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These Six New Doctor Strange Posters Will Have You Head Over Heels (Or Vice Versa)

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is a few short weeks away and, in anticipation, they have released six very cool new character posters.

Jurassic World Has Quietly Been Releasing A Ton Of Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Video: Even though Jurassic World came out on DVD last October, the official YouTube page has continued to fill up with featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage and what in-process footage looks like. Also? A video of Vincent D’Onofrio kissing a velociraptor.

Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin To Make The Hot Wheels Movie

Yes, Justin Lin also directed this year’s Star Trek Beyond. However, I think it’s safe to say that when Legendary Films was looking for some to make a movie based on Mattel’s tiny metal racing car toys, they might have looked back a little bit further in his resume.

Captain America: Civil War VFX Reel Shows All The CG That Went Into Making Black Panther's Outfit

Video: We’ve talked before about how Black Panther’s outfit in Captain America: Civil War has been the only CG superhero costume to ever look good on-screen. Now a new VFX reel from Cinesite shows exactly what went into making Black Panther look so good while simultaneously looking so real.

Movie Review: M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split' Is A Genuinely Good Film With A Truly Shocking Twist

There are a few reasons why Split is the perfect title for the new M. Night Shyamalan movie. The most obvious one is the fact it’s about a man with multiple split personalities who kidnaps three young girls. The other is that the movie itself is split: 98 per cent of the movie is a good Shyamalan film, which is its own pleasant surprise. But the final 2 per cent is “Oh my God. OH MY GOD.”

We're Pretty Sure Doctor Strange Has Possession Of The Next Infinity Stone

Visiting a movie set is almost like a crime scene investigation. There’s a truth, but no one wants to reveal it, so you poke around and see what secrets you can discover. Earlier this year, we visited the set of Marvel’s Doctor Strange and tried to discern if the next Infinity Stone, those magic rocks at the core of pretty much everything in the MCU, would appear in the film. Our verdict: Probably.

Disney Is Remaking The Lion King, Because Of Course It Is

Disney’s putting a “reimagining” of The Lion King in the hands of Jon Favreau, following his version of The Jungle Book raking in piles and piles of money. This trend of Disney remaking its own hits forever and ever is great. A live-action Frozen movie has to be coming soon, right?

Magical Creatures And Cultural Differences Abound In The New Fantastic Beasts Trailer

Video: Turns out, an Englishman in New York can be just as dangerous as a horde of magical creatures on the loose.

Silly Video Edits Together Popular Movie Characters To Make Them Sing In The Rain

Video: Ever imagine a movie scene where Gene Kelly is singing in the rain while Neo and Agent Smith fight and Spider-Man does his upside down kiss with Mary Jane? What about if Tony Leung from The Grandmaster, Jet Li from Lethal Weapon 4, T-Rex from Jurassic Park and replicant Roy Batty from Blade Runner all make an appearance too? Yep, that’s what happens in this wild mashup video that edits together rain scenes from various movies into one epic music video for Singin’ in the Rain.

The Harbinger Movie Could Now Lead The Valiant Cinematic Universe

In 2015, Sony Pictures announced they’d start their own superhero cinematic universe using the characters of Valiant Comics. The plan was to use Bloodshot and Harbinger to start things off. Now it seems, while that’s still in play, the titles have been flipped around.

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