The Story Behind That Giant Astronaut Floating Around Coachella

Last year, Coachella’s main event art installation was a giant snail. But this year, the mobile art installation at the popular music festival is a three storey tall astronaut, formally known as “Escape Velocity”. And it’s totally awesome.

Ah, Looks Like The Acid's Finally Kicking In

Video: David Lynch, famed director of iconic Hollywood films like Eraserhead and Dune, is also a kickass musician. Here, he’s put his remixing skills to work, re-imagining Ultraísta’s afrobeat-infused electronica single, “Strange Formula”. He didn’t touch the video though, it was that psychedelic when he got there.

This Dude Wore A Different Band T-Shirt For 1000 Days In A Row

Like music? Buy albums? Go to concerts? Wear band T-shirts? Sure. But do you have a thousand different band T-shirts that you can wear for a thousand days in a row? Didn’t think so! Isac Walter does though. And he did it. He crushed it.

The A-Z Of Dancing: A Dance Style For Each Letter Of The Alphabet

Here’s an unofficial guide to the ABC’s of dancing. Watch incredibly toned and tanned people more beautiful than your most beautiful friend perform different dance moves for each letter of the alphabet.

These Scarves Are Woven Music, Made With Patterns From Organ Punchcards

Did you know that the same kind of punched cards control both the jaunty tunes of old timey organs and the warp and weft of a certain kind of textile loom? Glithero, aka British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren, bridged the gap for a cool a medium mash-up — and managed to weave music.

Seeing This Dad's Saturday Mornings Will Convince You To Not Have Kids

Enjoy peace and quiet? Like it when you get to unwind? Maybe you look forward to a weekend filled with nothingness. If you have kids, all that alone time gets replaced with blaring pop music wondering what certain animals sound like and dolls getting smashed on your shoulder. Every damn day. What a wonderful trade off!

Listening To In Utero On The 20th Anniversary Of Kurt Cobain's Death

The official report says Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994. It’s an estimate — Cobain’s body wasn’t found until April 8 and questions and conspiracy theories still linger about the circumstances of his death. But today feels as fitting as any day to look back on In Utero, Nirvana’s last studio album.

The Most Elegant iPhone Speaker Is Just A Single Piece Of Blown Glass

Here is a sleek way to showcase your iPhone’s looks and sounds. There are no wires or buttons or even plastic in this passive amp — just a single piece of glass, handcrafted to exacting proportions, that can wrap a room in sound.

Spooky Art Installation Puts Mesmerising Video On Moving Sculpture

Artist Robert Seidel loves to play at the fuzzy border between sculpture, still images and art in motion. He’s at it again with “grapheme”, projecting piercingly bizarre video images on delicate suspended shapes that defy the conventions of a stationary, rectangular screen.

Listen To The Australian Cast Of The Lion King Sing On A Plane

This is either the best flight ever — if it wasn’t delayed and you managed to eat and rest beforehand — or the worst flight ever — if you’re trying to catch up on sleep and are stuck next to an oversized mouth breather. Still, I’d like to think that most people with a working heart that pumps blood would have a good time listening to the beautiful cast of The Lion King in Australia start singing The Circle of Life before their flight took off.