Atari Arcade Games Inspired The Original Apple Mouse

It’s hard to say if the Macintosh would have been so successful if it hadn’t had such a revolutionary interface — namely, the mouse. While Apple didn’t invent the mouse, it did commission the now legendary engineer Jim Yurchenco to make it viable. And he looked to Steve Jobs’ former employer for inspiration.

Scientists Grow A Whole Organ Inside An Animal For The First Time

We’ve been able to grow organs in labs for some time now. But what if you could grow them directly inside a living body just by injecting a few cells? It looks like now we can, at least in a limited way.

Apple Patented A Mouse That Would Vibrate At Your Touch

Imagine if your mouse was more like a games controller, providing feedback as you navigated your desktop. Well, Apple’s certainly had that idea — and described it in this recently approved patent for a mouse that reacts to your use.

Scientists Made This Entire Mouse Transparent Using Detergent

Last year, scientists did the wacky and cool thing of making a mouse brain transparent. Now they have gone and done it to an entire mouse by pumping detergent through its veins. The transparent mouse looks like gross rodent jello (yes, there is a photo), but it’s also an incredible new way to study what intact organs look like on the inside.

This Wireless Keyboard Contraption Brings Your Desktop To Your Lap

Anyone who tries to play PC games on their TV inevitably runs into the same problem: What do you do with that damn keyboard and mouse? Roccat has a clever if not super-elegant solution. Just put an entire desktop on your lap.

Why Your Mouse Cursor Is Slanted Instead Of Straight

Have you ever wondered why your mouse cursor rests ever so slightly to the left? Chances are, that little arrow on an incline is so ubiquitous that you’ve never even thought twice about its 45-degree lean. As it turns out, there’s a very good reason for it. Or was, anyway, back in a more pixelated age.

Resurrect Your Wireless Mouse As A DIY Powerglove

Touchpads? Meh. Touchscreens? Bleh. Powergloves? Oh hell yes. Unfortunately/Obviously no one is in the business of making powerglove pointer devices for your computer right now, but don’t let that stop you from hacking together your own, you wonderful psycho.

Douglas Engelbart, Inventor Of The Computer Mouse, Has Died

Douglas C. Engelbart had a simple idea which would change the world of computing forever: he invented the humble — but now pervasive — computer mouse. Sadly, Engelbart has passed away.

3D-Printed Replacement Cover Makes Your Mouse Infinitely Adjustable

For those who just can’t seem to find a standard mouse that fits comfortably in their hands, Pyott Design has come up with a 3D-printed workaround. And it involves turning a Logitech M100 into an infinitely adjustable alternative.

This Is The Best Social Experiment You'll Ever See

Getting people on the internet to follow instructions is like herding drunken cats through a minefield, so you won’t believe how manages to get hundreds of people to do what they’re told at once with the help of a simple video.