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Dr Zaius Fondly Remembers Working With 'Chuck' Heston On Planet Of The Apes

Video: Much of the original Planet of the Apes was a gruelling desert film shoot, with actors wearing prosthetic make-up that was cutting-edge for 1968 but was still incredibly cumbersome. Their greatest champion, remembers the one and only Dr Zaius, was star Charlton Heston — who apparently insisted everyone call him “Chuck”.

The First Trailer For Leonard Nimoy Doc For the Love Of Spock Would Make Even A Vulcan Cry

Video: If you’re half-Vulcan, half-human, go ahead and grab a box of tissues before you hit play. Because honestly, if you still miss the dearly departed Leonard Nimoy, this will tug at your heartstrings like they were a Vulcan lute.

J.J. Abrams Has An Idea For A Star Wars Spin-Off Movie About The Knights Of Ren

He’s not going to tell you what the idea is, of course — he is J.J. Abrams, after all. But if there’s a person in such a position to actually get a movie made about the mysterious cronies of Kylo Ren made, it’s him.

The LEGO Batman Movie's Robin And Joker Aren't Quite What We Were All Expecting

We’ll be seeing more from the LEGO Batman Movie at Comic-Con this week, but we’ve now got our first look at characters in the film beyond Will Arnett’s goofy Dark Knight — and they’re looking a little different from their usual incarnations.

Detective Pikachu Will Be The First Live-Action Pokemon Movie

It was only last week we heard that the bidding for the movie rights of the fabled Pokemon franchise were heating up again thanks to the runaway success of Pokemon GO — but now we have confirmation: Legendary is teaming up with The Pokemon Company to make a live-action movie… but not the one you were expecting.

This Crazy Ghostbusters Scene May Have Cost Over A Million Dollars 

There’s a certain moment with Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin in the new Ghostbusters that was a pretty well-kept secret up to the film’s release — and a pretty ridiculous moment, at that. Also ridiculous? It apparently cost the production a lot of money.

Behold The Glory Of Elliot In Two New Pete's Dragon Clips

Video: Up until now, everything we’ve seen of Pete’s Dragon has shown Elliot the dragon in small amounts. It’s been effective, since the movie’s trailer looked amazing. But today brought two new clips that were all about Elliot.

Japan's New Godzilla Movie Has Another Solemn, Stunning Trailer

Video: Shin Godzilla is just about to premiere in Japan, and so it’s time for a new trailer. Just like the first, it’s solemn, but jam-packed with a) concerned Japanese people, and b) the King of Kaiju shrugging off some pretty hefty resistance like it’s no big deal.

Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men Is Coming To The Big Screen

Terry Pratchett’s young adult Discworld novel is getting adapted by the Jim Henson Company, which means we’ll finally see young witch Tiffany Aching in action.

Get A Closer Look At The Weird Texture Of The Power Rangers Movie Uniforms

When we first saw the new costumes for the Power Rangers movie, we were a little surprised at just how much like Iron Man armour they looked. This latest, closer look at them doesn’t change that — but it also lets us get really close to their strange, shiny texture.

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