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Video: If there's one takeaway from either the original 1982 TRON movie or the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, it's that glowing stuff is always kind of cool to look at. To build off this, the talented and creative bakers at Pies Are Awesome managed to make a delicious-looking TRON-themed pie that glows in the dark, but is still safe to eat.


No one takes the Golden Globes seriously. So when the awards show nominated Deadpool for Best Musical or Comedy Film, it was seen as fun nod for fans with no real weight. But the film has been lauded by multiple critics groups, it's been nominated for a Writers Guild Award and it won a Critics' Choice Award. Today, Deadpool was one of 10 films nominated by the prestigious and influential Producers Guild of America.


Watching the Underworld movies is a weird experience, because it feels like the filmmakers are trying to make a cool entertainment about vampires and werewolves by using none of the stuff that's cool about vampires and werewolves.


The movies of 2017 are a truly star-studded bunch. There's Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, Thor and Wonder Woman. King Kong, the Gunslinger, Power Rangers. Luke Skywalker, Peter Quill and Jason Voorhees. The return of Rick Deckard, Jack Sparrow, and Optimus Prime. The list goes on and on — so to help you keep track of them all, here's our handy guide to the science fiction, fantasy, horror, superhero and generally weird movies coming this year.


After a mid-season hiatus so we could all go see a movie, Star Wars Rebels came back Sunday with a two-part episode called "Ghosts of Geonosis." Not only did it bring Forest Whitaker back to voice Saw Gerrera, it helped fill in a crucial link between Attack of the Clones and Rogue One. It also included one of the all-time funniest lines in Rebels history.


Video: I'll admit to being dumb and not noticing this before, but action movies seem to make all actresses do the same move during a fight scene: The between-the-legs takedown. There's different variations of it, of course, but the end result is almost always the same, someone ends up in between the action heroine's legs, and it's kind of weird how common it happens.