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Everyone Is Having Too Much Fun In This Captain America: Civil War Gag Reel 

Video: Unless you’ve been on a movie set before, it’s hard to describe just how tedious and monotonous making one can be. So it’s no surprise when you see something like this Captain America: Civil War gag reel, which features most of the cast cursing, laughing and generally just screwing everything up. It’s the only human reaction to such a crazy process.

Mad Max, Harry Potter And The Walking Dead Are Adorably Badarse In This Amazing Art

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook your text messages or just general web surfing, it’s almost certain you’ve seen the work of 100% Soft. The artist has become the go-to person in terms of pop culture emojis because his style is so perfectly suited to it. This weekend, he’s having his second solo art show, and we’re excited to debut some of the pieces.

Cloak & Dagger May Be The Most Messed-Up Kids Movie Of The '80s

“Do you remember the movie Cloak & Dagger?” my editor asked. Immediately, I froze. Did he know I used to be obsessed with that little-known ’80s movie about a kid and his imaginary spy friend? He didn’t; it was just a random question, but it made me sit down and do one of the scariest things you can do as an adult film fan: Re-watch a movie you loved as a kid.

This Fast & Furious-Star Wars Mash-Up Proves Every Movie Is Better With Lightsabers

Video: Seemingly every Fast & Furious movie builds up to one moment: Vin Diesel fighting the big bad guy. Usually, that big bad guy is also, well, big — someone like the Rock or Jason Statham. And as cool as that moment usually is, a new video proves that one thing can make it so much better: Lightsabers.

Christoph Waltz Could Join Robert Rodriguez's Alita: Battle Angel

The long-in-development manga adaptation Alita: Battle Angel now has its third piece of the puzzle. First, producer James Cameron hired director Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez then hired Rosa Salazar to play the lead. Now, he’s about to sign Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz to play her mentor.

Smash All The Screens In Your House And Hide From The Well Witch, The Rings Trailer Is Here

Video: Of all the things in this trailer — the body horror, the water coming from nowhere, the hand coming out of the TV — I think the thing that worries me the most is that these people went to Vincent D’Onofrio for help.

Pete's Dragon Movie Review: Too Nice For Its Own Good

Watching Pete’s Dragon is a very enjoyable experience. It’s a simple story, told well, with gorgeous cinematography, beautiful music, and strong performances. But if calling it “an enjoyable experience” makes you think there’s something off about the movie, well, then you’re absolutely right.

The Disappointments Room Has A Cool Premise, A Scary Trailer And A Terrible Title

Video: A general rule of thumb is, if you buy a new house and discover a spooky room that’s not on the floor plans, you run away as fast as you can. But if that happened in horror movies like The Disappointments Room, there wouldn’t be much of a story, would there?

The Sight Of Chris Hemsworth's Body Convinced John Krasinski Not To Be Captain America

It’s hard to imagine after years of Chris Evans in the role that John Krasinski was at one point incredibly close to becoming Marvel Studio’s Captain America. Krasinski dropped out at pretty much the final hurdle, but according to him, the reason he knew he wouldn’t get it? Chris Hemsworth’s abs.

Say Goodbye To The Sydney IMAX Before It Gets Demolished

One of the things Sydney has always held claim to — alongside the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and Centrepoint Tower — has been the IMAX building in the city’s Darling Harbour. Stretching 35.7 metres wide and 29.7 metres tall, the IMAX screen inside is — or was — the largest in the world, with three times the surface area of a regular IMAX (and, importantly, bigger than Melbourne’s). Now, the IMAX Cinema and retail stores around it will soon close for three years, and it’ll be demolished to be replaced by a slightly smaller screen — albeit inside a much fancier building.

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