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Motion Capture Visualisations Reveal The Beauty Of Kung Fu

Video: The movements in kung fu are so graceful that even when you replace the human with random digital objects, the art of it still shines through. Tobias Gremmler captured the motion of kung fu and then recreated it with different digital variations: as a fabric woven over time, expanding into emptiness, reconstructing shapes from motion. It’s lovely.

Motion Capture Is Getting More Realistic Thanks To The HTC Vive

Video: Is this the beginning of method acting in video games? Cloudhead Games have pioneered a combination of VR and motion capture to virtually situate their actors in the scenes, so they can more organically record both movement and dialogue. Their game “The Gallery: Call of the Starseed” is set as a launch title for the HTC Vive, and it seems fitting that they’re also using this technology to create it.

A Dome Packed With 480 Cameras Captures Detailed 3D Images In Motion

If you’ve ever watched behind-the-scenes footage of a film with extensive visual effects, you’ve probably seen actors wearing ping-pong ball covered motion capture suits bringing digital characters to life. But researchers at Carnegie Mellon have come up with a better way to capture 3D motion that can be implemented almost anywhere, even inside an entire stadium, without the need for those awkward suits.

Motion Capture Without Skintight Suits Will Make Blu-ray Extras Way Less Fun

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken have developed a new type of motion capture system that doesn’t require the live action performers to wear those skintight body suits covered in cumbersome tracking markers. And the typical 360-degree array of infrared sensors capturing their movements can be reduced to just a handful of strategically placed video cameras.

This Motion-Capture Robot Could One Day Paint A Masterpiece

Researchers at Keio University have developed a motion-capture robot that can record and reproduce the entire velocity of an expert calligrapher’s brush strokes. This could lead to improvements to the way robots learn skills and eventually a robo-surgical helper.

Watch: Escher Art, Seth MacFarlane Mo-Cap And Keanu, RZA Kung Fu

Who needs Saturday night TV when you have the maths behind M.C. Escher’s art and movie camera tricks right here. We look at Seth MacFarlane’s motion-capture suit for Ted, and Keanu Reeves motion-controlled cameras for Man Of Tai Chi. Russell Crowe and RZA also get their Kung Fu on in the first The Man with the Iron Fists trailer…

Hugh Jackman's Next Movie Is Like Rocky... But With Robots

Robot fighting might seem just a teensy bit clichéd, but at least Real Steel is based on a 1956 short story from the sci-fi/horror writer behind I Am Legend (the book). And really, what you need to know is that it’s got big robots punching the heck out of each other. Video!

Disney's New Way To Do Motion Capture Lets You Record Anywhere

Motion capture is one of those technologies that seems all hi-tech and futurey, until you see a grown man walking around a studio in a onesie with a bunch of ping pong balls stuck to him. Disney’s about to change that.

First Full Tintin Trailer: Maybe This Motion Capture Thing Is OK After All

When the teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Tintin trailer came out, I had reservations. The post, the styling, the action, they all looked terrific. But why couldn’t we see anyone talking? As the new full-length trailer mercifully reveals, turns out they had nothing to hide.

The Motion Capture In The L.A. Noire Trailer Is Amazing

Rockstar Games is taking a technological leap forward with their upcoming game L.A. Noire. Using a motion capture technology called MotionScan, they’re able to capture and render actor’s performances for the upcoming 1940s crime drama with breathtaking results.

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