This Wireless Keyboard Contraption Brings Your Desktop To Your Lap

Anyone who tries to play PC games on their TV inevitably runs into the same problem: What do you do with that damn keyboard and mouse? Roccat has a clever if not super-elegant solution. Just put an entire desktop on your lap.

Why Your Mouse Cursor Is Slanted Instead Of Straight

Have you ever wondered why your mouse cursor rests ever so slightly to the left? Chances are, that little arrow on an incline is so ubiquitous that you’ve never even thought twice about its 45-degree lean. As it turns out, there’s a very good reason for it. Or was, anyway, back in a more pixelated age.

Resurrect Your Wireless Mouse As A DIY Powerglove

Touchpads? Meh. Touchscreens? Bleh. Powergloves? Oh hell yes. Unfortunately/Obviously no one is in the business of making powerglove pointer devices for your computer right now, but don’t let that stop you from hacking together your own, you wonderful psycho.

Douglas Engelbart, Inventor Of The Computer Mouse, Has Died

Douglas C. Engelbart had a simple idea which would change the world of computing forever: he invented the humble — but now pervasive — computer mouse. Sadly, Engelbart has passed away.

3D-Printed Replacement Cover Makes Your Mouse Infinitely Adjustable

For those who just can’t seem to find a standard mouse that fits comfortably in their hands, Pyott Design has come up with a 3D-printed workaround. And it involves turning a Logitech M100 into an infinitely adjustable alternative.

This Is The Best Social Experiment You'll Ever See

Getting people on the internet to follow instructions is like herding drunken cats through a minefield, so you won’t believe how manages to get hundreds of people to do what they’re told at once with the help of a simple video.

A Symphony Played By Exercising Mice Fits Any City's Budget

The cultural significance of a city is often gauged by how talented its local symphony is. But living in a small town that can’t even round up a decent quartet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a night at the local concert hall. Just round up 40 mice and a few music boxes.

This Robotic Mouse Was Designed To Stress Out Real Mice

Lab rats have a new companion, but it’s not friendly. Researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, have developed a robotic rat called WR-3, whose job is to induce stress and depression in lab animals, creating models of psychological conditions on which new drugs can be tested.

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse: The Awkwardly Cute Way To Use Windows 8

Microsoft has promised us that the Surface tablet, coupled with Windows 8 will change the way we use tablets. That boldness is now translating into the company’s designs. Whether it’s the gorgeous Windows Phone 8 UI, the UI formerly known as Metro and the crazy keyboard case accessory for the Surface. So how are we meant to interact with all this new Redmond tech? With the new Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, of course.

Can This Mouse Really Speed Up Your Micro?

So, you think you have micro (new name for my reality series, nobody steal it)? This new mouse from Logitech claims to be able to speed it up for extra pwnage.