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RIP Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, The Sixth Man To Walk On The Moon

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away on February 4th, on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his mission to the moon. The Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14, he was the 6th astronaut to step foot on the moon. He was 85.

These Are The First Photos Taken From The Surface Of The Moon In 37 Years

In 2013, China became the third country to land a vehicle on the moon. Now, a trove of photos from Chang’e-3’s historic expedition — 35 Gigabytes in all — are easily searchable on the web. These are our first fresh images taken from the surface of Earth’s nearest neighbour in forty years.

The Earth And Moon As We Know Them Were Created In A Violent Collision With Another Planet

4.5 billion years ago, when Earth was 100 million years old, Theia — a planetary embryo around the same size as Earth — crashed into our planet in a “violent, head-on collision” creating one single planet — and the moon.

Why The Full Moon Could Make The US Blizzard Even Worse

All signs are pointing toward a record blizzard having hit the D.C. Metro area this weekend, and the snowpocalypse chaos is already setting in. To make the meteorological blockbuster even more ominous, Winter Storm Jonas coincides with a full moon. Quick, sacrifice a goat!

China Announces Plan To Make First Landing On Dark Side Of Moon In 2018

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua has announced that the country’s space agency plans to land a probe on the dark side of the Moon in two years’ time — a feat that would mark a first for mankind.

The Earth Looks Beautiful From The Moon

Image Cache: The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter really outdid itself with this amazing shot of the Earth over the rocky limb of the Moon. While complicated to capture, we think it was worth every moment.

What China's Yutu Rover Learned On The Moon

A team of scientists has finished analysing rocks collected by the Chinese lunar rover Yutu in 2013 — the first geologic sampling effort to hit the Moon in forty years. The regolith is unlike any we’ve seen before, and it suggests that the Moon’s history is far more complex than we realised.

What The Moon Will Look Like For Each Day In 2016

Video: If you want to know exactly what the moon will look like (to those in the northern hemisphere, at least), this video by NASA has got you covered. It tracks all the phases of the moon for 2016, that is you’ll see the moon wax and wane as it corresponds to each day of the year. It’s a really cool look at the movements of the space rock.

The Impact Of Apollo 16's Third Stage Booster Has Been Found On The Moon

Shortly after Apollo 16 blasted off from Florida in 1972, the Saturn V Booster was used as an experiment in and of itself, to measure seismic activity within the moon. Now, the crash site has been found.

China Put A Robotic Telescope On The Moon 2 Years Ago -- And It's Still Working Great

You may remember that it’s two years since China put its first lunar rover onto the moon. What you might not know, though, is that the lander that took it there also carried a robotic telescope — and now Chinese researchers have described how well it’s been working.

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