Video: The Sound Effects Of Star Wars

If you see a lightsaber, you can hear the glowing sound it makes. If you see C-3P0 or R2-D2 or Chewie, you can automatically hear them even if they’re not talking. Vader? Yeah, you hear the breathing. And that goes for X-Wings and Tie Fighters and everything else, the sounds of Star Wars are so iconic you don’t even have to hear them again to hear them.

Silly Animation Imagines If Fast And Furious 7's Stunts Were Realistic

Some people think the Fast and Furious movie franchise is too ridiculous and dumb and filled with stunts that are even more realistic and dumb. Those people are so, so wrong. Because it really doesn’t matter how crazy it gets because it’s fun as hell to watch. You wouldn’t want to see the realistic version because they’d just be stuck in traffic all the time.

Fun Video Reveals The Hidden Easter Eggs In Pixar Movies

Video: Pixar movies are always fun to watch because of the characters and the stories and most of all, the personality that each film has. The storytellers and animators of Pixar love to leave little unique bread crumbs in each movie to give the die hard fans something to talk about. Here’s a fun video showing fun easter eggs in Pixar movies.

All The Times Owen Wilson Has Said 'Wow' In Movies

Video: Owen Wilson basically plays the same guy in every single movie he’s in. If you’ve seen his shtick, you know all of his go-to moves. Here is a video compilation of one of his favourites, saying “wow” at things. He either goes with breathless stunned “wow” or with an inflection that turns it into an upside down cat meow.

How Avengers: Age Of Ultron's Skull-Crunching Sounds Were Made

Avengers: Age of Ultron is the kaboom, smash, crunch action movie of the moment. Check out this short documentary about how the sonic magic was made.

Video: The History Of The PG-13 Rating And Why The MPAA Sucks

The Dissolve put together this neat animation that briefly looks at the history of the PG-13 rating, a rating that was invented after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins was released. And in discussion of the rating, it reveals how backwards the MPAA can be when it comes to violence vs sex, love and nudity.

How The Poetry Of Beautiful Films Is In The Details

Video: The world view changing Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting takes a deep dive into the films of Lynne Ramsay, a director whose work I’m mostly unfamiliar with, and explains how the poetry of a film isn’t in the plot but in the details. Like with most of Zhou’s videos, I walked away learning something I never really considered before.

A Chilling Look At Close-Up Shots In Films By Jonathan Demme

Director of movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia and others, Jonathan Demme has mastered the use of the close-up shots. Pretty much every director of every film has put their camera right in front of their actors but Demme is able to bring out more emotion in the shot by creating his own style.

10 Of The Craziest Robot Fights In Movie History

Robots vs robots. Transformer vs Transformer. Terminator vs Terminator. Robot fights are awesome spectacles that are packed with blinding explosions and rumbling sound effects and unbelievable special effects that they’re perfect to watch in a big, loud and dark movie theatre. Here are 10 of the craziest robot fights in movies.

Indie Horror Film 'Cube' Is Getting A Remake. It's Called 'Cubed'

“There’s money in them thar remakes!” I’m sure its a statement a Hollywood bigwig has made at some point in time and that’s because it’s true. Next on the agenda is the budget Canadian horror flick Cube, which recently got the go ahead from Lionsgate for an updated retelling.