Hackers Demand Sony Pictures Kill The Interview

In case you forgot about the historically massive Sony Pictures hack last week, a group of hackers just reminded the world that they exist and remain angry. In a new post, hackers identifying themselves as “the GOP working all over the world” leaked data that they claim came from Sony’s servers. Their demand? Pull The Interview or else.

Here's A Trailer For A Vertical Movie Because Everything Is Terrible

Argentinian filmmakers Gonzalo Moiguer and Rodrigo Melendez have set about making a movie shot entirely in vertical orientation. GREAT.

Foxtel's Presto Movie Streaming Will Add TV Shows In 2015

Presto, the movie streaming service from Foxtel, is a bargain at $10 per month. It’s restricted purely to movies, though, and it seems like Foxtel wants more — a new Presto Entertainment service, focusing on on-demand TV shows and series, will launch early next year.

New Star Wars Trailer Perfectly Remade With Original Star Wars Footage

When I saw the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it felt instantly familiar. That’s very probably because anything Star Wars feels nostalgic but also because, well, we’ve seen all those scenes from the trailer before! Here is the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens remade shot-by-shot with original footage.

Star Trek 3 Jettisons Director And (Terrible-Sounding) Script

It’s a strange universe we live in where the folks behind the new Star Wars film are the same group that brought us the rebooted (and lens-flare-happy) Star Trek. Though the world of epic sci-fi movies isn’t always blissful — it appears the next Star Trek is on the hunt for a new director after the disposal of Robert Orci and his less-than-inspiring script.

35 Of The Best Space Movies Mashed Up In One Hypnotising Video

Editor Max Shishkin combined the soundtrack of Intersellar, the voice of Anthony Hopkins reading Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas, and footage from 35 of the best space movies to make this amazing mashup.

All The Best Movie Trailers From 2014 Mashed Up Into One Awesome Video

I don’t know if 2014 was a good year for movies, but I do know that 2014 was a damn good year for movie trailers (this could be said for most years, actually). And here are clips of all those movie trailers mashed up into one awesome sequence.

How Many Of These Pop Culture References Do You Recognise In This Video?

Video: Cruisr’s music video for their song All Over contains so many pop culture references in its animation that I can’t even keep up. There are famous couples side by side and there are movie scenes recreated and it’s just so much fun trying to spot them all. It’s like seeing all the movies I’ve ever seen in one video.

Why Jackie Chan Movies Are So Much Fun To Watch

The always excellent Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting takes a closer look at what makes Jackie Chan action movies so fun to watch. It’s Jackie Chan’s brand of action comedy that makes him so special, he plays the underdog, he uses the environment around him, he’s a perfectionist and so much more.

This Typographic Analysis Of Alien Is Terrifyingly, Wonderfully Geeky

You might consider yourself an Alien expert. You may be able to quote the entire film, backwards, or know who was the third assistant focus-puller. But I guarantee that not even Ridley Scott has knowledge of the movie’s typography like this guy.