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Honest Trailer Of Avengers: Age Of Ultron Shows How Even Good Marvel Movies Aren't As Fun Anymore

Marvel is still pumping out some really good and really fun movies but there’s definitely a little fatigue when it comes to juggling all these superheroes to set up all these storylines to connect all these worlds. A movie like Avengers: Age of Ultron was absolutely, totally good! But it tries to do too much without doing enough in some parts.

All The Awesome Cars From Mad Max: Fury Road In One Cool Graphic

One of our favourite artists, Scott Park, illustrated 33 of the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road and they look great. You’ll see Furiosa’s War Rig and the Interceptor and the Gigahorse and more drawn in a really fun style.

I Watched Netflix In VR And Now Reality Seems Hollow And Pointless

“IT’S FOR GAMES” has been the oft-quoted cry of VR headset makers and gamers when talking about virtual reality, but the opportunity for movies is unquestionably huge. Today, Oculus VR released a Netflix app for the Gear VR (and eventually Oculus’ own headset.) And it makes watching Netflix in real life seem super lame.

Why Do Action Scenes In Movies Suck?

Here’s a really good video essay from Sam and Niko about action scenes in movies. They first start by showing us what bad action scenes look like — quick cuts, implied action, reason-less fighting, etc. — and then delve into movies that do action scenes really well (involve characters we care about, actually show the action and the action with reaction, etc.). It’s really nice to be able to see the good and the bad side-by-side, since the differences are highlighted even more.

Coming Soon: This Week In Movie Trailers

Welcome to the trailer park! Catch up on all this week’s new movie trailers with Coming Soon!

10 Awesome Bloopers That Actually Made It Into Movies

Video: There is so much preparation that goes into a movie — so many takes captured of any given scene, and so much effort that goes into the camera work, and so much practice for the performances but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Mistakes happen, lines are forgotten, and bloopers are created. But sometimes those happy accidents end up being better than what the filmmakers originally intended.

Super Fun Video Mixes Phone Call Scenes From Movies Into One Long Game Of Telephone

This is so fun and great that I wish it would never end. Burger Fiction stitched together this super long scene of phone calls from movies so that it looks like different characters from different movies are all talking to each other on the phone, like one never ending game of telephone that breaks the boundaries of fiction.

The Martian Review: Smart Sci-Fi For The ADD Generation

Of all the literary genres to adapt to the big screen, “hard sci-fi” is arguably the trickiest. Get too fanciful with the fiction and your audience could lose its suspension of disbelief. Delve too deeply into the science and you risk putting everyone to sleep. Thankfully, The Martian — based on the best-selling novel by Andy Weir — traverses this tightrope with the assurance of a Michael Jackson moonwalk. It is Castaway for NASA nerds and the best movie Ridley Scott had directed in years. We just wish it had a few more quiet, reflective moments.

Honest Trailer For Furious 7 Proves That It Was The Perfect Mix Of Silly And Awesome

An easy way to weed out un-fun people who you shouldn’t hang out with is to find folks who don’t enjoy the Fast and Furious series and then stay far, far away from them because they don’t enjoy the best thing in life: stuff that is just stupid but awesome and totally silly but so much fun. That’s basically the movie. That’s basically the reason for existing.

Here Are 5 Alternate Movie Endings That Would Have Been Way More Bad Arse

Sometimes movies change their original, director intended endings because the audience gets too attached to characters or studios want to leave room open for sequels or we all just want a teeny bit of happiness after we sit in a dark room for two hours. But some endings shouldn’t change because the alternate endings were better than what we saw. Here are a few movies with bad arse alternate endings.

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