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Battlemodo: HTC, Motorola And Samsung Android Skins Compared

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the prettiest, most intuitive version of Google’s mobile OS yet, but hardware manufacturers still insist on dirtying it up. Android skins are inevitable, but who does it best? See for yourself.

Why MOTOBLUR Works On The Motorola ATRIX

Android comes in many different feels and flavours, and it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. Motorola’s MOTOBLUR user interface lets you customise your Android experience, without the complications. Let’s take a look at how it works on the dual-core Motorola ATRIX.

You Won't Have To Say The Word MOTOBLUR Anymore

MOTOBLUR will soon be gone. Not the Android overlay, but the term itself.

Will Motorola Really Muck Up The Xoom Tablet With Motoblur?

According to Motorola’s European head of Android product management, Motorola wants to put the Motoblur interface on their upcoming Xoom tablet, which would be sad for a countless amount of reasons. But there’s also something that doesn’t quite add up.

Some Would Think A BlackBerry Torch Running Android And Motoblur Is A Very Good Thing

After a Droid X was seen ‘shopped with the iPhone’s Google Maps in a Verizon ad, it should come as no surprise to see an advert of a BlackBerry Torch running Android and – gasp! – Motoblur.

Motorola Defy Hitting Telstra On $49 Cap Plan

If you’re looking for a water, dust and splash resistant smartphone, Motorola has just announced that Telstra are selling their DEFY handset from the end of this month for $0 up front on the $49 cap plan.

More Leaked Shots Of Motorola's Square Android Slider

That weird little Android 2.1-running, Motoblur-skinned slider that popped up in April? It’s showing its square self off again in a few more leaked shots, this time with a possible codename and a likely carrier: Motorola Chindi and AT&T.

Motorola Won't Be Focusing On MOTOBLUR Brand Much Longer

The future of MOTOBLUR is a bit murky based on what Motorola co-CEO Dr Sanjay K. Jha had to say recently, but it sounds like he’s mainly discussing the brand name itself rather than the concept:

The Motorola WX445 Is A Cheap Android Phone For Verizon

With so many awesome Android phones available, why would you buy a crappy one? That’s the question the Verizon Motorola WX445 faces because Engadget’s source describes it as a Palm Pre but “cheaper looking” and “not a very impressive phone”.

The T-Mobile Motorola Charm Looks Like An Android Version Of The Moto Q

T-Mobile just announced the Motorola Charm and it’s just like what we saw, an ugly but sort of interesting Android phone. But if you can get over its looks, it’s the first Android phone that channels the Moto Q form factor.

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