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Video: CineFix takes a deep look into the art of opening titles and analyses the different types that appear in movies, ranking the best of each kind. From simple text title cards, to the foreshadowing teasers that you don't realise spoil the movie until you re-watch it, to slick graphic designs and animated opening credits, to a deep look at a main character or an introduction to the movie's world, the best title sequences aren't just words on a screen meant to kill some time. They set the tone of the film and make you ready for the story you're about to see.


The first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight drops soon and though it's definitely the fifth film in the popular franchise, it's more of a beginning than an end. After the fourth film Paramount hired a team of writers to develop ideas for future films, and while on the set of the film in August, producer Lorenzo DiBonaventua provided updates on everything in the works.


When it comes to cool geek stuff, Mads Mikkelsen has a stellar resume. He's been an iconic serial killer, a James Bond villain and played in the Marvel Universe — and soon, he'll build the freaking Death Star. But there's one genre he still really wants to get into.


He's lent his talents to some of the most popular animation work of the last 60 years, ranging from Sleeping Beauty, Superfriends, The Smurfs, The Jungle Book, Mulan and Toy Story 2 to Robot Chicken and Jonny Quest. He helped make the iconic opening animation from Soul Train. Yet, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life shows that he wasn't just the first black man to work at Disney. He was also a vital connection to all the ups and downs in several creative mediums for more than half a century.


Video: It's always nice (in a totally twisted way) to remind yourself of how bad things in the world could get by watching movies set in a post-apocalyptic future. They're always desolate and grim, lonely and uninviting, terribly sad and just plain awful places to live. I mean, seeing the last fictional characters on Earth trudge along a dead planet makes real life slightly more manageable. I think.