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BMW Built A Self-Balancing Motorbike

Imagine riding a bike that stands itself up when you get off and walk away. Imagine if you didn’t have to wear safety gear or a helmet. As part of the company’s 100th anniversary celebrations — and a look forward to what might happen in the next 100 — BMW has unveiled what it calls the Motorrad Vision Next 100, the bike of the future.

Watch A Stuntman Complete Evel Knievel's Failed Rocket Bike Jump

Stuntman Eddie Braun has recreated Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon rocket bike stunt in every technical way but one — Braun actually succeeded. He is the first to pull off the jump in the 42 years since Knievel’s attempt was mired by a parachute malfunction.

Yes, This Is A Working Star Wars Speeder Bike Motorcycle

Admit it, every time you climbed about your trusty bicycle as a kid you imagined yourself hopping on one of the Speeder Bikes used on Endor in Return of the Jedi. Most of us let go of that fantasy, but the folks at Vintage Works did not. It doesn’t fly, but this Speeder Bike motorcycle is undoubtedly the next best thing.

Plane Flies Under A Biker Doing A Backflip And A Guy Walking On A Tight Rope

Video: Which one of these crazy people would you rather be? The person making a low pass on a stunt plane knowing if you fly any higher you’re definitely going to end up in prison? The dude doing a backflip on a motorcycle while jumping over that stunt plane? Or the totally exposed lunatic walking on a tight rope as the plane passes underneath him and the biker flips right next to him?

Alta Could Become The Tesla Of Electric Motorcycles

Since 2007, the guys behind the California-based startup Alta Motors have been working to bring the ultimate enthusiast bike to the American market, and that product is just about here. The company’s first electric motorcycle, called the Redshift, is slated to begin deliveries later this year, and is backordered by over three months.

But Mark Fenigstein, Alta Motors co-founder and CEO, told Tech Insider that it wasn’t until Tesla became popular that consumer demand for electric motorcycles really took off.

You Can Buy This Crazy, Alien-Like 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle

The word Airbus probably brings to mind an image of a hefty aeroplane that flies you around the world. But this time around, Airbus has made a decidedly different kind of vehicle: a 3D printed motorcycle that looks like something straight out of Alien.

This Exploding Bike Alarm Might Actually Be Effective

About ten minutes after the very first car alarm went off, the tech went from being a genuine theft deterrent to an annoyance that everyone just ignores. The makers of the Bike Mine have a better idea, at least when it comes to getting people to notice when a bike or motorcycle is being stolen: old-fashioned explosives.

Samsung's Smart Motorcycle Windshield Is Super Simple And That's Great

When it comes to smart new features, car drivers get most of the fun. But a new concept from Samsung and Yamaha promises a simple smart windshield for motorcyclists which could help them stay safe on the roads.

Lazareth's 4.7L V8 Motorcycle Is A Beautiful Monstrosity

Well, it’s completely clear now where Batman buys his motorcycles. French manufacturer Lazareth has just unveiled the LM 847, its latest, seemingly impossible creation. Sure, it looks like someone was trying to build a car, got bored 10 minutes in and just stuck all the good bits together, but boy, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Skijoring Is A Great Way To Get Run Over By A Dozen Motorcycles

Video: Your skis are strapped on and you’re holding a rope. Then the motorcycle revs and you’re off at top speed down a snowy trail.

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