'Pixels' Movie: Game On In 2015

There’s an upcoming full feature film based on Pixels, the short by Patrick Jean that went viral on 2010. Former 1980s Video Game Champions are called on by the President of the United States to defend the World against an invading army of aliens… who have watched feeds of old arcade games and mistaken them for an act of aggression, so the aliens take on the forms of some of our most beloved arcade icons to wreck havoc on the Earth.

New Pixar Movie Trailer Shows A Hilarious Look Into Our Minds

Pixar had some of the great comedy hits of the last decade with The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, before churning out money-makers like the entire Cars franchise. That’s why I’m so happy to see them getting back to their roots with the new Inside Out trailer. From what you can see from the two-minute clip, it’s a hilarious take on human psychology, complete with Pixar’s trademark funny writing and great animation. It’s due out winter next year.

The First 'Movie' For Oculus Rift, Zero Point, Is Totally Underwhelming

Zero Point was supposed to set the bar for virtual reality filmmaking with the very first movie designed for the Oculus Rift. Instead, we got a measly 15 minutes of footage seemingly thrown together at random.

Report: Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs

Yes, we’ve known for a while that Christian Bale might be the next actor to portray Steve Jobs, but Variety now seems mighty sure. The publication is reporting that our favourite Batman will indeed play our favourite technology pitchman in Sony’s new movie.

The Lego Movie Creators Make Hilarious Action Movie Trailer

Video: The animators of The Lego Movie created this spoof grindhouse trailer featuring Abraham Lincoln and painter Michelangelo as crime fighters in a supposed flick called History Cops. The Lego Movie hits Blu-ray next week, but one of the special features is online now and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

This Silly Deleted Scene From Gravity Changes The Whole Movie

Video: Haha, this is super silly but if you enjoyed the roller coaster ride that was Gravity and wished you were a superhero once before in your life, you should enjoy this fun mash-up video that creates a fake “deleted scene” that changes the entire movie.

Watch: Batman Versus The Terminator In This Brilliant Animated Short

New Zealand-based animator Mitchell Hammond has imagined a bleak future. In Hammond’s new animated short film, Skynet successfully launched its nuclear arsenal in 1997 — the Judgement Day in the Terminator franchise film of the same name — and has ruled the ruined planet ever since. In this instance, however, there’s another factor that Skynet hasn’t taken into account. Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman depending on the time of day and his social schedule, has been hiding in his Batcave since the war broke out.

Wow, Siri Does Not Like Being Asked About Spike Jonze's Her

Is Her a beautifully rendered near-future vision of what life will be like when we start falling in love with artificial intelligence? Not if you ask Siri. She doesn’t like Her one bit, and she’ll let you know that in no uncertain terms.

Zero Point Is The First 3D, 360 Degree Movie For The Oculus Rift

People have been working on video and explorable environments for the Oculus Rift, but Condition One, the immersive videography group, is upping the ante with a complete 20-30 minute movie all in 3D.

This New Trailer For The Wolverine Makes It Seems Very Watchable

Bad prequels and sequels seem so easy to make. Look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine for example. Now there’s a new Wolverine movie coming and the trailer actually makes it look incredibly watchable. Check it out here.