When Singing To No One In Particular Was The Hot New Thing

Back in 1910 the highest paid singer in the world was blazing trails into the future. Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso reportedly pulled in a quarter of his $US200,000 income (about $US4.8 million adjusted for inflation) from singing to an audience of nobody. Which is to say, he was singing for recordings that would be listened to later.

Visualising The Notes Played In Songs On A Piano-Turned-Histogram

Ever wondered how many times a certain note gets played during the course of a song? Well, this tool developed by Joey Cloud lets you visualise the number of times each note is played on a histogram — that happens to look exactly like the piano keyboard it represents.

7 Pieces Of Album Art From The Golden Age Of Disco Design

What’s hot, sweaty and filled with sexual innuendo? I’m talking about disco — what did you think I was talking about? — but I’m also talking about the design that was created to sell this era of suddenly decadent lifestyles.

This Ad Says Good Music Should Be A Human Right, And I Totally Agree

Video: I totally agree with what this ad for Belgium-based radio station Studio Brussel says: Good music is a human right. And if you don’t want to be put down by the dictatorship of horrible music, wrote by untalented people with no personality whatsoever, you should agree with it too.

Quirky's Ohm Bluetooth Speaker Charges Wirelessly So It's Always Ready

Portable Bluetooth speakers are awesome and convenient until, inevitably, you want to take yours somewhere and it’s out of batteries. This new speaker from Quirky is less likely to suffer this indignity because it charges wirelessly.

Free Google Cardboard App Lets You Stand On Stage With Paul McCartney

Google’s cheap virtual reality solution — a piece of folded cardboard — is perhaps the best thing to happen to VR in a long while. And now it lets you stand right there on stage with Paul McCartney.

Google Just Gave You A Good Reason To Quit Spotify With Its New Streaming Service

I signed up for Spotify three years ago, the day the service launched in the United States. $400 in subscription fees later, I’m still a member, and I’ve never regretted the money for a second. But for the first time since joining, I’m actually tempted to leave. YouTube Music Key might just win me over.

1% Of Recording Artists Earn 77% Of Recorded Music Revenue

Thanks to the internet, there are now more ways than ever to get music. But this hasn’t allowed smaller artists to get a bigger share of the financial pie. In fact, the top 1 per cent of artists now collect 77 per cent of all revenue from recorded music.

BitTorrent Now Lets Anyone Release An Album As A Paid-For Bundle

Earlier this year, Thom Yorke released his new album on BitTorrrent, selling it in a package that had to be paid for. Now, BitTorrent will let any artist release an album as a paid-for bundle.

Music Video Of Lovers Melting Is Really Cool But Incredibly Creepy

Most love songs have music videos where couples kiss, hug, or have sex. This video for the song Luna by South Korean band HEO does the same, except they take it to the extreme thanks to some cool but really creepy special effects.

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