This Supercut Of Disney Movies Is Basically A Time Machine To The 90s

Video: There’s a stupid obsession with the 90s that’s weird because the 90s were pretty boring and really just speaks to our base desires of wanting to re-live childhood because all of us are old and slowly deteriorating into dust. But still, even cold hearted me can appreciate this supercut of Disney movies from the 90s.

Check Out The New Batman V. Superman Trailer, Starring Wonder Woman

So she’s only on screen for a few seconds of the over three and a half minute long Comic-Con trailer for next year’s Batman V. Superman. They are the best seconds.

First Picture Of The New Ghostbusters In Front Of The ECTO-1 Is Badass

Briefly: Man, this is cool. Paul Feig just tweeted a picture of the new all-female Ghostbusters cast in front of the new ECTO-1. They look so cool and bad arse that I want to watch this movie right now. Or I’ll just watch Ghostbusters again for like the 14th time.

This Is What The New Ghostbusters Will Look Like

We’ve already seen what they will wear and drive, but this is the first glimpse of what the new Ghostbusters will like when they hit the screen.

The Home Alone Figures You've Waited 25 Years For Are Finally Here

Remember how disappointed you were as a kid when you discovered there were no Home Alone action figures at your local toy store? No? Well someone must have felt that way, because Neca’s created eight-inch versions of Kevin, Marv, and Harry so you can recreate all those holiday hi-jinx in your own home.

The Powerful Art Of The Opening Shot Of Iconic Movies

A movie’s opening shot prepares you for the entire movie. Sometimes you already know a masterpiece is being woven together. Other times you buckle in for a wild action packed ride. Or know that you’re about to laugh the theatre’s roof off. It’s important for a movie’s opening shot to set the tone.

This Is What The New Ghostbusters Will Drive

If you weren’t already excited about seeing the Ghostbusters’ new proton packs and jumpsuits, director Paul Feig is now offering a sneak peek at the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle. Like its predecessor, it’s a vintage Cadillac. Somewhat unlike the original Ecto-1, however, this new car is undeniably a hearse.

Paramount Wants Movies On Demand Two Weeks After They're In Theatres

Tired of waiting forever for movies to be released on DVD and streaming? Paramount Pictures has finally heard your complaints. And it has just struck a deal with two major movie theatre chains that will allow them to release new films on demand after only two weeks in the theatre.

How A Film Projector Works, And Why They're Still Mechanical Marvels

When going to see a movie, many of us probably go out of our way to make sure the theatre has been upgraded with high-res digital projectors. The golden age of film might be behind us, but as engineer guy Bill Hammack explains, the projector is still an impressive feat of mechanical design, capable of creating one of the best optical illusions of all time.

An Annotated Guide To The New Ghostbusters Proton Pack

The release date for Ghostbusters 3 is still a year away, but director Paul Feig is getting very excited. After tweeting images of the uniforms that will be worn by the new Ghostbusters, Feig just provided a nice annotated guide to the new proton packs. It’s a little confusing!

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