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Liquid Filled Vinyl Records Exist, And Some Of Them Are Super Gross

Video: Vinyl nerds love limited editions, and one of the rarest subsets of gimmick records are the liquid-filled variety. You read that right — liquid-filled vinyl. The concept isn’t all that new, and was first (abortively) attempted by Disney in the ’70s, but it’s only become popular and viable in more recent years.

Apple Will Reportedly Overhaul Its Music Service This Winter

Apple Music hasn’t been the success many hoped it would be. But according to Bloomberg that may change next month, with Apple preparing a big overhaul for the service.

This Mechanical Beat Machine Filled With Random Things For Instruments Is So Fun

Video: I wish I could see more of the build process for artist Koka Nikoladze’s mechanical beat machines, but the little teasers of shaping springs, wires and wood in the video will have to do. In the end, the machines become adorably weird music boxes that are totally programmable and can “produce different kinds of rhythmic and melodic patterns”.

Switch Streaming Music Services Without Losing Your Songs And Playlists

Sick of Spotify? Tired of Tidal? Annoyed by Apple Music? There’s no shortage of choice if you want to jump from one streaming music service to another, but don’t be too hasty. Before you switch sides you want to make sure you’re not going to lose any of your precious tunes along the way.

Radiohead Is Back On The Internet With A New Song

Video: The band Radiohead erased itself from the internet earlier this week. Or did it? Now, from the echoing empty chambers of the band’s blank slate of engagement, there is a new auditory experience.

Radiohead Has Erased Itself From The Internet 

Radiohead has left the internet. The band seems to have removed its online presence, replacing its home page with a plain white screen, deleting its Twitter and Facebook history — and sending out hard copy leaflets in the post.

Things Are Getting Hilariously '80s On These New Monster Squad Vinyls

Lots of people say they’re children of the ’80, but I’m of the belief that isn’t true unless you know The Monster Squad. Fred Dekker’s under-appreciated 1987 monster mash-up remains a worthy cult classic and Mondo is about to pay tribute in an awesome way.

Edward Snowden's Latest Leak: His Terrible Music Video

Think back on the last two weeks of your life. Have you felt like part of your soul was missing? Have you noticed an eerie silence ringing in your ears? Did you wake up in a cold sweat at 3:28 am last night and scream, “GODDAMMIT EDWARD, YOU GAVE US A SINGLE, BUT WHERE IS THE MUSIC VIDEO?”

This Chatbot Is Like Having A Music Genius In Your Pocket

Finding a good chatbot in the current sea of mediocrity is nearly impossible. Most don’t work, and the ones that do are either too limiting or too annoying. But Record Bird’s new music-obsessed bot is something I would actually use.

Listen To A Song That Hasn't Been Heard For A Thousand Years

An ancient song repertory lost since the 11th century has been reconstructed by researchers from the University of Cambridge.

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