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What Actors Aged With Make Up Look Like Vs What They Actually Look Like When They're Old

Video: Here’s a fun and interesting look at how Hollywood ages actors with make up and prosthetics versus what they actually look like when they get old. Some of the movies get it very close (Marlon Brando in The Godfather), while some movies are way too liberal with the wrinkles and the balding and end up getting it totally wrong (like Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man and Biff in Back to the Future Part II).

Report: The New Animated Spider-Man Movie Will Star Miles Morales 

Hey, remember when it was announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie) would be making an animated Spider-Man movie? It might be even better than we thought.

How Movie Sequels Play With Our Emotions By Recycling Nostalgia

Video: The Nerdwriter has a really interesting breakdown on intertextuality in movies, or the idea of how something seen in a movie is shaped by something previously seen in something else. A call back, of sorts. A cultural or genre nod, even. But what’s really interesting is how intertextuality is now used in a world of movies dominated by sequels, adaptations, remakes and shared universes.

What Makes A Movie Great?

Video: It’s a big sweeping question that can’t possibly have an answer. Is it the story? Is it the characters? Is it the cinematography? This examination by Now You See It attempts to break down what makes a movie elevate from good to great, and focuses on a few things: the impact it has on filmmaking (also known as why Citizen Kane is so great), the impact it has on our culture (also known as why Jaws is so great) and the impact it has on the individual viewer (also known as why whatever movie you think is great is so great).

Mel Brooks Talks About The Post-Apocalyptic Rollerskating Film That Almost Ruined Him

Have you heard of the movie Solarbabies? It’s a 1986 sci-fi film starring Jason Patric about a team of roller skating kids that save the world. As you can imagine from that description, it’s pretty bad, which is why it got featured on Paul Scheer’s How Did This Get Made podcast.

A Harry Potter Theory That Both Explains Harry's Tiny Class And Will Ruin Your Day

Ever wonder how there could only be about 18 Gryffindors in Harry’s Hogwarts class and that JK Rowling has said there were 1000 students at the school? Well, a fan theory has an answer… a depressing, depressing answer.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Is An Ambitious But Completely Inessential Sequel

At a certain point during Alice Through the Looking Glass, I thought to myself, “Wait, haven’t I seen this before?” And not in the cute “This movie is about time travel and we revisit scenes” kind of way. The movie got so monotonous, I literally felt like I’d seen a scene before in the same film.

Lionsgate Wants To Make Up To Seven Power Rangers Movies

Lionsgate’s first Power Rangers movie is still a year away, but the studio is putting a lot of faith into the franchise performing well for it going forward. Are you ready to be excited for not just one Power Rangers movie, but seven of them?

Mel Gibson Could Have Played Odin In The Thor Movies

Considering how much controversy has surrounded Mel Gibson, it’s still odd how often he gets linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rumours have swirled about him as an Avenger, a director and now Gibson himself confirmed a totally different connection — to the role of Thor’s father.

New Alien: Covenant Image Reveals Katherine Waterson's Character And A Ship In Danger

Fox released this image from the filming of Alien: Covenant, which shows Katherine Waterston in character as “Daniels” for the first time (that’s her on the right). Also, there are wires ripped from the ceiling and lighting that could indicate a fire in the background, which, if she’s in a spaceship, is rarely a good thing. Things don’t look great.

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