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This Engraving Machine Sounds Like The Future

Video: What could possibly be the reason for an engraving machine to make these noises? Do spacey-sounding arpeggios make it engrave better? Does it support MIDI? If you know anything about the fine art of engraving, do please enlighten us.

Aussie Streaming Music Service Guvera In Financial Turmoil: Report

Not long ago, Guvera was one of the better options for music streaming. Being free via ad support was its biggest draw, and being Australian-owned didn’t hurt either. Unfortunately, after being turned away by the Australian Securities Exchange in June, Guvera’s gloomy financial position revealed itself — and it wasn’t pretty.

Sound Art Shows You What Musical Notes Actually Look Like

Sound is something of an ephemeral phenomenon, existing in the moment that vibrations travel through the air.Those vibrations also exhibit distinct patterns, depending on frequency, which can be visualised by scattering a fine dust over a vibrating plate. This was the inspiration for Resonantia, an album whose catalogue features photographs that capture those distinctive patterns for all 12 musical notes.

What's The Difference Between A $5000 Guitar And A $150 Guitar?

Video: I think the moral of the story (to my peasant ears, at least) in comparing a $US5000 ($6696) Martin D-42 guitar vs a $US150 ($201) Motion TD-107 guitar is that if you know how to play the guitar, you can make any damn thing with strings sound good.

5 Essential Spotify Add-Ons For Music Addicts

Spotify, the original titan of the music streaming world, is packed with plenty of great — but there are still plenty of third party add-ons that can enhance the original app even further. Here are some of our favourite utilities for doing more with Spotify and taking your streaming to the next level.

Kanye West May Have Broken The Law By Recording Phone Call With Taylor Swift

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian released video snippets of Kanye West talking to Taylor Swift on the phone about lyrics in his then upcoming song “Famous”. But because West apparently didn’t inform Swift that he was recording the call, he may have broken US federal wiretapping law.

Quench Your Game Of Thrones Withdrawal With The Theme Song Played On 64 Disk Drives

Video: After wowing us with a disk drive version of the Star Wars theme, Paweł Zadrożniak and his Floppotron are back to help Game of Thrones fans deal with the latest season already being over, and the next one being possibly delayed.

Why Do We Like The Music That We Like?

Some combinations of notes inherently sound better than others, right? It’s why the bread and butter of pop music, which is engineered to be upbeat and danceable, is highly consonant major chords. It’s why unpredictable 12-tone compositions create unease in the listener, and why Stravinsky’s dissonant Rite of Spring sparked a riot when it debuted.

What's Better: Apple Music Or Google Play Music?

Think streaming music, and the first name that springs to mind is probably Spotify — but there are some great alternatives out there. Both Apple and Google have music services for streaming, downloads, and playing local files across phones, tablets, and desktop. There are lots of different ways to compare the two services, but we’re going to try and simplify it by starting with all the similarities. Here’s how Apple Music compares to Google Play Music.

The Star Wars Theme Played On Floppy Drives Is Glorious

In 2011, a university student in Poland named Paweł Zadrożniak hooked up two floppy disk drives and started making music. Five years later, he’s assembled a full symphony.

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