All The Close-Up Shots From The Matrix

I think this is my new favourite way to re-watch movies that I have seen a million times already: just follow the story through the close up shots. It works surprisingly well! As in the of The Matrix, you can see Neo’s progression from outsider to The One and all the things that happened in between with just close up shots.

Illustrations Of Characters From Wes Anderson Movies

Wes Anderson’s quirky characters are always memorable and leave an impression on me even long after I’ve watched the movie. Artist Alejandro Giraldo memorialised them in these illustrations, capturing the essence of each character in his drawings.

What 3D Movies Have Really Been Missing Is Avengers-Themed Glasses

It’s no secret that the whole 3D-thing didn’t revolutionise the movie going experience — the second time around. But was it really because of expensive ticket prices, crappy 3D conversions, or more convenient home streaming options? Maybe. Or maybe it was because theatre-goers didn’t have their choice of Avengers-themed 3D glasses.

Touching Pixar Compilation Video Makes Me Want To Rewatch All The Movies

Video: Don’t watch this excellent compilation video of Pixar movies if you have work you want to get done or plans for fun in the next few days. Because after you watch it, you’ll want to re-watch every single Pixar movie that has ever been made immediately. Just kidding, you’ll want to watch every Pixar movie except for Cars.

The New THX Intro Sequence Is Like Being Inside A Haunting Monster

Video: I still remember feeling like THX’s iconic Deep Note sound vibrated inside my chest whenever I watched a movie in a theatre. So I guess it’s appropriate that the new, updated sequence gives me that same trembling sensation while also making it feel like I’m inside the body of some monster’s eyeball. It sounds perfectly ominous and looks scary now.

How Captain America Got Deleted In The Avengers -- And Six Other Factoids

Video: If you’re excited for The Avengers: Age of Ultron to come out next month, congratulations and welcome to the human race. It’s going to be crazy. But before that superhero spectacle begins, it’s always fun to look back at the original movie. Here are some things you didn’t know about The Avengers.

The Complete Visual History Of MGM's Iconic Roaring Lion Logo

I remember always being a little intimidated by MGM’s Leo the Lion logo as a kid (big cat! the roar!) so whenever I see the roaring lion logo pop up these days, it always gives me a tinge of nostalgia that no other movie studio logo does for me. It’s also the logo that has probably changed least over its nearly 100-year history.

The Beautiful Whimsy Of Spike Jonze Movies

I love to watch movies by Spike Jonze because he always tells interesting stories with even more interesting characters. But what I may love more is the look of his films. Jacob T. Swinney edited together this video to show the aesthetics of whimsy and you’ll see interesting camera angles, lens flares and more.

A Dude Made Fake VHS Covers For New Shows, And They're So Good

Remember when you missed the season finale of Breaking Bad and you had to wait like a year until the series finally came out on VHS so you could watch it? No, but now you could imagine what that might have been like.

Netflix's Nostalgia Trips Are Squelching TV's Creativity

Netflix is apparently super-close to inking a deal to reboot Full House, everyone’s favourite family-oriented sitcom about a grieving widower, his children, and his screw-up adult permanent houseguests leeching off his benevolence and remarkable real estate in San Francisco. And you know what? Uncles Jesse and Joey aren’t the only leeches in this situation. Netflix has cornered the market on milking ’90s nostalgia, and the reboot fever it has inspired in the golden age of TV is bad for the art form and worse for our memories.