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Mozilla Is Testing A New Firefox Feature To Circumvent 404 Errors

The internet is a constantly changing place. There’s no guarantee a page that existed a few years — or even days — ago will remain that way. Depending on how desperate you are, you can always give Google’s web cache or the Wayback Machine a go, but wouldn’t it be nice if your browser did this for you? Mozilla thinks so.

4 Easy Tricks To Make Firefox Run Faster

Mozilla Firefox was helping web users avoid Internet Explorer long before Google Chrome arrived, and it’s still going strong. Like all apps though, it can slow down over time. Here are four quick ways you can try to get the spring back in Firefox’s step.

Mozilla Begs Court For Details About Paedophile Tor Hack To Keep Firefox Safe

In 2015, the FBI hacked Tor to identify users of child sex websites. Now, Mozilla is begging courts to divulge how the operation was carried out so that it can ensure its code for Firefox remains secure.

Firefox's 'YouTube Unblocker' Add-On Removed By Mozilla For Bad Behaviour

One usually doesn’t question the trustworthiness of a Firefox extension from Mozilla’s official add-on site, but in the case of the recently removed “YouTube Unblocker”, that faith would have been misplaced. The add-on is no longer available, after being removed by Mozilla for violating the organisation’s extension guidelines.

Firefox Finally Goes 64-Bit On Windows

Weirdly, there’s never been a 64-bit version of Firefox until now. But if you’re running Windows 7 or later, you can now explore the internet with the browser while using twice its current 32 bits.

Dead In The Water: Firefox OS Won't Be Turning Up On Mobiles Anytime Soon

Firefox OS was a thing, right? Mozilla demoed it quite a few times, then smartphones packing the platform started appearing. In the last six months however, it’s been deathly quiet on the Firefox OS front. Probably because it is dead, at least for now.

Firefox's Tile Advertising Hasn't Worked Out For Mozilla

It’s no secret Mozilla has been toying with ideas to monetise Firefox, with one “experiment” including advertisement-filled home page tiles. After trialling the feature for a while, Mozilla has decided to give it the axe.

A Finished Version Of Firefox For iOS Is Finally Available On The App Store

It’s been in the planning since the start of the year and testing since September, but the first version of Firefox for iOS is finally available in the App Store.

Firefox's Creator Just Published A Script For His Own Silicon Valley Episode

Writing scripts for a popular TV show sounds like a dream job for any budding Hollywood hopeful. The hard part is getting someone to read what you put to paper. Of course, if you happen to be Blake Ross, co-founder of a little browser called Firefox, it gets a whole lot easier, particularly if that script happens to be for HBO’s Silicon Valley. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Mozilla's Radical Firefox Changes And How They'll Affect Your Add-Ons

Building extensible software is a tricky business. On one hand, you want your platform to be as customisable as possible, while on the other you want the flexibility to update APIs to make them faster, more secure and feature-rich. These aims aren’t always compatible, as we’re now discovering with Mozilla and the fundamental changes it’s making to Firefox’s add-on infrastructure.

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