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First Video Of Curiosity Rover Shows Its Exciting Descent To Mars

This video covers the last two and a half minutes of Curiosity’s descent from her point of view. It’s made of 297 frames captured during the landing. You can see the thermal shield being jettisoned and the wheel of the rover as it’s being dropped by the skycrane.

Curiosity's First High-Res Image Shows Impressive 6.5km High Mount Sharp

Here you have it. It’s not the super-HD panoramic image that everyone is eagerly waiting for, but this is the first high-resolution image of the 6.5km high Aeolis Mons, commonly known as Mount Sharp.

Here's The Exact Spot Curiosity Landed On Mars

A friend at NASA has sent us this exclusive document that reveals two things for the first time. One, it shows exactly where Curiosity landed yesterday, something that hasn’t been officially disclosed yet. Its accuracy is like shooting a bullet from the Empire State Building in New York and hitting the tip of the antenna on the the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Beautiful Video Game That Drives NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover

Curiosity has landed. It survived the seven minutes of terror and safely touched down on the surface of Mars. Now it needs a way to move around. Anyone who has ever played Lunar Lander and Moon Patrol already knows how they’re going to do this: video games.

Spectacular Images Of Curiosity's Descent

This is absolutely incredible. The HiRISE camera on board NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to spot Curiosity as it was descending on the surface of the red planet. You can clearly see the capsule and the deployed supersonic parachute.

Stop What You're Doing, Explore Mars Right Now

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk around on Mars? For 99.99999% of us, this may be as close as we ever get. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has given us the honour of taking the lid off of this awesome, interactive eye-candy. Basically it’s Google Earth, for Mars.

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