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This Full-Resolution Video Of Curiosity Landing On Mars Is As Good As It Gets

One of the biggest bummers about Curiosity’s epic landing is that there was no news crew on the surface to catch footage of the descent. This full-resolution video of Curiosity touching down, from its own point of view, is the next best thing.

Mars Curiosity Brain Transplant Complete

The Mars Curiosity Rover has completed its brain transplant, upgrading its operating system and apps. Now it’s ready to start her exploration journey across the Gale Crater, en route to slice and dice Mount Sharp on a search to find life in the Red Planet.

Curiosity's First Colour 360-Degree Panorama Shows No Fighting Sailors

It’s Curiosity’s third day on the Gale Crater on Mars, and all systems are running as expected. There is no sign of sailors fighting in the dance hall, cavemen or any freaky show. and here’s the first natural 360-degree colour panorama image to prove it.

How NASA Invented Curiosity's Terrifyingly Awesome Landing System

Adam Steltzner spent nine years working to turn seven minutes of terror into NASA’s finest hour since the landing of Apollo 11 on the Sea of Tranquility. Here is a fascinating insider’s view of one of the most amazing space exploration feats in history.

Curiosity Opens Her Eyes For The First Time

Great news keep coming from the red planet: Curiosity has opened her eyes for the first time. She took a good look around and decided that life was good on Mars — albeit a bit lonely. Updated with panoramas.

New Picture Shows Curiosity's Landing System In Pieces On Mars

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter just snapped the scene of the crime: all the pieces of the Entry Descent Landing system that worked flawlessly together to safely put Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

Why Do The Mars Rover's Images Look So Bad?

A lot of people are wondering why the first colour image from the Mars Curiosity Rover looks so murky. Or why the black and white pictures look so low-resolution and out of focus in some areas. Calm yourselves. They will look absolutely amazing soon, perfect and in high-def.

7 Reasons Curiosity Is The Baddest Rover Ever

While Curiosity was still flying through space, way before it landed on Mars, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were busy working with a clone rover back on earth. In a simulation area called the Mars Yard, scientists put the duplicate Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) through a series of experiments to perfect the rover’s software and reevaluate its capabilities. The tests answered critical questions like, “Can it go over that big rock?”

First Colour Photo Of Martian Landscape From Curiosity Mars Rover

Shooting a robot millions of kilometres from Earth and landing it on another planet is incredibly impressive and all, but it wasn’t a just an aeronautical physics experiment. We went there to collect data. Now we’ve got some: the first colour images from Curiosity.

Would You Rather Know The Origin Of Life Or Watch People Play Sport?

People are making comparisons between the cost of the Curiosity rover and other things. Among them, the cost of the Olympics.

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