This Could Be Our First Look At Mozilla's Chromecast Competitor

Ever since Chromecast and Roku hit the market, rumour has said that Mozilla was working on a more open, tinkerer-friendly type of streaming dongle. This week, Mozilla developer Christian Heilmann tweeted a photo that sure looks like a nearly-finalised product, and GigaOM got to play with a prototype. Casting’s about to get open-source.

So Long, Open Web: Mozilla Accepts Closed Source DRM And We All Lose

It’s official: the last holdout for the open web has fallen. Flanked on all sides by Google, Microsoft, Opera, and (it appears) Safari’s support and promotion of the EME DRM-in-HTML standard, Mozilla is giving in to pressure from Hollywood, Netflix, et al, and will be implementing its own third-party version of DRM. It will be rolled out in Desktop Firefox later this year.

Users Didn't Like Mozilla's New-Tab Ads (So It's Trying 'Em Again)

Back in February, Mozilla announced that it was going to trial promotional tiles in its ‘new tab’ page. Now, the company has revealed that the idea “didn’t go over well” with users — but it will try again anyway.

Firefox's Customisable (And Chrome-Like) Redesign Is Available Now

Mozilla just released an extensive new Firefox redesign, with cleaned up visuals and some great new features. It looks pretty different from the old Firefox — and rather similar to Google Chrome — with some deep customisation options and nice integration between desktop and mobile browsers.

Mozilla CEO Steps Down After 11 Awful Days In The Job

Remember, readers: doing something stupid will always come back and bite you in the proverbial behind. Just ask the now ex-CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, who stepped down after 11 sucky days in the role after a barrage of hate.

Why OKCupid Took A Stand Against Mozilla's Anti-Gay Rights CEO

Today, most tech companies are polluting the internet with stupid pranks. But there’s one brave statement being made on the internet that isn’t a dumb joke at all. OKCupid is blocking Mozilla Firefox users from its service with a message encouraging them to use other web browsers. Why? Mozilla’s CEO supports anti-gay causes, and OKCupid;s founder Christian Rudder told me today that his company won’t stand for it.

Mozilla Is Planning A $25 Firefox OS Smartphone

In developing countries, the high-end smartphone market is cornered by the big guys. But at Mobile World Congress, the Mozilla Foundation has announced a plan to get a different slice of the smartphone pie — with a low-end Firefox OS phone that will costs around $25.

Mozilla Is Putting Ads In Firefox's New-Tab Page

There is no escape from consumerism: Mozilla has announced that it is going to start experimenting with promotional tiles in its ‘new tab’ page.

Mozilla Doesn't Plan To Launch The Firefox Phone In Western Countries

Bad news if you’ve had your heart set on a Mozilla phone ever since the Firefox handsets were announced: the company has admitted that it currently has no plans to launch the device in developed markets such as the US and Australia.

Download Mozilla's Open-Source Furniture To Kit Out Your Home

If you’re struggling to find the right furniture for your place, consider making your own — from Mozilla’s very own pool of open-source designs.

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