sharing Is Back In The Latest Beta Of iOS

Apple upset a significant portion of its user base (case in point: the excellent email below) when it disabled Home Sharing for iOS devices in iOS 8.4. Thankfully, it looks like things will turn around by the time iOS 9 publicly launches.

Yes, Hodor's A DJ. You Can Listen To His Music Right Here

A few days ago we found out that Kristian Nairn, better known as the actor behind Hodor from Game of Thrones, is also a pretty slamming DJ. That… and he’s headed our way come August / September. If you’re not sure if his turntable skills are for you, why not have a listen to them right now?

Marshall's Rock N' Roll Android Phone Actually Looks Awesome

Marshall Headphones, the splinter manufacturer that labels “lifestyle” electronics with the amplifier brand’s logo and styling, is making a new Android phone with music-centric features. To be sure, there’s a little gimmicky nostalgia here, but forgive me lords of rock n’ roll authenticity if I kind of love it.

Backing Up CDs Is Once Again Illegal In The UK For Some Reason

In a useless new ruling that will change nothing, you can no longer legally rip CDs and DVDs for personal use in the UK. Ladies and gents, welcome back to 2002.

Stop Faking Me Out Bandsintown, My Heart Can't Take It

I almost fell out of my seat just now when I got the notification in my inbox. THE THUMBS ARE PLAYING A SHOW TONIGHT!?!?

Neil Young Continues His Crusade Against Reason By Screwing His Fans

Neil Young took to Facebook today to announce that “streaming has ended for me”. Oh brother.

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