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Jared Leto's Joker Shows Up In Skrillex Music Video, And That's About It

For everyone bitching that there isn’t enough Joker in Suicide Squad (yes, I’m mostly looking at you, Jared Leto), don’t panic, he’s got an entire music video. Unfortunately, it’s really boring.

The 50 Spookiest Kids In Horror Movies, Ranked

There’s something exquisitely dreadful about scary little kids. Children aren’t supposed to be vicious killers — but they’re also not supposed to die young and lurch back from the grave with a vengeance. Horror movies, of course, can’t get enough of ’em. Here are 50 terrifying tykes that make us grateful that we didn’t spawn.

Our Best Look Yet At The Wonder Woman Movie's Mighty Amazon Armies

We’ve had a few glimpses of Wonder Woman‘s warrior women in the past — officially and unofficially — but this latest look behind the scenes from the movie gets pretty up close with the movie’s Amazon look, and they don’t look half bad.

The Upcoming Shows And Movies Determined To Make Shakespeare Revolve In His 400-Year-Old Grave

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. And to celebrate, some people have decided to kill him all over again. Here’s a guide to all the biggest Shakespeare-based projects in the works that seem specifically designed to frustrate practicers of Bardolatry everywhere.

Cable Was Almost In The First Deadpool Movie

The long gestation process for Deadpool means the script went through a lot of changes. Early on in the process, Fox actually wanted Cable, Deadpool’s grim, gun-toting, pouch-loving buddy to co-star with the Merc with a Mouth — until Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld had his say.

The New Movie From The Creator Of Mr Robot Sounds Terrifying And Fascinating

The hit USA show Mr Robot put filmmaker Sam Esmail on the map. His first movie, Comet, was criminally underseen, and now the success of the TV series has moved the needle on another one of his screenplays. It’s called Sequels, Remakes, and Adaptations.

Stan And PlayStation Join Forces

Mashing extra entertainment into Australia’s fastest selling gaming console, Stan will soon be available on the PlayStation 3 and 4. There is even a nice little bonus for new Stan users.

What's New On Netflix, Presto And Stan In July?

Need an entertainment fix? Or just an extra reason to upgrade to a streaming service? Here are the highlights of new TV shows getting released in July.

Dendy Direct Is Getting More Content

Do you use the video on demand platform? Good news, as new content partners have gotten on board to bring you a larger array of TV and movies.

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