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OK Go's Fun New Music Video Was Filmed On A Zero-G Aircraft

Video: The alt-rock band that made “viral music videos” a thing with treadmill gymnastics and Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube is back. This time, OK Go is busting open pinatas in zero gravity.

A Short History Of The Sound Of Kanye West

Kanye West’s new album Waves is due out next week, and there’s a palpable excitement building in the media. Kanye recently tweeted it would not be “the album of the year, but the album of the life”, only to later clarify that it would in fact only be “ONE of the greatest, not the greatest”. Meanwhile Rolling Stone is speculating it could be a dud at the same time as producer Swizz Beatz declares it one of the best West albums he’s heard.

True Hero Builds A Stereo That Automatically Blasts Music Back At His Loud Neighbours

Video: You unfortunately don’t get to choose your neighbours, but you do get to choose how you deal with them. A YouTuber named Jamil went with a more passive-aggressive approach for dealing with his loud neighbours.

Monument Valley Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl Is How You Know The Hipsters Won

Right now you can pre-order the Monument Valley soundtrack on vinyl. That’s right. You can get an iPhone app’s music in the form of a vinyl record. The double LP costs $US40 ($57). Obviously, the hipsters have won.

Report: Amazon Wants To Kill Spotify

Did you know that Amazon Prime comes with a pretty crappy streaming music service? Maybe not, and Jeff Bezos reportedly wants to try again with a new standalone, Spotify-killing music offering. The kicker: Amazon can make it really easy to buy your favourite records, too.

Wefre Lets You Stream Free Music Online With No Ads

Just like that, another service of questionable legality has cropped up on the internet. Meet Wefre, the new free online service that lets you mainline Bieber without breaking a sweat.

Soundnode Turns Soundcloud Into A Spotify-Like Desktop App

Remember the time Soundcloud made an awesome free desktop app and then killed it for no good reason? Well, a brave developer is bringing it back in a simplified form. It’s called Soundnode, and you’re going to love it.

Spotify's New Video Streaming 'Starting This Week', But Not In Australia

Spotify has been talking about streaming video as well as music for almost a year now. But report from the Wall Street Journal quoting a Spotify exec claims that the service will be launched in several countries this week (excluding Australia).

I Want To Play With This Bewildering Bluetooth Tambourine

The $US600 ($858) Zoom ARQ Areo RhythmTrak is bewilderingly strange. This futuristic-looking tambourine is part drum machine, sequencer, synthesiser, looper, MIDI controller and acid-laced light show. It also has a built-in accelerometer, and that’s where things get interesting.

Can Statistics Predict This Year's Triple J Hottest 100 (Again)?

In the last couple of years, the mystique and mystery of Aussie youth radio station Triple J’s Hottest 100 has been dampened somewhat by the easy availability of voter statistics — Facebook posts, Instagram screenshots and Twitter lists of listeners’ top 10 music tracks of the year. In 2013 and 2014, The Warmest 100 used stats to create an unofficial playlist of the top 100 songs, and this year it’s the Tepid 100 that thinks it’s on the money.

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