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We Just Found 222 More Craters On The Moon

How well do we know the Moon? Perhaps not as well as we thought; scientists just found 222 new craters on our nearest celestial neighbour — 33 per cent more than we thought were there.

Colonising The Moon Just Got A Lot More Dangerous

Bad news, would-be lunar colonists: That dusty, airless space rock you dream of escaping to is apparently swarming with deadly projectiles. According to a new study, Earth’s nearest neighbour is being bombarded by small, fast-moving chunks of debris, at a rate 100 times faster than impact models previously estimated.

You Really Don't Need To Watch The Black Moon

Have you heard? The Black Moon rises! But if you’re worried about catching this “rare” phenomenon don’t be — it’s actually not that special.

Duncan Jones' Sci-Fi Film Mute Links To Moon, Somehow

Mute is the title of a movie director Duncan Jones has been talking about for some time. Since 2009, to be exact. Well, it turns out he’s finally going to start shooting the film next week — and in announcing so, he revealed a curious nugget.

Inflatable Moon And A Typhoon Joined Forces To Destroy This City

Video: As typhoon Meranti inches closer to China, the category 5 tropical cyclone could produce 370km/h winds causing untold millions in damage. And to make matters even worse, it has apparently now joined forces with the moon in the city of Fuzhou to wreak even more havoc.

We Were Wrong About Where The Moon Came From

The moon is our almost constant frenemy in space, lighting our nights and spoiling our star-views in equal turns. But now, new measurements from Apollo-era moon rocks suggest that the moon and Earth had a much more savage past than we knew.

Incredible Camera Zoom Basically Takes You To The Moon

Video: If you want to go to the Moon, you can either hitch your ride with NASA and SpaceX or you can get yourself a camera with an incredible zoom like the Nikon P900 which comes with a 24-2000mm lens that can rip off an 83x optical zoom. All you gotta do is point the camera to the sky, lock in on the Moon, and basically have it bring you there, no spaceship required.

A Private Company Just Received Permission To Travel Beyond Earth's Orbit

In a world first, a US-based company has been granted permission to travel beyond Earth’s orbit into deep space. Moon Express, founded in 2010 by billionaire tech entrepreneur Naveen Jain, just received FAA clearance to send a robotic probe to the moon’s surface to scout it for valuable resources.

Mysterious Moon Scars Could Rewrite Earth's History

Four billion years ago, an endless barrage of space rock pummelled the surface of the Earth and the Moon, in a period known as the Late Heavy Bombardment. Now, astronomers have performed a detailed analysis of one of the most famous craters from that time, and what they have learned could rewrite the most violent chapter in Earth’s history.

Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Has Some Choice Words For Moon Landing Truthers

Between Room 237, Moonwalkers, the Flat Earth Society and other conspiracy theorists and humankind’s general eagerness to believe anything that sounds strange enough to be true, the idea that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the Moon landings persists. And the director’s daughter is SICK OF IT.

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