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Inspired By Motorcycles, This Watch Tells Time With A Working Chain Drive

Despite what countless companies at CES were trying to tell you, a watch doesn’t need a touchscreen to be worth wearing. Swiss watchmaker Azimuth has long been known for its unusual movements, and this time the company has found inspiration in a motorcycle’s drive train.

The Time I Survived 

Who am I to be writing about survival? Well, I’m someone who’s survived. It’s happened a few times, but this is the story that was closest to being my last.

What Happens If You Drop Your iPhone And Then Accidentally Do A Burnout On It?

Video: It’s every smartphone owner’s worst nightmare: while climbing onto your motorcycle your phone accidentally falls out of your pocket and lands perfectly underneath your bike’s rear tire right before you’re ready to do a burnout to impress your friends. But it turns out it’s not the end of your device.

Classy Sunglasses That Keep The Wind Out Of Your Eyes?

Action specs are great at keeping wind and debris out of your eyes through fast-paced sports like mountain biking. But their blade-like styling looks dumb once you slow down. Enter this new range of casually-styled, but high-performance sunglasses from California brands Salt Optics and Aether Apparel.

Your Guide To Island Hopping The Philippines

I just spent two weeks in the Philippines, a place The Department of State deems dangerous and warns that “U.S. citizens should continue to exercise extreme caution if travelling to certain regions and cities.” Here’s why it wasn’t scary, and why you should plan to island-hop as soon as possible!

First-Person View Of A Motorcycle Ambulance Driving With Its Siren On

Video: What’s crazier than riding a motorcycle in a city? Being a motorcycle ambulance in a city during rush hour with your siren on. Cars are everywhere so you have to split lanes at high speed while staying mindful of idiot drivers who are in your way and somehow get to your destination on time without killing yourself. So many close calls!

Riding A Motorcycle On Mirrored Salt Flats Looks Like Flying In The Sky

Video: Here’s an awesome video from Speed Society that shows a motorcycle riding across the world’s largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The ground basically mirrors the sky which makes it look like the motorcycle is just gunning it through the clouds. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Motorcycle Surfing Looks Like An Exhilarating Way To Die

Riding a motorcycle isn’t enough. Surfing waves isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to surf your motorcycle to get your thrill on.

Watch Two Maniacs Ride A Motorcycle Through A 120m Fire Hell Tunnel

I found the entrance to hell and it’s this 120m long tunnel of fire. When Enrico Schoeman and André de Kock hop on their motorcycle and burn through the tunnel, it looks like they’re on the surface of the sun. The tunnel reaches temperatures of 480C and you can’t even see where you’re going when you’re inside.

Watch The World's First Ever Triple Backflip On A Motorcycle

Video: Wow. Even this non-extreme, speed limit obeying, eight cups of water a day desk sitter can acknowledge the pure awesomeness and sheer audacity of this triple backflip stunt by rider Josh Sheehan. It’s a TRIPLE backflip sake. You have to flip back and rotate THREE times and then stick the landing. It’s the biggest trick in motorbike history.

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