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The Doctor Strange End Credits Theme Is So Weird It May Actually Be Music From Another Plane Of Existence

Seriously, I don’t think anyone was expecting something like this composition from Doctor Strange‘s score — and honestly, if the rest of the tracks are like this, it might be the first time in a while a Marvel movie has a memorable original soundtrack.

Trippy Video Uses 3D Printing And Stop-Motion Animation To Make A Statue Sing

Video: Here’s a really cool music video that uses 3D printing, stop-motion animation and projection mapping to make a model come alive to sing a song. It’s a especially trippy, because it’s like seeing a statue start talking out of nowhere.

People Are Using Britain's New Plastic Money To Play Vinyl Records

The new plastic polymer £5 notes can’t be crumpled, are extremely hard (though not impossible) to burn and some wonky stuff happens if you shine a laser through the Queen’s face. But by far the strangest feature of these notes? The £5 can be used as a rudimentary record player needle.

The Official Theme To Fantastic Beasts Starts With Harry Potter, Then Becomes Its Own Thing

Pretty much every one of your favourite movies has great music in it. Whether that’s a perfectly composed score or expertly chosen song, music can make a movie. Today, we’re getting our first listen to the music from next month’s Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and it’s just as epic as we’d hoped.

How A Video Game Used A Real Human Skull To Make Music

In such a saturated market, game makers are always searching for a twist or edge to push their title ahead of the pack. While some might focus on visuals, or a cool mechanic, there a many opportunities to explore in the audio experience too, as sound designer Martin Stig Andersen discovered when he decided to incorporate a human skull into his work.

John Carpenter's New Music Video Is A Dystopian Audio And Visual Delight

Video: The video for “Utopian Façade,” off John Carpenter’s Lost Themes II, isn’t actually directed by the horror master. But directors Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst definitely took inspiration from Carpenter’s style — plus some other cool science-fiction influences (can’t resist those Logan’s Run vibes) too.

Twin Peaks' Synth-Infused Soundtrack Returns In A Haunting New Teaser

Video: As if we couldn’t possibly be more excited for a return to Twin Peaks next year, here’s a minute of Angelo Badalamenti playing Laura’s theme from the original show to make the wait for more even more excruciating.

Fun Video Hilariously Explains What All Those Random Symbols On Sheet Music Mean

Video: This clever video by Julian Cianciolo explains how to read sheet music and is actually much more enjoyable to watch than you’d imagine, especially if you’re a musician who can read sheet music because you can probably understand all the deadpan explanations, layered in-jokes and trombone quips.

YouTube-To-MP3 Converter Site Sued By Major Record Labels

A group of major record labels — including Universal, Sony, Capitol and Warner Brothers — is suing, which rips audio from YouTube videos, for every single instance of piracy the site allegedly facilitated.

Listen To The First Music Ever Made With A Computer

Researchers from New Zealand have restored the very first recording ever made of computer generated music. The three simple melodies, laid down in 1951, were generated by a machine built by the esteemed British computer scientist Alan Turing.

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