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China Put A Robotic Telescope On The Moon 2 Years Ago -- And It's Still Working Great

You may remember that it’s two years since China put its first lunar rover onto the moon. What you might not know, though, is that the lander that took it there also carried a robotic telescope — and now Chinese researchers have described how well it’s been working.

The First Private Mission To The Moon Is Planned To Launch In 2017

A private team from Israel has become the first to secure a launch contract to loft a rover into space and, with any luck, on to the moon in the second half of 2017.

Something Strange Is Going On With The Shadows In This Picture Of The Moon's Pole

It’s not just the shadows themselves, though, it’s where they are — because there shouldn’t be any shadows at all.

Rocket Scientists Hatch Cockamamie Plan To Blast Selfies To The Moon

If a friend told you he was going to blast a rocket to the Moon, and that if you wrote him a check he’d send your selfies along with it, you’d probably tell him to go find a job. But when a group of experienced rocket engineers made the same suggestion, you would probably pay attention.

After The Supermoon, Came The Supertide

Many locations along the UK, US and Australian coasts will experience their highest tides for tens of years around September 29 or 30. Coastal roads in Miami, for instance, have already been closed in anticipation of exceptional tides.

NASA Uploads All Photos Taken By Apollo Astronauts, Including The Bad Ones

It’s nice for NASA to curate all the wonderful photos satellites, telescopes and astronauts take so we can see the good stuff, but there’s something to be said for glimpsing humanity’s more intimate moments with the cosmos. Thanks to the Project Apollo Archive, you can now check out all the images captured by our Moon-bound astronauts, including the less glamorous ones.

Voyager's Iconic Shot Of Earth And Moon Shows How Far Space Photography Has Come

Today marks the anniversary when NASA’s Voyager 1 captured both the Earth and its Moon in a single frame. For the first time, we perfectly captured the two celestial bodies we call home.

Over 200 New 'Moonquakes' Discovered In Apollo 16 Data

The Apollo moon missions ended over 40 years ago, but incredibly, scientists are still learning from them. Case in point: A team of researchers has unearthed 210 previously unknown “moonquakes” in a slew of seismic data collected by Apollo 16.

Watch The Moon Cross The Face Of The Earth In This Incredible Video

Video: Here’s an absolutely stunning video that shows our moon fly by and cross the face of our Earth. The detail is incredible, the size difference is dramatic, and it’s just lovely to see the phenomenon happen from outside Earth. We see the moon streak the sky every night, this is what it looks like from space.

NASA Wants This Gas-Jet Drone To Find Resources On The Moon And Mars

This might look like a slightly ramshackle home-brew drone, but in fact its a new kind of robotic vehicle developed by NASA that “can gather samples on other worlds in places inaccessible to rovers”.

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