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Video: What Movies Have Thought The Future Would Look Like

It’s always fun to look back at movies set in the future and see what their vision of the future was. Even though it’s more a reflection of the time period the movie was made and their imagination is limited to what was around them, it’s cool to see what was right and what was totally off. Robert Jones made this compilation of futuristic movies and spliced together what we thought the future would look like in this excellent video.

Here Are 10 Deleted Star Wars Scenes That You Probably Never Saw Before

Some of these scenes were rightfully axed. Like Luke and Leia about to share a creepy intimate kiss before C-3P0 saves the day by interrupting them. Other scenes should have never been cut. Like the scene showing the Emperor demanding that the second Death Star be fired up to blow up the moon that Han and Leia were on. And other scenes are just fun like Han being Han.

This Shot-By-Shot Comparison Of Old And New Mad Max Is A Blast

Reboots are hard. It’s hard to find the sweet spot between paying tribute to the original while improving upon it at the same time. Watching a shot-by-shot comparison of the original Mad Max and Fury Road, however, reveals what a great sequel can be.

All The Awesome Spaceships And Vehicles Of Star Wars in One Cool Graphic

Artist Scott Park managed to do the incredible: he drew nearly all the identifiable spaceships and vehicles and animals used in the original Star Wars trilogy and laid them out in one awesome poster you can buy. There’s basically everything you love and know here: the Millennium Falcon, both Death Stars, TIE Fighters, AT-AT, and more.

Here Are 6 Movies That Blatantly Re-used Footage From Other Movies

Video: This is a fun one. Screen Rant came up with a list of movies that shows how films have recycled and reused scenes from other movies. This isn’t an act of homage or done in inspiration, this is footage taken from one movie (sometimes shot for shot!) and used again in another movie and hoping that no one would notice. You get to see it all side-by-side.

Sometimes A Feel-Good Documentary About Young Coders Is Just What You Need

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future of women and minorities in the tech industry, but I think there’s one thing we can all agree on. This documentary about young women competing to win a Google prize for their apps is pretty damn uplifting.

The Cool Secret Stories Behind 10 Of The Most Iconic Movie Scenes

Video: Harrison Ford and Sean Connery taking off their pants and wearing just underwear in scenes from Indiana Jones because it was too hot? Jack Nicholson being too good at breaking down doors in The Shining? Martin Sheen actually being drunk and slicing his hand and fighting Francis Ford Coppola off screen in Apocalypse Now? These are the stories behind some of the most iconic scenes in some of the most iconic movies of all time.

All Of James Bond's Travel Destinations On A Single Interactive Map

James Bond gets about at bit, in more ways than one. This interactive map shows where the spy has travelled to across all the movies in the franchise to date. He must’ve used a stack of (fake) passports.

Popular Movie Posters Get Animated With The Actual Scenes From The Movies

Video: There’s a whole lot of fun in this project by Pablo Fernandez Eyre: famous movie posters turn into moving pictures with the help of the actual scene from the movie itself. It’s like if the movie posters were GIFs, you get to see what led up to and what happened after the scene they took the movie poster from.

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