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How The Hell Does Kanye's Flying Stage Work?

Last night, Kanye West kicked off his Saint Pablo tour in Indianapolis with a crazy flying stage. Instead of a boring, normal, stationary stage — you know, the kind most artists jump and gyrate all over — Kanye decided to float above the audience on a suspended platform.

Spotify Is Burying Artists That Give Exclusives To Apple: Report

According to a new report, Spotify hates artist exclusives so much that it’s penalising acts that put their jams on Apple Music first.

Guy Hacks Together A Piano From Chopsticks And Other Instruments And It Sounds Great

Video: You don’t need a million dollar Steinway piano to put on a captivating musical performance. You don’t even need a real piano, as Sami Elu proves, by hacking together recycled instruments, materials you’d find at a hardware store and a bunch of unused chopsticks.

Seeing How Records Get Made From Beginning To End Is Still Charming

Video: The making of a record isn’t exactly a big mystery but there’s still a bit of old magic in seeing music get put to wax in a factory where the metal gets etched and the vinyl gets stamped out. Super Deluxe took its stoned mode camera into one of these vinyl stamping factories and recorded all the good stuff. Sometimes it looks like they’re making Captain America’s shield and other times it looks like they’re mixing paint dye, but they’re all steps into giving the world better sounding music.

Elvis Presley's 7 Most Bizarre Movie Moments

Even the most casual of Elvis fans knows that the King was, at his best, a very eccentric dude — shooting out TV sets, gobbling fried PB&B sandwiches and making crazy faces while practising kung fu. But as weird as he was in his private life, his movies occasionally drifted into even stranger places.

The Man Who Fell To Earth Will Release Its Soundtrack For The First Time In 40 Years

It’s still unbelievable that David Bowie is no longer with us. Luckily, his artistic legacy lives on in his work — including one of the greatest science fiction movies ever, The Man Who Fell to Earth. The 1976 Nicholas Roeg film, starring Bowie as an alien in his first big-screen role, marks its 40th anniversary this year with exciting fanfare.

What A Scan Of Sting's Brain Teaches Us About Music

A cognitive psychologist at McGill University has scanned the brain of Grammy-winning musician Sting to glean insight into how creative people find connections between seemingly very different thoughts or sounds. The results were just published in Neurocase.

This Device Was The iPod Of The 1970s (Sort Of)

When it was first released, the iPod flew off shelves with the promise of storing 1000 songs. Thirty years prior, fitting that much music in a single piece of consumer equipment was unheard of — except in the case of the Panasonic RS-296US.

The 5 Best Soundtracks On Spotify's New Gaming Portal

Confession: I love video game soundtracks. Ever since I played Final Fantasy II (IV) on the SNES, I’ve known the powerful part music plays in video games. However, in the music streaming world of today, jamming on good game soundtracks — whether from a full game or just a playlist for a quick Dota 2 session — isn’t incredibly intuitive. But Spotify is thankfully giving a shoutout to the gamers with its latest feature.

This Is What A 3D-Printed Acoustic Violin Sounds Like

We’ve seen 3D-printed violins before, but they used an electric pickup to amplify the sound of the resonating strings. Using a newly formulated white resin, Formlabs instead 3D-printed an acoustic violin that relies on its shape, internal chambers and the material its made from to produce an authentic violin sound.

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