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Independence Day: Resurgence Is A Spectacle Without Heart 

Independence Day: Resurgence feels like someone took the original film and fast forwarded to only the action scenes. Maybe that sounds good to you, and certainly the sequel’s epic scope exceeds its predecessor. But without characters that mean anything to us, there’s no drama or tension to the second round of this intergalactic war.

This Is The Least Scary Lights Out Trailer Yet And It's Still Great

Video: This winter has been pretty weak so far in terms of big-budget blockbusters, but maybe the horror genre will save it. The Conjuring 2 was great and soon, Lights Out will be here. A new trailer is out and, no, it’s not as good as the last one, but it’s still ultra effective.

Roland Emmerich's Next Space Action Movie Is Already On The Way

Roland Emmerich’s latest film hasn’t even been in theatres a week and he’s already got a follow-up. It’s not a third Independence Day film, though; it’s called Moonfall.

Ewan McGregor Is So Over Being Asked About Another Star Wars Movie

And you cannot blame the guy. He has been asked about it a billion times, he said he had no problem returning and now people think he’s pushing for a movie. So count him out.

Marvel's Got An Asian Problem And It's Not Getting Any Better

One of the latest Marvel casting rumours making the rounds is that Michael Barbieri’s Spider-Man: Homecoming character is based on Ganke Lee, who, in the comics, is the best friend of Miles Morales. Not regular Spider-Man, better known as Peter Parker. In the comics, Ganke Lee is a pudgy Korean-American.

How Does The Sequel To That Horrible Ouija Board Movie Look So Damn Scary?

Video: I’m speechless. When I heard Universal was making a sequel to the surprise 2014 hit Ouija, I had literally no interest. The first movie was bad so, obviously, a sequel would be even worse, right? Well, Ouija: Origin of Evil may still end up crappy, but at the very least this trailer for it is all kinds of messed up.

Why Independence Day Is So Much Better Than Other Disaster Movies

Video: Disaster movies are one and the same — we’re all just watching them to see the world come under attack and famous landmarks get destroyed. “Did they just do that to the Golden Gate Bridge?” “Not the Sydney Opera House!” But there’s one disaster movie that’s better than them all: Independence Day.

Rogue One May Secretly Be A Star Wars Beach Party

In the realm of potential Star Wars stories, here’s one we never thought we’d write: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may actually just be a huge beach party. A bunch of new photos from the film show Stormtroopers and Rebels alike soaking up the sun and frolicking in the surf.

Marvel And Sony Have Realised That Sharing Is Caring, Especially Since They're Sharing Spider-Man 

Now that we actually live in a reality where Marvel’s Cinematic Universe can call itself home to the most iconic superhero in the world, it’s weird to look back at the time when Marvel and Sony’s relationship over Spider-Man was a bit frostier than it is now. Times have changed, though, and it seems like will be in this happier status quo for the long haul.

New Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Featurette Finally Provides Some Beasts

Video: So far, we’ve seen two trailers for the upcoming Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and sure they have been pretty good. But there haven’t been many actual beasts in them, or a great explanation of what the adventure in the film will be. This video does both.

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