Cool Retro Soul Music Video Is Worthy Of Its Own James Bond Movie

Video: Jazz singer Kellylee Evans has a great new video directed by Julien & Quentin for her song My Name Is, from the album I Remember When. Retro soul at its best with visuals to match. Worth of a James Bond movie. Or perhaps Peter Sellers.

Beautiful Music Video Makes Me Want To Live In Eternal Summer Love

Video: I like all seasons but it’s summer, which will end with the September equinox next week, the one that always gave me the most happiness. This video by Zack Spiger for The Dove & the Wolf is about that. It feels like summer love — intense, fleeting, careless, lazy, eternal and spotless forever set in your mind.

The Internet's Ode To Music From Saharan Mobile Phones

Constant access to Wi-Fi and LTE make it supremely easy for us to swap songs with each other. More often than that, we swap URLs. In parts of Saharan Africa where service is scarce, Bluetooth does the trick — which means that a booming culture of peer-to-peer MP3 sharing has sprung up, contained on the memory cards alone.

U2 Thinks Putting Its Album On Your iPhone Is 'Really Punk Rock'

Remember how U2 gave every iTunes customer a free, very much deletable album as a little gift from Tim Cook to you? And you know how everyone became livid at the sudden influx of extra Bono? Well, don’t be such a square, man. U2 was just being punk rock.

The Top 100 Billboard Songs Of All Time, Graphed

You might’ve thought that music is one thing that can escape the current ‘big data’ trend of mapping, charting and quantifying everything; but that’s where you’re so, so wrong — at least according to Flowing Data’s Nathan Yau.

Beautiful Stop Motion Video Made With Thousands Of Silhouettes

Videos: This cool music clip for the song Katachi shows the mesmerising dance of about two thousand PVC silhouettes. Polish-based directing duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski made all the silhouettes from colourful PVC plates using a computer-controlled cutter.

What Song Plays When You Accidentally Launch iTunes?

I sit at a Mac all day with my headphones on. If you do too, there’s a good chance you know the annoyance that ensues when you accidentally hit the play button on your headphones: iTunes launches and plays the first song in your library. In my case, it’s “Fernando” by ABBA. What song plays for you?

The Top 100 Songs Of All Time As Graphs And Diagrams

Billboard’s top 100 list of all time — well, of all time since the Hot 100 list began in 1958 anyway — is a nostalgia trip through American music of the past half century. Even if you’re a cold-hearted music snob, Nathan Yau’s charts and diagrams are a fun, clever spin on these familiar old songs.

Nerd Out With This Command-Line Interface For Soundcloud

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Soundcloud is the best thing that’s ever happened to music on the internet. So it’s a blast to see how people are using the platform to build fun, new things — like this command-line interface for internet radio.

A Visual History Of The iPod Click Wheel

The click wheel is dead! Long live the touchscreen. While Apple has moved on to brighter and screenier devices, the click wheel remains one of our favourite input methods of all time. Call us sentimental, but let’s take a walk down memory lane.

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