Pandora Now Available For Google Glass. Don't Thumbs-Down Your Eyeball.

Of all the things that you might want to do with Google Glass, music listening might not have been high on your list. Pandora’s at least having a go, releasing a Glass App for its radio service this week.

Turn An iPod Dock Into A Chromecast Speaker

When Apple made the switch from 30 pin to lightning connectors, a lot of iPod docks became effectively obsolete overnight. Obsolete, that is, unless you’re willing to hack them to take other music sources, such as turning them into Chromecast speakers.

A Traveller's Guide To Surviving Your First Burning Man Festival

It’s been almost a year since my first trip to Nevada’s Black Rock desert for the annual burning man festival. I’m finally pretty sure that I’m no longer carrying any playa dust on my body. As Burning Man time approaches again, I’ve been seeing first hand and virtually all the chatter and preparation my fellow Burners are going through for their trip “home”.

The Bizarre History Of X-Ray Records And Early Music Piracy

Thanks to the internet’s amazing capacity for self-recycling, articles about Soviet pirate recordings made of X-rays pop up frequently in my feeds. These popular, widely-shared posts explain how, in the 1950s and ’60s, music fans in the Soviet Union fabricated bootlegged recordings of banned western music — and they used old X-rays to do it. In reality, the story of these records extends even further back than the USSR.

SoundCloud Is Getting Ads

SoundCloud has been getting a little more business-savvy recently. Now, the pivotal music service has announced some sad news: it’s getting ads.

Samsung's New Bluetooth Speaker Looks Awfully Familiar

No, that’s not an picture of Jawbone’s now-iconic Jambox Bluetooth speaker. It is, in fact, the new Samsung Level Box mini.

All Rundle Mall's 'Pipe Guy' Needs To Make Music Is Thongs And PVC Pipe

If you frequent Adelaide’s Rundle Mall, then “Pipe Guy” is likely old news, but for the rest of us, it’s hard not to be amazed by a guy playing techno music with nothing by a unique instrument made of PVC pipe and a pair of thongs.

Retro Soundtrack For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Hits Number One Spot In Billboard Charts

The only thing more awesome than Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix Volume 1. It provides the epic soundtrack to this year’s best superhero movie, and despite the fact that it’s full of legendary tracks for the 1970′s, it has just hit number one on the Billboard charts.

How A Mysterious British DJ Made Me Love The Beach Boys Again

I started listening to The Beach Boys when I was about five years old. They inform my taste in music to this very day. But like most things we loved in childhood, I lost track of The Beach Boys. Nearly forgot them. Then I heard this track by a DJ and producer named Bullion, and it took me right back.

You Will Regret Handing Out Slide Whistle Straws At Your Next Party

Briefly: Like the harmonica, the slide whistle is one instrument you need no skill to play — you just blow in one end, and slide the other in and out. Unfortunately, that means that handing out a bunch of these adorable Wet My Whistle musical straws at your next get-together will result in a room full of amateur musicians trying (and failing) to play a tune.

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