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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Summarised In A Hilariously Crude 60-Second Animation

Video: If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, why bother? Just troll the entire world by saying you were too busy or that Star Wars is just OK or that you’re totally fine with missing out on whatever silly pop culture thing takes over the world for a few minutes every year. Just watch this hilarious speedrun drawing of the movie by 1A4 Studio instead. It’s basically all you need. Who needs the special effects?

Silly Mashup Of Dance Scenes From Movies Is Such A Good Time

Video: Here is nearly 4-minutes of awesome dance scenes from movies that, just from watching it, will make you have a riotous good time. Dance sequences in movies are sometimes goofy, sometimes winking, sometimes weird but always worth watching. I had a dumb smile on my face throughout this entire video by Robert Jones of beautiful famous people dancing like maniacs.

A 10-Hour Film About Paint Drying Is A Film For Everyone

The British Board of Film Classification has ruled that a 607-minute documentary about paint drying is unlikely to offend or harm anyone that may view it, and has classified the film as “U for Universal”.

10 Movies Based On A True Story That Had Different Endings In Real Life

Video: When movies are based on a true story, every movie-goer above the age of 12 knows that movie studios have no intention of actually telling the true story. Things are sensationalised, characters are fictionalised, and the movie ends up looking nothing like real life. But what is interesting is that after the movie ends, that screen of text which pops up before the credits telling us what the real life characters are doing now is expected to be treated with a little more seriousness.

Coming Soon: Sci-Fi Movie And TV News

It’s time for Gizmodo’s regular Monday run down of what’s coming soon in the world of science fiction entertainment. This week: Game of Thrones gets some new teaser trailers, Star Wars: Episode VIII is delayed, Gillian Anderson was offered half of what David Duchovony was for The X-Files new series, and Netflix announces a Doctor Who star for Charlie Brooker’s twisted Black Mirror series.

Sundance's VR Films Are A Frickin' Emotional Roller Coaster

If this year’s Sundance Film Festival is any indication, virtual reality is about to hit the mainstream. Under a program called “New Frontier”, the festival is promoting eleven independently produced VR films. The finalists have been chosen from hundreds of entries and among them are some short documentaries, horrifying acid trips and even a Reggie Watt music video.

Netflix Doesn't Think VPN Piracy Is A Big Problem

Netflix recently made a lot of people sad by announcing a block on using VPNs and proxies to access its services, shutting down a popular, semi-shady way to watch TV online. But according to CEO Reed Hastings, it’s no big deal because no one was doing that anyway.

Here's How A 70MM Film Projector Works

Video: Beautifully. It works beautifully. If you’re a film nerd or movie buff or just appreciate film in any sort of way, you’ll love this footage of a 70MM film projector showing The Hateful Eight. Andrew Walker, a projectionist, captured this footage of what happens behind the scenes inside the projection room of a movie and to see all the working parts move in a time lapse is so fun.

The 10 Best Opening Scenes In Movie History

Video: What’s your favourite type of opening shot for a movie? Is it when they drop you in the middle of their world and expect you to catch up immediately? Is it when they slyly insert a spoiler that you don’t realise is important yet? Or maybe it’s when they neatly bookend the film with the beginning and end of the movie having the same scene. My favourite is when it’s a mysteriously gorgeous shot of the world of the film. Like in Blade Runner.

The First Official Look At The New Wonder Woman Film Is Here

It’s here! The first footage from the upcoming Wonder Woman film has been released, showing Gal Gadot taking on the iconic role of Diana. The film will tell her classic origin story, from her start in life on Themyscira to her “journey to our world”.

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