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8 Things People Say In Interviews That Usually Mean A Movie Will Suck

We constantly get our hopes up for upcoming movies… and then they let us down. It’s easy to get sucked into the hype cycle, as people talk up their projects — but sometimes, you can tell just from the way people talk about a film that it’s probably not going to work. Here are eight key phrases that usually indicate danger.

And Now, Bryan Singer's Point-by-Point Defence Of Every Aspect Of X-Men's Apocalypse

Ever since the very first images of Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse were released, pretty much everyone of a certain age had the same reaction: “Is that Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie?” Well, now Bryan Singer’s stepped up to defend his choices.

GLAAD Calls On Disney To Add LGBT Characters To Star Wars

Every year, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) releases a “Studio Responsibility Index” that analyses the visibility of LGBT characters in the last year of movies. It was not a great year for Disney — but GLAAD has pointed to a galaxy far, far away where they could easily make some improvements.

Lebron James' Space Jam 2 May Actually Be Happening

Jokes and rumours about a Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James have been around for a long time. There were even points where it almost became a real thing. But now, we swear, it’s closer to real than ever — because director Justin Lin is even in talks to direct.

Stan Lee Conquers Bollywood As His Superhero 'Chakra The Invincible' Gets A Live-Action Movie

Even after Stan Lee left Marvel he never stopped creating superheroes, and now one of those newer creations is coming to the big-screen. The animated superhero Chakra the Invincible is turning into a live-action Bollywood movie.

You Can Watch The Best Minute Of Batman V Superman Right Here

One of the absolute highlights of Batman v Superman was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. She was almost literally a ray of light and colour in a dark grey world. And now, you can see her best moment, which also happens to be the best moment of the movie. (The video is kind of a spoiler, if you haven’t seen the trailers.)

Awesome Animated GIFs Show The Famous Characters Actors Play In Their Careers

Artist Prasad Bhat made this fantastic art series, The Evolution, that tracks the career of famous actors and the iconic roles they have played in different movies. It’s great because the expression of each actor never changes (and the expressions are so, so on point), even through all the characters’ costumes and wigs and facial hair and so forth.

You'll Scream For These Seven New Horror Posters From Mondo

It’s probably too late to book an affordable ticket to Dallas for this weekend’s Texas Frightmare convention, but it may be worth it. Mondo has revealed some crazy cool new posters for Scream, Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and more that will exclusively debut at the event.

You Know Actress Linda Hunt But You Probably Don't Know Why

As a kid you probably watched Pocahontas. In your adolescence you might have played one of the God of War games. And in your darkest moments you sat down with a bowl of dollar instant ramen to watch NCIS: Los Angeles. What through-line could possible exist between these things? Linda Hunt — a character actress who’s been consistently working for almost 40 years, but is largely unknown by the public.

Emily Bett Rickards Is Going To Be In A Science Fiction Movie That I Don't Understand

A new science fiction movie just cast a bunch of kick-arse ladies to star in it, including the actress behind Arrow‘s beloved Felicity Smoak. It’s a science-fiction thriller called Slumber, about a woman who wakes up from a coma and tries to piece together her past and find her missing daughter… and I have no idea who is playing what.

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